It's What You Do.

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Dante finds Michael, Kristina apologizes to Ethan, and Molly has a request for Jason.

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Outside the courtroom, Sonny thanks Carly for her testimony, as Claire and Dante look on. Claire tells Dante he needs to go get Michael or else Sonny will be acquitted. Carly leaves and Sonny returns to the courtroom where Diane tells him he's about to be acquitted. Dante tells Claire to ask the judge for a 24 hour continuance, which she gets, but if Michael isn't there by tomorrow, the case will go to the jury. Court is adjourned and Diane and Sonny discuss the possibility of Michael being found. Diane thinks this will give the jury time to rethink Carly's testimony, so the delay could work in their favor. Outside the courtroom Sonny tells Claire her mistake was putting Morgan on the stand, which set Carly off. He says Carly is a street fighter and Claire just got schooled.


While at home, Morgan talks to Michael over the phone and learns about the new place he's been sent to. Morgan then tells him about his time on the stand and how he thinks he screwed things up. Michael assures his brother it will all be okay. After they hang up, Dante comes over and talks to his little brother until he innocently gives up Michael's new location. After Dante has left, Jax comes over to give Morgan some fudge from the island and says they had to move Michael. Morgan tells his stepdad Michael called him and filled him in on the details. They talk about the trial and Jax tells Morgan whatever happens, he will still love him and his siblings. Claire comes by and Morgan leaves the room, but listens in as Jax and Claire argue about Jax protecting Michael. Claire then tells him Dante has a subpoena for Michael and that he will find him.


Dante flies down to where Michael is and serves him with his subpoena, but Michael counters he might not like what he has to say in court.


In the restaurant office, Molly implores Jason to take care of Warren and says she doesn’t care how he does it. Jason assures her she would blame herself if Warren died, but she just wants him to tell Warren to leave her family alone or else. He says it's illegal, but she points out he does illegal things all the time. Jason reminds her she's a kid and needs to be protected from those things because she's too good. He can't help her with this and Molly understands, but she just wants her mother and sister to be okay. Jason tells her there are some things she can't fix and she just has to love and support the people in her life. After Jason takes Molly home, Carly comes to see her best friend to revel in her courtroom victory. Jason informs Carly they moved Michael and that Jax protected her son from Ronnie. Sonny walks in, hopeful that he will be acquitted.


Skye goes to the lake house to look around her old place. She finds Kristina and recalls how she used to take care of her as a baby. They talk about Ethan, and sensing Kristina's guilt, Skye thinks she can help.


At the police station, Lucky gets involved as Warren and Sam exchange heated words. Warren again tells Alexis she will pay and he will make sure she is put in prison.

Ethan and Luke talk about Kristina at the Haunted Star as Skye shows up with the young girl. Kristina apologizes to Ethan as Luke and Skye leave. Ethan generously accepts Kristina's apology and shares a story from his past where he acted stupidly over a crush he had on his friend's older sister. He apologizes to her as well for handling everything so poorly. Once Kristina has left, Lucky comes to tell Ethan Warren in on the warpath, claiming Ethan is in fact the one who beat Kristina. He worries that all the DNA evidence points to his brother.


Alexis and Sam come to the house and learn from Molly Kristina is with Skye. Molly then admits she tried to get Jason to kill Mr. Bauer because she doesn't want him to ruin their family. Exasperated, Alexis assures her it will be taken care of legally and then Molly goes to do her homework. Alexis tells Sam this shouldn't be too surprising since everyone Molly knows is in the mob business. Alexis worries about what will happen to her because Warren is such a good attorney. She also worries that he wants Kristina to pay as well, as she walks in the door.

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Michael confesses to Dante.

Maxie confides in Jason.

Maya has questions for Luke.

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