Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Johnny prepares for court, Sam appeals to Alexis, Kiefer confronts Kristina, and Carly visits Michael.

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At Kelly's Alexis tells Dante and Lucky she wants justice for her daughter, but worries Luke will get Ethan out of the country. Lucky wants Ethan to pay if he did this, but he doesn't think it will happen because Kristina doesn't want to press charges.


Claire asks Dante if Johnny would make a good witness, while at the police station. Dante says he wouldn't because he's as crazy as the rest of the Zaccharas and his hatred for Sonny might just push hims over the edge.


In various states of undress, Olivia helps Johnny prepare for court at his garage. Johnny tells Olivia he actually has hope Sonny will pay for what he did to Claudia. They eventually start making out and then Johnny starts thinking about his sister again. He can't believe he never stopped Sonny from breaking Claudia down, but thinks karma always catches up with you. She tells him there's a fine line between wanting justice and obsession and he's close to crossing that line. Claire comes to the garage to prep Johnny for court. Johnny gets angry when she throws him questions implying Claudia deserved what she got.


Luke visits Ethan in the interrogation room who tells him he knows he raped Laura. Luke states this will be the last time he talks about this and goes into his history. Ethan wonders if he could snap like that one day as well, but Luke reminds him he is responsible for his own actions, so he is not doomed to repeat the sins of his father.


Diane comes to Sonny's place to strategize, but Sonny wants to talk about Ethan. Diane wants him to focus on his own legal issues and talks about the upcoming witnesses, namely Maxie and Johnny. Sonny won't let Ethan slide on this and wants him to pay. Diane is on the same page regarding Ethan and will prosecute him, but in the meantime, Sonny needs to make sure he doesn’t go to prison. Once Diane has left, Luke walks in to beg Sonny to talk to his daughter again and get the truth. Because they are friends, Sonny very calmly, yet angrily, asks Luke to leave, which he does.


Lucky comes to see Ethan after Luke has left and Ethan brings the rape. Lucky shares his feelings on the issue as Luke returns to tell Ethan Sonny wouldn't listen to him.


Jason scoops Sam up in his arms as she walks in his penthouse and asks her about Kristina. She tells him they had a good night doing fun sister things and that Kristina wants Sam to convince Alexis to stop a trial from happening. It makes Sam sick to her stomach that Kristina could be scrutinized in court and accused of being a tramp. Jason wonders if that's how people made her feel. Sam admits she is projecting her own experience and how she felt. She feels bad she's pushing her sister to press charges, but Jason thinks it's normal for her to identify with Kristina, but she needs to let her handle it her way. Sam thinks has needs to convince Alexis not to prosecute Ethan, but if she agrees, they will then have to deal with Sonny. Sam leaves and Diane stops by. Jason fills her in on the discrepancies in Kristina's story. She instructs Jason not to tell Sonny so he remains focused on his trial.


Sam comes to see Alexis at the house and asks her to make the charges against Ethan disappear. Alexis doesn't like that idea and they debate it. Sam tells her they are both making Kristina's issues their own, but they have to listen to what Kristina wants.


Outside the interrogation room Alexis tells Lucky and Dante she needs to talk to them about the charges against Ethan.

Jason visits Sonny to try and get through to him about letting the Ethan issue go. Sonny assures him he'll get through the trial and then brings up his daughter. He says he will let the justice system do it's job, but if Ethan walks, all bets are off.


Max and Milo enjoy their time on the island, as Michael secretly calls Kristina to ask what's happening in the outside world. Kristina tells him about her attack and he wants to come home, but she tells him she has all the support she needs. In fact, it's like her experience isn't hers anymore. Michael tells her to hang in there and that he loves her. He hangs up and tells Max and Milo he needs to go home, but Carly walks in and says he can't go back. Max and Milo leave and Carly fills Michael in on what happened to Kristina. Michael thinks Kiefer beat Kristina up, not Ethan and wants to go home, but Carly tells him he can't do that. Michael is tired of letting the innocent pay, while the guilty go free, but Carly tells him Kristina has to handle this her way, but the truth will eventually come out. She wants him to stay there so both he and Sonny will be free to be with the people who love them. Michael agrees not to go anywhere.


At Kelly's, Kiefer overhears Kristina tell her friends and Molly there probably won't be a trial for her attacker. Her friends leave and although confused, Molly does as well. Kiefer confronts Kristina worried the focus will shift to him and calls it unfair. Sam walks up wondering what's unfair.

Next on General Hospital:

Sonny is furious Kristina won't press charges.

Luke visits Kristina.

Claire hears Sonny declare he wants Ethan dead.

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