Just Like Your Grandmother.

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

News about Kristina travels, Sonny threatens Ethan, Ethan is arrested, and Helena gets the test results.

Just Like Your Grandmother. image

Before looking at the results at the hospital, Helena makes sure the lab tech didn't talk to or take money from Nikolas. He vows he didn't and Helena is thrilled to learn Lucky is the father of Elizabeth's baby. She says all the history between the Spencers and the Cassadines will finally come to a fitting outcome and orders the tech to alter the results to show that Nikolas is the father of the baby. She wants to raise it as a Cassadine and teach it to hate all things Spencer. She looks forward to Luke's family coming undone by one of his own.


At Shadybrook, Nikolas and Elizabeth discuss the paternity of her baby. She admits it would be easier for all of them if Lucky were the father. Nikolas gets a call from the lab tech to tell him there's been a delay and they won't get the results until the next day. After Nikolas has left, Helena visits Elizabeth and warns if her baby is a Cassadine, she will be seeing a lot more of her.


Lying in her hospital bed, Kristina again states Ethan beat her, but Lucky wonders why he would do that, as Sonny leaves the room. As Alexis tearfully sits by her side, Kristina recounts what happened at the Haunted Star and says Ethan showed up at her house furious and started hitting her. She begged him to stop, but he kept hitting. She starts to cry as she says she thought he cared about her. Alexis wants to stop the questioning and Lucky agrees, but he needs to speak to Alexis and Sonny since she's a minor, but notices Sonny is gone.


At the penthouse, Sam asks Jason for his help with Kristina and tells him about confronting Ethan. She feels responsible for telling Kristina too much about her past as a cautionary tale, thinking she subconsciously tried to follow in her footsteps instead. Sam gets a call from a distraught Alexis who tells her to come to the hospital because Ethan beat Kristina up. Sam hangs up, tells Jason what happened and leaves.


Alexis comes to Kristina's hospital room and tells her daughter they can talk about what happened when they get home. Kristina thinks she must be disappointed in her, but Alexis assures her this is not her fault because no one has the right to lay their hands on her. She tells Kristina she loves her and they will get through this. Sam comes to the room, and apologizes for leaving Kristina alone at the house. She explains that she went to talk to Ethan after he bruised her arm and Kristina says she never should have made him angry, but both Sam and Alexis tell her it's not her fault. Sam talks with Kristina alone and assures her she will get stronger from this and learn to define her boundaries, just as she did. Kristina thinks she's partly to blame, but Sam again tells her she is not at fault.


On the Haunted Star, Tracy wonders how nice Ethan was to Sonny's underage daughter. Ethan tells her what happened and Tracy goes to try and reach Luke in Vegas. After she exits, Sonny puts a gun in Ethan's back, but Dante walks in to stop anything from happening after Lucky called him. Dante draws his gun as Sonny tells Dante about Kristina and yells at him to think like a brother. Lucky comes aboard and confirms that Kristina identified Ethan as her assailant. Ethan swears he didn't do anything to Kristina, but Sonny isn't swayed. Sonny calls him garbage and guarantees he will pay. Sonny lowers his gun and walks out. Ethan explains to the cops and Tracy that he would never hit Kristina and tells them what happened. Lucky advises him to keep quiet and arrests him. Once Ethan is hauled away, Alexis comes to find Luke, but Tracy says she can't reach him. Alexis orders her to find him so he can urge Ethan to turn himself in or else Sonny will kill him and she doesn't want Kristina to have to live through that.

In the lobby of the hospital, Sam tells Alexis about Kristina having sex with Kiefer and how she went to the clinic for protection with her. Alexis is shocked and Sam apologizes saying she never wanted Kristina to end up like her.


Johnny comes to the station and talks with Ronnie, who knows he's responsible for two raids on Sonny, but they aren't filing charges because they don't have enough evidence. They won't look for more, but Ronnie advises him to stay out of trouble, adding they need him to testify at Sonny's trial. Lucky brings Ethan in and asks to brief Ronnie. Ronnie walks away from Johnny, who slips into the interrogation room to talk with Ethan. Ethan tells Johnny why he's there and proclaims his innocence. Johnny leaves and Lucky comes in the room, warning his brother things don't look good for him, but he needs to let the process play out. Ethan professes his innocence and Lucky wants to believe him, but doesn't understand why Kristina would make it up. Ethan says if he doesn't believe him he can just leave him alone.


Sonny goes to Jason's and tells him about Kristina and going after Ethan. Jason thinks they need to focus on Kristina, but Sonny needs Jason to arrange for Ethan to die. Jason wonders what he will tell Luke. Sonny doesn't want trouble with Luke, but Ethan needs to be put down like a dog. He hopes Luke could put himself in his shoes, but says either way, Ethan dies tonight! Sonny leaves and Johnny comes over to tell Jason he doesn't think Ethan attacked Kristina. Johnny urges him to be sure before he goes off and kills Ethan.


Dante comes to visit his sister after Sam has left and tells Kristina she's as gorgeous as ever – it's what happened to her that's ugly. He doesn’t want her to worry about Ethan, promising he'll be brought to justice. She says she's happy he's her brother and he returns the sentiment. Kristina falls asleep and Sonny walks in saying he will take things from there. Dante gets up and watches Sonny with his daughter from the doorway. Sonny whispers to a sleeping Kristina that she looks just like her grandmother. Dante listens as Sonny emotionally recalls being forced to watch his stepfather beat his mother. Choked up, he says none of his kids were ever supposed to go through anything like this.


Kiefer comes to the Davis house and Molly answers the door. She invites him in and tearfully tells him Ethan beat Kristina up, which Kiefer is shocked to hear.

Next on General Hospital:

Alexis begs Jason not to kill Ethan.

Elizabeth and Nikolas get the results.

Tracy bails Ethan out of jail.

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