Taking Things As They Come.

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Alexis confesses, Dante is thrown in jail, Luke defends Ethan and Melinda is out for blood.

Taking Things As They Come. image

In court, Dante argues with the judge about forcing Morgan to testify and is promptly arrested. After Dante is hauled off, Carly demands to take her son home because she didn’t know about this and the judge obliges. Court is adjourned, but he calls the attorneys to his chambers where he puts both attorneys on notice regarding unethical behavior and showboating. Claire leaves the judge and runs into Jax who is unhappy with her for exploiting Morgan. Claire vows Morgan will get back on the stand because his testimony is necessary. He threatens to have her taken off the case, but she tells him she is close to winning this thing and that's why he wanted her in the first place.


Carly and Jason bring Morgan home, as Lulu comes over and learns Dante has been arrested. After Lulu leaves, Jason and Carly talk to Morgan about the trial, Sonny and Dante. Jason tells him he deserves a life outside of breaking the law and he has to decide to have that for himself.

Jax walks in his office to find an irate Carly who orders him not to use her kids against their father.


At the police station, Alexis tells Ronnie and Mac she is the one who hit Kiefer. Mac brings her into the interrogation room where she tells him what happened. Mac tells her he will arrest her, but will immediately release her on her own recognizance. She will get a lawyer, they will plead her out and put the case to bed. He says she is a good mother and Kristina needs her. Later, Dante is brought in and he butts heads with Ronnie about Sonny's trial. Ronnie suggests he quit the force and go work for his daddy. Once Dante has been locked up, Lulu comes to the station and runs into Ronnie, who fears Dante is being pulled into Sonny's world. He asks her to remind Dante what side he is on because if he keeps seeing Sonny as family, it will destroy him.


Sonny visits Dante in jail and tells him he should quit the force after the hypocrisy he just witnessed in court, citing the judge and Claire wanting to take him down solely to advance their own careers. Dante laughs at him, but Sonny thinks the badge doesn’t have the respect he once thought it did and if he's not a cop, they won't be enemies. Dante says he became a cop to stop guys like him and he won't stop, but Sonny reminds him the law matters less to him than the people he loves. Once Sonny has left, Lulu visits her boyfriend who admits he thinks Sonny was right about how Claire and the judge are handling this case. Lulu thinks he's brave for standing up for his brother in court and thinks he's a cop for all the right reasons - that's why she loves him. He wants to hear more reasons why she does, so she rattles off a list of his good qualities and they kiss between the bars.


Sonny goes to the restaurant to tell Jason they have to take care of Claire, as she walks in to offer Sonny a deal.


Near the hospital elevators, Maya tries to restrain Ethan as he goes off on Kristina for accusing him of hitting Kiefer. Lucky walks up and offers to throw Ethan out of the hospital if he's bothering Kristina. Ethan gets frustrated for being treated like a 'monster' because Kristina lied about him. Kristina admits she did lie, but Lucky is still on her side. Ethan snidely thanks his brother for the support and leaves. Kristina tells Lucky why everything is her fault, but Lucky tells her none of it justifies Kiefer beating her. Maya joins in as they assure her she will get through this with the help of her family.


Alexis finds Kristina back in her hospital room who tells her mother talking to her or Dante is easier than talking to a therapist. Alexis says it will take time and then admits she is the one who hit Kiefer. Kristina wonders if she did it on purpose. Alexis doesn’t remember having any thought or reacting in any way. Kristina doesn't think she did it on purpose and calls it an accident. Alexis thanks her and hugs her daughter. Kristina wonders what will happen now. Alexis isn't sure, but says they will deal with things as they come. She tells her tearful daughter she has to have faith.


On the Haunted Star, Tracy thinks Luke is mad at Dante because he won't allow himself to be mad at Lucky. Ethan comes to his father's office and tells Luke and Tracy he and Lucky aren't exactly seeing eye to eye. Lucky joins them and argues with Ethan about going after Kristina. After Lucky gets a call from Mac, he shares the news about Alexis with Ethan and Luke. Ethan is aghast and sick of being first on everyone's suspect list. Luke backs Lucky up when he defends himself to Ethan about how he tried to clear his name. Lucky doesn't think there was any excuse for Ethan going off on Kristina though and Ethan thinks he's right. Ethan leaves and Luke angrily tells Lucky everyone should apologize to Ethan before he apologizes to Kristina.


Melinda Bauer comes to see Mac to find out who was driving the car who hit Kiefer. He says it was an accident and reluctantly tells her it was Alexis.


Alexis suggests to Kristina, they take a trip to Paris as Melinda walks in the hospital room accusing them of murdering her son.

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Alexis asks Jax for help with Warren.

Lulu worries Dante's opinion of her will change.

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