Deal or No Deal.

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Claire offers Sonny a deal, Lulu worries, and Warren confronts Kristina.

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Melinda continues to berate Alexis and Kristina at the hospital. Kristina cries, as Alexis tries to reason with Mrs. Bauer and get her out of the room. She yells for help and Maya walks in to direct Melinda out. Alexis leaves and Maya returns with food for Kristina. Kristina admits the more people try to help, the worse she feels. Ethan walks in to apologize to Kristina for yelling at her before. He's sorry for everything that's happened to her and if he's done anything to make it worse.


Maya and Ethan meet up at the hub and he asks how Kristina is doing. Maya thinks his apology helped and says she will let him know if there's anything he can do for her.


At the Metro Court, Carly goes off on Jax about Morgan being forced to testify. Jax never thought Claire would pull a stunt like that. Jax just wants to save his family, but Carly doesn't like the way he's going about it. She accuses him of not loving her kids like his own and says every time he hurts them she loves him a little less. She cautions that their dream of a life together is fading and storms out. Alexis comes to see her friend and asks Jax to talk to Warren about staying away from Kristina. She then admits to Jax she was the one who hit and killed Kiefer. Jax agrees to reach out to Warren to try and deal with this without anyone getting hurt.


Once alone in her hospital room, Kristina reads some texts from Kiefer and looks at a photo of them together on her phone, when Warren comes to see her. Kristina cries as he accuses her of lying about Kiefer beating her and tells her how mangled Kiefer was after Alexis ran him down. He says she is the reason Kiefer is dead. Kristina defends herself, but Warren doesn't let up on her and denies Kiefer ever hit her. Jax and Alexis walk in and Jax orders Warren out. They go out to the hallway and Jax defends Kristina saying she's not responsible for Kiefer's death. Warren wonders who is then.


At the restaurant, Claire offers Sonny a deal of involuntary manslaughter if he agrees to plead guilty to five counts of RICO violations. He would be looking at ten years with a possibility of parole in five and his kids wouldn’t have to testify. Sonny lashes out at her for going after Morgan in the name of winning. She would prefer not to use his kids, but if she has to, she will. She asks, "What's it going to be? Deal or no deal?" Jason says Sonny won't agree to anything without Diane, but she says it's straightforward and the deal is only good until court reconvenes tomorrow. She leaves and Jason starts to call Diane, but Sonny wants to see his son first. Carly walks in after Sonny has left and talks to Jason about the case. She worries she will slip up on the stand and fail her family. Jason assures her she will do fine and reminds her how brave she was the night Claudia held her hostage. Carly knows she has it in her to pull through, but thinks things are different this time. She doesn’t have that core feeling that everything will be okay, but Jason believes in her.


In jail, Lulu wonders if Dante feels betrayed being the one put behind bars. He knows the system isn't perfect, but it's the only one they have and he understands the judge can't have people just barging into court like that. He worries that Morgan will grow up without a father and he wants to help him. Lulu comments Morgan is lucky to have him and then assumes Sonny offered him a job if he quit the force. Dante wonders if Lulu would still love him if he joined the mob. Lulu knows he would never do that, but she would still love him if he stopped being a cop. He insists he is a cop and always knew he would never be in the mob because he would love his family and kids too much for that. Lulu gets quiet and he assumes it's because he's talking about having a family, but he says it won't be any time soon. Lulu doesn’t want to talk about it and then Olivia comes in with food, clean socks and clean underwear for her son. Dante is mortified the guards had to go through his stuff like that. Olivia talks about being a mother at such a young age, but says he is the best thing that ever happened to her and he will always be her baby, as Lulu looks pensive. Lulu apologizes for the way she treated Olivia the night Dante was shot and thinks she is amazing for the way she raised Dante. Lulu then makes excuses about work and leaves. Claire comes to see Dante and they debate her use of Morgan in court. She says she put him on the stand to get to Sonny and she did just that. She tells him about the deal she offered Sonny, but Dante is upset that Sonny could get out in ten years.


Sonny goes to see Morgan at Carly's house, who wonders if he has to go back to court. He's scared he will say something wrong and Sonny says he will figure out a way that he won't have to.


Sonny returns to his office and tells Jason he has to take the deal, but Jason doesn't think he will survive even a year in prison. Sonny doesn’t see any other option, but Jason offers to take Claire's deal instead. Sonny won't allow it, but Jason insists saying it's the right thing to do for all of them.


Lulu comes to see Carly at her house after Sonny and Morgan have left and brings up Dante. She's worried he will judge her for having an abortion and won't see her the same way he does now.

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