Life Lessons.

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Michael gets pulled over, Maxie tries to make things right with Spinelli, Franco makes a move, and Dante impresses Lulu on their date.

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In the penthouse, Jason leaves Sam a message that he hasn't made any progress on Franco, but he's thinking of her. He also lets slip that he has sent her flowers. Spinelli walks by and tells Stone Cold he's made an error in judgment, thinking he should take a night off from Franco to recharge. Jason admits a part of him thinks he should be with Sam tonight. Spinelli wonders what his instincts are telling him, but Jason doesn't know any more. Maxie comes over, much to Jason's irritation, wanting to make things right with Spinelli. Maxie appeals to Spinelli, but he can't get past her method for fixing things between them. Jason interjects, suggesting Maxie give Spinelli the time he asks for and then leaves to see Sam. Maxie urges Spinelli to pick a girl so he can return the hurt feelings, but he doesn’t want to do that ever. She is the only one for him and he accepts her the way she is. He just wants to put this behind them and move on. Maxie gets a text from a Crimson connection who sent her Anne Hathaway's number. She hands him the phone suggesting he give her a call.


Franco answers Sam's door in a robe and accepts the flowers Jason sent. He can't tip the delivery guy because all he has in his pocket is a roll of duct tape.

Jason comes to Sam's apartment, but no one answers the door. He sees the flowers and a towel and assumes she's in the hot tub. He goes out back, but only finds a robe.


Dante and Lulu go on their date in a limo and he eventually tells her they are going to the opera, but she isn't thrilled. He promises she will love it, but she suggests they go to a club instead. They pull up to the theatre and he tells her if she hates it after two acts they can leave. They return to the limo after the opera and Lulu is in tears because she loved it, but can't find the words to describe what it did to her. She thanks him and tells him this is the best date she's ever been on. Dante says he just wanted to share something with her that he loved and is glad she liked it. She says she loved it and pulls him in for a kiss. They start to get more passionate, until the driver opens their door to let them know they are at the train station. Dante asks for a few minutes to collect themselves and after he closes the door, Lulu covers her face in embarrassment.

At the restaurant, Olivia sees Johnny after she throws a drink on Sonny. The foursome exchange snarky words and Olivia and Johnny leave. Lisa tells Sonny that was kind of fun.


Olivia and Johnny go to Jake's and Olivia tries to explain what happened. Johnny is closed off and tells Olivia he found out what happened to Claudia. He points out he's in an interesting position considering her son is a cop. He explains about the photo he received and his confrontation with Jason. They talk about Dante and Johnny wonders what her plan for Sonny is, but she doesn't know what she's going to do. She just wants to focus on Johnny and take care of him tonight.

At the Davis house, Alexis tells Kristina and Molly she and Mac are not going to happen, but her girls continue to make a case for their pairing.


Michael gets pulled over by a cop who tells him he's been driving erratically and asks if he's been drinking. The cop wants to give Michael a Breathalyzer, but Michael gets lippy with him. Just as the cop is about to arrest him, Lucky comes up and takes over. The cop leaves and Lucky tries to talk to him about seeing his parents for who they really are. Michael doesn't have a problem with his parents and insists he is fine, but Lucky thinks otherwise. He thinks Michael is trying to hurt himself in order to hurt Sonny. They debate the issue and Michael just wants to know if he can go or if he's being arrested.


Lucky brings Michael home, who walks into his surprise birthday party. Carly wonders how Lucky knew about the party, but Lucky tells them he didn’t, he had to give Michael a ride home because he was driving drunk. Sonny thanks Lucky for bringing him home and promises it won't happen again. Carly walks Lucky out and asks what happened. Lucky fills her in, but says he didn't arrest him and it won't go on his record. Lucky urges Carly to remind Michael of the evils of drunk driving and leaves. Carly returns to the party, as Kristina, Molly, Alexis, Max and Milo leave. Carly sends Morgan, who asks the adults to give his brother a break, out of the room. Sonny grills Michael about what he did and says he's taking his car away from him until he understands how serious this is and leaves. Jax tells Michael to think about what he's done and makes his exit as well. Carly reminds her son what happened to Jason because of AJ's drunk driving, but Michael wonders who she is more worried he'll turn out like: Sonny or AJ. Carly thinks he's more like her and points out all his good qualities. She won't ever give up on him because she loves him.


The Davis girls go home and Alexis tells her daughters it is never acceptable to drink and drive or to get in a car with anyone who has been drinking too much. She assures them they can always call her if they don’t feel safe and she will come get them no questions asked. She reminds them they have to make good choices for themselves, as well as other people, because you can never undo what you've done.

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Kristina and Molly set Alexis and Mac up on a date.

Kiefer leaves Kristina in tears.

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