Nothing to Lose.

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Luke consoles his son, Michael tells Sonny about Dominic, and Maxie comes through.

Nothing to Lose. image

Michael secretly listens as Dante and Johnny discuss bringing Sonny down on the pier.

Dante goes to see his mother at her place and tells her he hates his job because he hates lying to everyone. He tells her Sonny wants to groom him to take over one day instead of his own son. He was honored for a minute and even respects Sonny on some level, but now he has to destroy him. Olivia tells him he has to walk away from this case tonight.

Sam pays a parking ticket at the police station as Mac drags Maxie in to question her. Sam checks to make sure she's okay, but Maxie says she's got it handled. Mac leads his daughter into the interrogation room, as Diane walks in. She takes note of what's happening with Maxie and walks in the room to ask why Mac is grilling her without her lawyer present. Mac starts to question Maxie and she launches into her story leaving Michael out of it.

At Sonny's, Jason assures him Maxie will cover for them, but Sonny doesn't have the confidence that she will keep her mouth shut. Spinelli walks in as they argue about it to urgently tell them Maxie has been brought into the police station. Spinelli tells them he called Diane, which Sonny calls a bad move. Jason sends him off to find out what's going on and tells him to report back to him. Spinelli leaves and Jason says they just need Diane to make a case for self defense for Michael. Sonny wonders if Franco messed with Jason's head more than he thought and declares they will make sure the cover holds and protect Michael whatever it takes. After Jason's gone, Diane comes to tell Sonny Maxie did well. Michael then shows up and Diane leaves. Michael tells his father Dominic is working for the cops.


At Elizabeth's house, Lucky tells his brother and fiancée, he knows they are having an affair. Elizabeth tries to apologize, but Lucky calls what they did sick and will try to figure out how he could be so blind to what she really is. Nikolas tries to take all the blame saying he pressured her into it. Lucky isn't swayed and wonders what it is about cheating that turns Elizabeth on so much. He verbally berates her and then says never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined the betrayal from his own brother. They tell him what he saw was them ending things and that they love him. Lucky is sickened by them and calls Nikolas a sorry excuse for a man. Elizabeth promises she will never touch Nikolas again, but Lucky no longer cares. She was everything to him once and he doesn't know when or why she changed, but now he can see her for who she is really is and calls her disparaging names. Carly comes over and despite Elizabeth asking him not to answer the door, he runs over to open it. Carly says she just wanted to invite them to the christening and Lucky says he'll be there, but Elizabeth and Nikolas will be too busy 'rutting like farm animals'. Uncomfortable, Carly leaves and Elizabeth worries Carly will tell everyone. She knows Lucky wants to punish her, but she begs him to think about the boys. Lucky goes off, instructing her to never use Cam and Jake to manipulate him again. He tells her she will get what she deserves and that might include two kids who can't stand the sight of her and she'll only have herself to blame. Before he leaves he wonders what happened to the precious little girl he found in the snow. He says he'll always love that girl and leaves in tears. Elizabeth is destroyed and Nikolas tries to console her, but she throws him out because she hates him right now. Nikolas leaves and Elizabeth sobs as she throws things around.

Carly goes to Jason's place to tell him what she just learned about Elizabeth. She takes delight in recounting the story, but Jason says it's none of their business. Carly thinks he needs to get over there to get his son back.


On the Haunted Star, Luke discusses the differences between his children with Tracy. He worries for Lucky because he doesn't have much emotional armor and notes what Elizabeth and Nikolas did is a huge betrayal. Lucky goes to the casino after Tracy has left and asks for a glass. Luke gives him one and Lucky pours himself a drink. He tells his father about confronting Elizabeth and calling her horrible names. He doesn't feel sad or angry about it. He doesn't even feel anything about it, but Luke tells him it won't last. Luke knows as soon as Lucky gets his wits about him again, he'll know just how to fix this. Luke tries to be optimistic for his son, who is decidedly not, but Lucky says it's okay to take off the rose colored glasses because nothing can hurt you when you have nothing to lose. He reaches for the bottle again, but Luke stops him saying a man with nothing to lose has nothing to live for.

Lulu goes to the hospital to get information from Epiphany about Al-Anon meetings. She also asks if the hospital has been missing pills. Epiphany demands to know what's going on and Lulu tells her about Lucky. Epiphany says if he's taking pills, he's not getting them from there. As they talk, Lulu says something else is going on, but she can't figure it out.

Nikolas and Lulu meet up on the pier. Nikolas admits to Lulu he and Elizabeth have been sleeping together and Lucky knows. Lulu is outraged and wonders how he could do this to his brother.

Next on General Hospital:

Sonny thinks Michael is lying about Dominic, but has Jason investigate him just to be safe.

Agent Raynor gives the order to have Sonny arrested.

Lulu goes off on Nikolas and Elizabeth.

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