Family Dinner.

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Sonny, Dominic and Olivia enjoy a meal together, Rebecca leaves town, Jason finds Josslyn's hat, and Jason and Sam talk about their feelings.

Family Dinner. image

At the hospital, Lucky interrupts Elizabeth and Rebecca's fight. The women remain catty, but Rebecca doesn’t tell him about Elizabeth's affair with Nikolas, she just wishes Lucky happiness and hopes he finds it. She gives him a hug and leaves. Lucky wonders if Elizabeth can now tell him why she hates her so much. Elizabeth says she never trusted her and she is glad she's leaving because she brings out the worst in her. Lucky likes this feisty side to her. Lucky runs into Nikolas near the elevators and Elizabeth returns with the kids who tell Nikolas they are getting a Christmas tree.

Elizabeth, Lucky and the kids go to find a tree and Lucky talks about past Christmases with Laura. Lucky sends Cameron and Jake to find a star for the tree and Elizabeth tells Lucky he is the perfect man for her and she loves him.


Nikolas goes to Emily's grave and talks about the lousy choices he's made since she died. It hit him today when he saw Lucky, Liz and the kids together that no matter how in love with Elizabeth he is, it’s not fair to make their lives chaotic just because his is. He promises to turn it around and make it better for everybody, as Rebecca secretly overhears.


Rebecca gets on the plane and meets the man next to her who is also going to Paris and doesn't know anyone in the city. He's sorry for staring at her and she assumes he recognizes her. He says no, he couldn't help but notice how beautiful her eyes are.


In Ronnie's hospital room, Ronnie indicates the message, "You Choose," is for Jason but can't explain what Franco wants from him. Lulu gets Robin when Ronnie goes unconscious. As Robin tends to him, Jason finds a matchbook which is a message letting Jason know where to find Franco. After Jason and Robin have left, Dante tells Lulu to lay low for awhile because Franco is dangerous. He tells her she probably won't see him until he can nail Franco.

Jason goes to the restaurant, but Franco has already left. An employee gives him something Franco left behind for him, which is Josslyn's hat.


Jax comes home and Carly asks if he found Josslyn's hat, but he didn't. Carly asks what's in the bag he's holding, but he hides it behind his back. Jax says there's a piece of paper in the bag with instructions on how to retrieve her gift, which will be ready tomorrow. They sit on the couch and Carly marvels at how her life feels like a miracle. She's still worried about Michael though and wishes she knew what her life looked like a year from now. Jax says it will look like them and promises he's not going anywhere. Jason comes over after Jax has left asking if everything is okay. He pulls out Josslyn's hat and he fills her in about Franco. She says she's never met Franco but tells him about the man she met at the tree lot. They realize Franco is the same guy and Carly gets scared that Jason looks so worried. Jason says he'll be okay, but he needs to take care of this and leaves. Jax returns with a present for Carly which she opens right away and is revealed to be lingerie. Carly says she changed her mind and doesn't want to rush things. She just wants to enjoy their Christmas and even though she likes presents, she has everything she wants, as she picks up Josslyn.

Jason goes home and finds Sam decorating a Christmas tree. He likes it and likes that she's there. Jason catches her up about what Franco's been up to and that he wants him to know he knows who the people are who Jason cares about. Sam reassures him about Franco and Jason tells her he loves her and is glad she is back in his life. Sam is stunned, but says, "I love you too," and they kiss.

In Franco's studio, a Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments containing photos of Jason, Sam, Sonny, Maxie, Morgan, Lulu and Dominic.


Michael and Morgan visit their father at his house and then Kristina walks in. Sonny wants to have a family dinner, but Kristina already has a commitment at school, and Michael and Morgan have to help decorate the tree at church. The kids offer to come over the day after Christmas to spend time with him and they leave. An uncomfortable Olivia comes to see Sonny because his bill from Claudia's party is past due. They talk about Claudia and how Diane instructed him to continue to wear his wedding ring. Olivia takes his ring and throws it out the door. Sonny thanks her even though Diane will have his head. She says whatever he's cooking smells good and he tells her he wanted his kids to have dinner with him. He asks her to join him and then Dominic walks in to update him on things. Sonny invites Dominic to have dinner with them as well. Sonny comes out with food, which is just like what Olivia's mother used to make and Dominic says it looks like his grandmother's dish. Dominic and Olivia look nervous, as Sonny asks about her son Dante. Olivia says he has to work for the holidays and then Sonny makes a toast to old friends and new friends. Sonny and Dominic talk about Morgan and the Yankees, as Olivia uncomfortably drinks her wine. Sonny then tells a story about when he and Olivia were kids and it's Dominic's turn to look uncomfortable. After dinner, Sonny tells his dinner guests sometimes the things you don't plan turn out to be the best.

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