We Have to Talk.

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Spinelli is devastated, Elizabeth confesses to Steve, Rebecca makes Nikolas an offer, and Franco tries to befriend Jason.

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At the penthouse, Spinelli doesn’t make his presence known, as he hears Maxie admit to Sam she slept with Franco. He runs off after hearing her say how hypnotic Franco was. Maxie asks Sam to not tell Spinelli. Sam won't do that, but expresses her fear of Franco.


Maxie finds a somber Spinelli at Jake's and assumes they have to talk.


At his studio, Franco excitedly offers Jason refreshments, but Jason has no time for this. He asks why he set him up to find him and Franco responds, "Why the hell not?" Franco goes through Jason's history of violence and Jason wonders how long they are going to play games. Franco thinks they are the same and should compare notes, but Jason doesn't think so. Franco gets mad when he thinks Jason is patronizing him, but then believes Jason is just testing him. Jason looks around the studio and wonders what Franco meant by them being the same. Franco says they are both psychopaths, they are both obsessed with death and they are both artists. Franco tries to convince a disbelieving Jason of his point and brings up Claudia and the front street shootout. Jason wonders why he killed Joey Limbo and he tells him he was cleaning up his mess, but then wonders if Jason left Joey for him to finish so they could work together. He thanks Jason and wants them to team up. Jason works alone and asks Franco what he saw regarding Claudia. Franco tells him if he wants answers he has to play nice. Franco angrily puts away his snacks and gets upset Jason didn’t feel his presence at the cabin or on Front Street. He gets more upset, calling Jason's work sloppy and says he expected more from him. Franco asks about Michael, indicating he knows he killed Claudia.


After getting busted by Lucky at the police station, Dominic tries to talk his way out of what he's doing there. Lucky looks at the files Dominic was searching and figures out he is Dante Falconeri. Dante fesses up and fills him in on the extent of his undercover work. Lucky wonders what was worth getting caught by one of Sonny's moles in the department. Lulu walks in and nervously tries to take the blame for Dominic being there. Lucky and Dante play along and then laugh at her trying to cover for a cop. Lulu doesn't find it funny and Dante says the whole thing will be over soon. Dante gets back to work and Lucky tells Lulu she can't stay there. After Lulu leaves, Dante and Lucky go through files looking for the tagger Dante arrested years ago, but there's no mugshot and nothing on him after 2003. Lucky jumps on the computer and talks about the photo from Franco's exhibit and Dante says he recognized it too. Lucky finds Franco's mugshot from before 2003 and Dante says that's him.

Diane waits for Sonny in his office, who wants her to get the case on Claudia closed, by having her declared missing instead of possibly murdered. Diane points out the difficulty in this, but Sonny needs to protect Michael. Olivia comes to the office and Diane sees how this all makes sense. She thinks him pursuing Olivia could be seen as a motive for murder should the case remain open. Olivia makes it clear there is nothing going on and declines Sonny's invitation to have dinner because she has plans with Johnny. Olivia leaves and Diane says she'll see what she can do about declaring Claudia missing, but orders him to keep his wedding ring on and act like a married man. After Diane leaves, Johnny comes to the office and Sonny assigns him an all-night job. Max and Milo talk with the boss after Johnny exits and tell him the job isn't necessary, but Sonny already knows this and was just trying to get him out of the way.

Johnny brings Olivia a rose at the Metro Court and tells her he has to cancel for tonight. Johnny leaves and a staff member tells her a guest is complaining and wants to talk to a manager. Olivia goes to the guest's room and finds a candlelit table and Sonny.

In her hospital room, Rebecca sends Ethan away and tells Nikolas she won't stand in his way with Elizabeth as long as she gets a shot with Lucky. Nikolas thinks she's playing games and looking for a way to hurt him and Elizabeth, but she thinks it's a win win for the both of them.

At the hospital, Steve catches some of Elizabeth's mistakes with patients and tells her to go home.

Elizabeth goes home and Steve questions her about what's going on with her because he doesn't want his first act as Chief of Staff to be firing his sister. She admits she's sleeping with Nikolas. After Steve leaves, Nikolas comes to see Elizabeth and tells her about Rebecca's offer.

Next on General Hospital:

Spinelli goes to see Franco.

Lucky and Dante suspect Franco.

Elizabeth still wants to be with Lucky.

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