This Better Be Good.

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The jury reaches a verdict, as Dante makes his decision.

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At the lake house, Kristina defends Dante as Michael worries about what he will do. Alexis walks in, sees Michael and says she has to call the cops, but Kristina pleads with her not to. Alexis points out she's already in a lot of trouble, so she can't take the chance of not bringing the cops in on this. She calls Mac, but Michael takes off. While Alexis is elsewhere, Molly comes home and Kristina tells her sister Michael is at the boat house. The sisters leave to meet with Michael because it's their turn to come through for him.


Michael recalls the night he killed Claudia while at the boat house, as Morgan comes to visit his brother. Michael tells him Dante didn't turn him in because he didn't want to ruin his case against Sonny, but Morgan thinks he is being a good older brother and just doesn’t want him to get in trouble. Kristina and Molly show up and Michael tells them all he thinks things will work out okay.


Claire and Dante continue to argue about the case in Dante's loft. After Claire leaves, Ronnie shows up and Dante tells him Michael is the one who killed Claudia. Ronnie thinks all he has to do is say nothing, Sonny will go to prison and the case will be over. Dante isn't sure he can do that, but Ronnie thinks the only justice would be to leave Michael out of it and to put Sonny in prison because that's what he deserves. Lulu returns after Ronnie has left and Dante talks to her about Mr. Poletti. Dante says there's something he has to take care of and they leave.


In the Metro Court office, Carly does her best to convince Olivia to ask Dante where Michael is so they can get him out of the country, but Olivia won't do it. Jax walks up and backs Carly up. Olivia sticks to her guns and leaves. Alone, Carly and Jax discuss how great the other night was being together as a family. She points out Jax is the reason they can't be like that all the time though and if Michael ends up suffering because of him, she will never be able to forgive him. Claire stops by after Carly has left to tell Jax Michael is in town. She says the judge is allowing her to put Michael on the stand so all the evidence can be heard. She thinks he should be thrilled because he's finally going to get what he wanted.


Johnny continues to try and convince Lisa to find Sonny guilty in her hotel room, but she tells him she has to weigh all the evidence presented to her in court.


Johnny returns to his new penthouse and Olivia comes over upset about Carly. Johnny admits to Olivia it was Michael who killed Claudia and she wonders how he could go along with the cover up. He responds he probably would have done the same thing in Michael's shoes, but none of this would be happening if it weren't for Sonny and he needs to be held accountable.


Lisa arrives to court late, but doesn't tell the judge about Johnny's visit. She goes to the jury room and says she's ready to take another vote, but Alice reminds her if she needs more time, she can take it. However, the other jurors and Lisa are ready to vote. Lisa says she's not defending Sonny, but she believes he was trying to save Carly and her baby. They aren't there to vote on Sonny's character, but what was going through his mind when he swung the axe.


Diane comes to the restaurant and tells Sonny and Jason the most likely scenario with the jury is that they are close to a verdict but there is a hold out. It's all speculation however, so she advises them to keep their phones on because a verdict could come down at any moment. Diane leaves and Jason tells Sonny Michael called and he's okay. The men then argue about Dante and his intentions. Sonny gets a call from Diane to tell him the jury has reached a verdict and he needs to come to the court house.


Claire runs into Carly in court and tells her Alexis saw Michael and called the cops, so he will probably be brought into testify soon. Sonny sees Jax and says it's time to see if everything he's done was worth it. Jax retorts he wouldn't miss seeing him go to prison for anything in the world. Diane brings Sonny back to the table, but Sonny sees Johnny and tells him Claudia got what she deserved. Mayor Floyd arrives and tells Sonny he will get what's coming to him. Court is called into session and the jury is brought in. Before Alice can announce their verdict, Dante enters and tells the judge Sonny didn't kill Claudia - Michael did.

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Carly is ordered back to the stand.

Claire confronts Jax about his knowledge that Sonny wasn't guilty.

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