The Desired Result.

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Claire pushes Sonny's buttons, Spinelli gets his wish, Ronnie targets Morgan, and Alexis goes after Luke.

The Desired Result. image

Dante and Johnny continue to argue about Sonny at the police station, as Olivia tries to broker peace. Dante wants him to trust the system, but Johnny warns if Sonny walks, it's on Dante.


Morgan comes to the police station to look for Dante, but finds Ronnie instead, who tries to get information out of him about Michael. Dante walks in and throws Ronnie against the wall, warning if he goes near his brother again, he will cut his heart out. Morgan's eyes widen as he watches.


Maxie catches up with her vision of Georgie at the hospital who tells her she has a decision to make: life or death. If she decides to live, Georgie wonders what kind of life she wants to have. Maxie tells her sister how much she loves Spinelli but she knows she'll break his heart because she wants the bad boy - someone who will take chances. She admits Spinelli has given her everything, but it's still not enough and thinks it would be better for him to lose her this way. Maxie doesn't want to die, she just doesn't want to break Spinelli's heart again. Johnny comes in and Georgie and Maxie watch as he visits with Maxie's body to talk about his issues with Sonny and Dante. Spinelli wheels in and tells Johnny Maxie's vitals are sinking and he's afraid she is dying. Spinelli expresses his insecurity over their relationship and Johnny reassures him, but then gets a call and has to leave. Spinelli tells Maxie how beautiful she is and that he knows she loves him. He thinks he failed her by putting her in danger in order to prove himself. His life matters because of her and his heart is full. He breaks down in tears as he begs her live. He longs for her to find her heart's desire even if it's not him. Maxie announces she wants to go back because she would be a fool to leave him. Georgie says she can go back, but she won't remember, however, she will remember if she dies and goes with her now. Maxie decides to live and Georgie is happy she made that decision. Maxie thanks her sister for her guidance and they say their goodbyes. Maxie wakes up much to Spinelli's relief.


Luke tries to get through to Kristina at her house warning her Sonny will kill Ethan if she doesn't tell the truth. She just wants this to be over and Luke says the only way to do that is to name the person who really hurt her. He shares his experience of being beaten, feeling scared and protecting the person who hurt him. As Kristina gets close to telling the truth, Sam walks in and orders Luke out. After he leaves, Alexis walks in to find Kristina in tears. Sam tells their mother Luke was there to convince Kristina to say Ethan is innocent. Alexis is upset and offers to have the charges reinstated. Kristina just wants things the way they were and blames herself for messing things up. Alexis assures her that's not the case and runs out to take care of something.


After Sonny declares he wants Ethan dead, Jason notices Claire standing outside the office and points her out to Sonny. Once Claire leaves, Jason tells Sonny to focus on the trial, worried Claire will use this against him. Sonny doesn't think the jury will ever know because it has nothing to do with Claudia. Sonny leaves and Luke pays Jason a visit, assuming he knows Ethan is innocent or else Ethan would be dead already. Luke and Jason sit down in the restaurant and Jason admits he thinks there's a hole in Kristina's story, but he's left it up to Lucky. He suggests Luke tell Lucky to have Dante investigate because Sonny believes in Dante. Luke leaves and Sam walks in upset about Kristina, so Jason takes her out for a walk.

Jason and Sam find Ethan at Kelly's chatting up a waitress. Sam calls him a sick freak.

Alexis goes to the Haunted Star to express her displeasure with Luke's actions and warns him about going all Cassadine.


Claire finds Jax at court and asks him how she can illicit the response she just witnessed from Sonny. He suggests she find someone to testify he is violent towards women. As they talk, Sonny walks up and accuses Claire of being bought by Jax. Diane approaches and brings her client into court. Claire vows to make Sonny lose it.


Inside the courtroom, Claire calls Johnny to the stand and the judge chastises Coleman for talking with Lisa. He suggests Coleman listen to the evidence before he renders a verdict. Claire questions Johnny about Claudia's relationship with Sonny. Kristina sits in the back of the room, as Johnny talks about Claudia's accident and miscarriage. Johnny then says Sonny abused Claudia, which makes Sonny go off. The two argue as the courtroom explodes into chaos.

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Kristina lashes out at Sonny.

Dante advises Carly to keep Morgan away from cops.

Elizabeth is ready to go home.

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