Sending a Message.

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Jason is disturbed by Franco, Spinelli meets Franco, Olivia shoots Sonny down, Rebecca doesn't agree with Nikolas, and Lucky and Dante team up.

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In a Metro Court hotel room, Olivia accuses Sonny of stalking her, as he offers her a glass of champagne. She reluctantly takes it, but tells him this won't work because she loves Johnny. He asks why that is and she gets defensive and wonders why he cares. Sonny says maybe he's trying to make her happy and figure out who she is now. Olivia obliges and lists all of the qualities she loves about Johnny and Sonny says it sounds familiar. She assures him that Johnny is not a substitute for him and while he will always have a special place in her heart, they are different people now. Sonny knows that, but thinks they still have a connection and he's trying to figure out why she's trying so hard to fight it. Sonny says he's free now, but Olivia reminds him she's not. Sonny doesn't think they can deny that they feel right and thinks she's using Johnny as a way to keep him away. She tells him she will always have feelings for him but she will never act on them. Sonny can respect that and offers her his champagne and dessert, and then leaves.


At her house, Elizabeth is outraged that Rebecca is after Lucky, but Nikolas sees it as an opportunity for them. Elizabeth doesn't agree and Nikolas tells her she does not love Lucky the way she loves him. He thinks all she has to do is agree to break things off with Lucky like he wanted and then they can see where they stand while Lucky goes to Rebecca. She can't do that because she wants the life she and Lucky planned together and she won't lose it because of an affair. It isn't just an affair to Nikolas though, as he says, "I'm so in love with you." She doesn’t think this is about love, but that he still hasn't figured out a way to live without Emily. Nikolas is sick of dissecting the past and says right here and right now he is in love with her and she loves him too. She continues to deny it and Nikolas says he knows what they are doing is wrong, but he can't switch off his feelings. She is adamant that what they have isn't love, but a mistake and he wonders why she is doing this. He holds her, but she backs away when he tries to kiss her and asks him to leave. He agrees, but says he loves her as he walks out.


As Dante and Lucky look at the files on Franco in the police station, they discover his booking number is the tag he has been using all over town: C077X. Dante realizes Franco could have been the homeless guy Jason saw as they left the ambush on Front Street. As they discuss him, Mac walks in and lashes out at Dante for threatening his cover. He directs Dante how to sneak out and after he leaves, Mac tells Lucky he doesn't want anything to screw up Dante's investigation of Sonny.


Dante goes to Lulu's place to ask if he and Lucky can use her place to discuss cop stuff. She asks about the graffiti guy, but he can't tell her. She refuses to help him since he won't tell her any details and leaves in a huff.


At Jake's Maxie apologizes for neglecting Spinelli and wants to focus on them tonight. She turns off her phone to prove how important he is to her. A sad Spinelli wonders if there is something else she wants to tell him and when she doesn't confess anything, he says he has important things to do and leaves. Maxie talks with Coleman about Spinelli when Lulu walks in. Coleman says drinks will be on the house as long as they put in a good word with their sassy boss. After Coleman walks away, Lulu says she feels patronized by Dominic and Maxie asks Lulu for her help with Franco.


Jason continues to get information from Franco in his studio, about the night Claudia was killed. Franco lets him know he saw everything and Jason angrily asks what he wants. Franco says, "I just got it." Franco wants to know why Michael is so important to him and why he feels the need to protect him. He calls Jason a genius and wants him to acknowledge that, saying killing is not a bad thing. Franco urges Jason to clean up the Front Street mess by killing him. He wants Jason to own who he is and asks if he's had his fix today. Jason wonders if he wants him to get caught and Franco suggests Jason lure him to a place that isn't associated with either of them. He insists he doesn't have a death wish, at least not for himself. Jason will keep that in mind and leaves.


Spinelli goes to Franco's studio and gets freaked out when the artist picks up a razor, saying he needs to send a message and he is it. Franco angrily works on a canvas as Spinelli tries to help him understand why Jason rebuffed him. Spinelli tries to leave, but Franco tells him he wanted Maxie for the same reason he wants him: to send a message to Jason. He wants Spinelli to tell Jason next time he needs to show a little respect. After Spinelli leaves, Franco gets a call from his manager to come back to Paris with her before he does something she can't fix. He tells her Jason doesn’t want to play, so he had to make some new friends to get him to, as he burns a photo of Jason.


Jason returns home and tells Sam Franco is completely crazy and obsessed with him. Jason is bothered by Franco's statement that he hides behind other people instead of admitting he enjoys killing people. He says he couldn't shoot Franco because he doesn’t know what kind of evidence he has against Michael. He knows Franco isn't going anywhere though because he thinks Franco wants to prove he's better than him. Spinelli walks in and tells Jason about his meeting with the artist. Jason can't believe he went over there saying no one is safe with him. Spinelli deeply regrets going against Stone Cold's wishes and relays what happened.

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