Serious Trouble.

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Kristina faces Kiefer's wrath, Dante goes to Sonny, and Maxie is in bad shape.

Serious Trouble. image

At the Metro Court, Claire tells Sonny and Carly if Michael fails to appear in court, she will prosecute him. They tell her he's on spring break and unreachable, but she doesn’t buy it. After some heated words, Claire leaves. Carly worries, but is glad Sonny got Michael out of the country so he doesn't have to deal with any of this. They talk about the trial and Sonny believes when Dante gets on the stand, he will be fair.


Maxie asks Jason to come to the hospital and tells him what happened with Spinelli and how he blames himself for what happened. She wants Jason to convince Spinelli it wasn't his fault, that she doesn't blame him and that she loves him.


Jason finds Spinelli in the lobby, who tells Stone Cold what he did and why. Jason tries to assure him Maxie doesn't blame him, but Spinelli can only see that he is not and has never been manly enough for Maxie. Jason later runs into Carly who tells him about Claire. She doesn't want Michael anywhere near her and worries about her using Dante against Sonny.


Dante and Lulu continue to make out in the loft she found for him to move into. The joke around about how long they've waited to do this and they continue to kiss, until they both instinctively fear someone will interrupt them. They brush it off and then start kissing again until Kate calls summoning Lulu back to work. After Lulu has left, Claire meets Dante and instructs him to find Michael. Dante continues to insist putting Michael on the stand is a bad idea, but she declares it's her call and she wants Michael. She tells him to choose whose side he's on.


Lulu returns to Crimson to find a demanding Kate who says they are pulling an all-nighter because they got scooped by another publication due to Maxie's no-show earlier. Lulu calls Maxie and puts Kate on the phone, who threatens if Maxie isn't there in one hour, she will be fired.


Maxie signs herself out of the hospital, as Spinelli finds her getting ready to leave her room. She assures him she loves him and doesn't blame him, but she has to run to work. She leaves, but has trouble breathing.


Back at Crimson, Kate yells out instructions to Lulu, but then brings up Dante. She tells her employee, if her love life interferes with her job performance, she needs to be happy some place else. Maxie walks in coughing, as Kate fills her in on getting scooped. Kate tells her to decide what she wants as Maxie insists her job means everything to her and that she won't let her down. As they go over work issues, Maxie starts coughing uncontrollably.


As Ethan tells Kristina he's tired of her games at The Haunted Star, she shoves him and yells he's hurting her. Worried, Luke stands up and tells them to cool it when their argument gets heated. Ethan throws Kristina out and tells her not to come back. Kristina runs away and Luke tells his son that wasn't the best way to handle the situation. They go to his office where Ethan explains what's gone down with Kristina and why he had to be tough on her. After Ethan has left, Sonny walks in the office to ask Luke to appeal to Lulu on his behalf. Luke will do what he can, but suggests he not hold his breath.


Sonny comes home and finds Dante who urges him to bring Michael back so he can tell the truth. Sonny vows he's protecting Michael and that Dante doesn't know what's going on. Sonny declares everything he's done is to keep Michael safe, as Jason walks in.


Kristina goes to the Metro Court bar and orders a drink, but Sam walks up and orders her a Shirley Temple instead. Sam is surprised by Kristina's behavior and then sees a mark on her arm. She demands to know who grabbed her and Kristina admits it was Ethan.


Sam brings Kristina home and tells her no man should ever put her hands on her no matter what she did, as Kiefer watches from the window. They discuss the reasons for Kristina's interest in Ethan and then Sam leaves after making sure her sister is okay. Once she's gone, Kristina hears a noise outside and opens the door to a furious Kiefer. Kiefer yells at her for going off with Ethan and slaps her. She falls to the floor and tries to scurry away from him on her hands and knees.

Sam goes to the Haunted Star to warn Ethan away from Kristina.


While Michael and Milo are distracted by the ladies on the island, Michael tries to make a break for it, but Bernie stops him. He ushers the women out and tells them Jason sent him down there to make sure he didn't try and escape. He orders Michael to stay on the island until the trial is over.

Next on General Hospital:

Ethan finds Kristina and takes her to the hospital.

Kristina scratches Ethan.

Monica tells Maxie she has pneumonia.

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