Truth and Consequences.

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Alexis does some damage, Kristina finally admits the truth, and Maya meets Steve.

Truth and Consequences. image

Max stops Michael from leaving the house on the island, but Michael tries to reason with him about how Sonny can't go to prison. Max understands, but tells him he has to wait it out.


In the office, Jason tells Sonny he needs to flee if he truly believes Maxie will give Michael up as a witness. Sonny has to consider all his kids and thinks Diane can turn things around for him. Carly thinks he wants to stay in town for Dante, but Sonny counters it's about all his kids and declares he's not leaving. Jason decides to go to the hospital to see how Maxie did with her testimony. Carly tells Sonny he has a skewed take on Dante telling him his son hates him and will never forgive him for shooting him. Sonny tells her he won't give up on his son and then declares her testimony will get him acquitted.


At the hospital, Maxie says, under oath, that she doesn't know if Michael was with Sonny the night Claudia was killed because it was rainy and dark. Once done, Maxie tells Spinelli Jason owes her big time as he appears in the doorway saying, "I know." Maxie recounts her testimony and Jason thanks her. After Jason leaves, Maxie asks Spinelli for confirmation that Michael killed Claudia and he confirms it.


In the car, Dante tells Lucky he wants to talk to Kristina again about Kiefer and Lucky agrees they need proof to nail the teen. Dante warns they both have something personal invested in this so they have to be careful how they proceed.


Alexis drives Kristina to the hospital and cries as she recalls running into Kiefer and then finding Kristina bloody and beaten. Kiefer appears on the road and a disoriented Alexis hits him, but keeps driving.


Maya comes to the hospital and meets with Steve about interning at the hospital. Edward walks up and throws his influence around to convince Steve to give Maya special treatment. Maya assures Steve she doesn’t want any of that and Steve makes it clear to Edward Maya won't get preferential treatment. If Edward doesn't like that, then he can send Maya to Mercy hospital. Maya tells Steve this is her call and then demands Edward back off. She tells Steve she is Maya Ward, not Maya Quartermaine, and Steve is impressed. Alexis brings Kristina in and Steve leads her into a cubicle.


Dante and Lucky come to the lake house and find it empty, but see blood. Dante calls forensics and Lucky calls Ethan, but can't get a hold of him. As forensics comb the house, Lucky gets a call from the hospital learning Kristina has been brought in. Dante is furious, but assures Lucky he won't do anything to jeopardize the case.

Diane comes to the office to tell Sonny and Carly Maxie came through for them. Sonny then gets a call from Alexis about Kristina. After Sonny has left, Carly tells Diane she thinks Kiefer is the one who beat Kristina. Diane responds if Sonny seeks revenge it's all over for his case.


Sonny arrives at the hospital as Steve examines Kristina. Alexis comes out to tell Sonny what happened, but urges him to stay out of the room because he scares their daughter. Alexis returns to her daughter who cries as she apologizes for making a mess of everything. Outside the room, Sonny tells Jason Ethan has to die tonight. Dante arrives to check in on his sister and Steve pops in to report there are no broken bones but they are waiting for more tests and she needs to stay overnight. Sonny listens in as Dante gets Kristina to admit Kiefer was the one to hit her.


Kiefer appears lifeless on the side of the road, but moves his hand and head.


Skye walks into the Q living room to find Ethan rummaging around. She's hostile towards him because of the Kristina situation. Ethan explains what really happened and Skye apologizes if she jumped to conclusions, but says whoever beat Kristina needs to pay. Maya comes to the mansion, as Ethan swipes some items from the room, and accusingly tells him Kristina was beaten again.

Jason meets with Lucky at the Haunted Star and tells him Ethan is out of time.

Next on General Hospital:

Sam and Molly find Kiefer.

Kiefer's condition worsens.

Dante and Sonny have an angry confrontation.

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