Can I Call You Jason?

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Jason and Franco comes face to face, Spinelli overhears Sam and Maxie, Johnny accepts Olivia, Lucky catches Dante, and Steve's got Elizabeth's back.

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Franco sets out some snacks and drinks in his loft and lights a candle, but then thinks better of it and blows it out. As he tends to his Jason Morgan shrine, his phone rings, but instead of answering it, he shoots at it.

Max comes to Jason's penthouse and tells him and Sam he saw Franco entering his loft. He adds that Franco saw him and waved to him. After Max has left, Sam and Jason discuss how Franco is playing games with him. Jason doesn’t see any other choice but to go to his studio to meet him. Sam worries he's walking into a trap and asks him to not play Franco's game. Jason won't avoid him and needs to shut him up if he knows about Michael. Spinelli walks in as they argue and senses the tension. Sam fills him in and asks Jason to wear a bulletproof vest. Spinelli thinks Franco is odd, but not dangerous. Jason tells Sam if Franco wants to kill him, the vest won't stop him. Sam wants to go with him, but Jason says he needs to do it alone. After Jason has left and Spinelli has gone out for chips, Maxie comes over to work on redecorating the penthouse. Sam thinks she's trying to compensate for what happened with Franco, but Maxie insists anything that happened was a momentary lapse of judgment that Spinelli doesn’t need to know about. Sam wonders if she knows what's at stake and tells her Jason went to Franco's studio. Maxie wonders if Jason can get the rest of the photos of her and get Franco to agree to the photo shoot. Sam lashes out at her for only caring about covering up the fact that she slept with Franco, as Spinelli returns.


Jason goes to Franco's studio with his gun drawn and sees the board with all the articles and photos of him, including one of Jason standing over Claudia's bagged up body. Franco comes up behind him and excitedly welcomes him. He teases Jason that he was a little slow picking up the hints and extends his hand. He says it's a privilege and asks if he can call him Jason.


Carly walks in Sonny's house to tell him about Michael's recent antics. She tells him their son is spinning out of control and the only way to help him is to make sure the truth about Claudia comes out. Sonny won't turn Michael over to the cops, so Carly wants to hear what he plans to do instead. He tells her they can't go to the cops because they've already lied to them and the Zaccharas would be a threat. Carly doesn’t buy any of it, but Sonny says he will never put Michael's life in the line of fire again. Sonny says they have to stick to the story and Michael understands that. Carly accuses him of being proud that he is following in his footsteps. Sonny denies it, but says he'll allow Michael to live with her if she doesn't go to the cops. She agrees, but says she needs to find another way to save her son.


Elizabeth comes to Rebecca's room where Lucky is standing at her bedside. Lucky explains he was just getting Rebecca's statement and asks her why she was in such a hurry to get to his house last night. Rebecca says she wanted to talk to him about how Nikolas was acting. She tells him she went to Wyndemere and got a big surprise making her realize she and Nikolas were over and were never real. Lucky thinks it's impossible to compete with a ghost, but Rebecca says he is focused on the here and now and doesn’t care who he hurts. After Elizabeth and Lucky have left, Steve Webber comes to check on Rebecca. Elizabeth returns, as Rebecca says there's so much he's missed out on in Port Charles especially when it comes to his sister. Steve and Elizabeth go in the hall and he wonders what's going on between the two of them. He doesn’t care what Rebecca has on her, he's ready to help when she's ready.

In the hospital lobby, Lucky sees Ethan who wants Nikolas arrested for deliberately running Rebecca over. Nikolas steps off the elevator and defends himself and Lucky wonders what possible motive Nikolas would have. Ethan can't believe Lucky is siding with Nikolas and stalks off. Lucky tells Nikolas he doesn't have to defend himself because he hasn't done anything wrong.


Steve goes back to Rebecca's room and tells her he's got his sister's back. He doesn’t care about the details, but says the longer you hold a grudge the more people get hurt. He thinks they should work it out or let it go. Ethan walks in and Steve leaves. Rebecca and Ethan talk about Nikolas and he doesn't see how she can forgive him. Rebecca says, "Who says I have?" Rebecca tells Ethan she cares about him, but they are not going to end up together no matter how she decides to deal with Nikolas. Ethan can live with that and then Nikolas comes to the room. Nikolas apologizes and offers to pay for her hospital bills. She tells him she was about to tell Ethan why she was so determined to see Lucky last night.


Dante and Lulu walk along the streets eating breakfast and drinking coffee, as they talk about Sonny. Dante assures her he will bust Sonny, but he appreciates that she has kept quiet. He goes to kiss her, but she playfully backs away. As she does, he sees the C077X tag on a dumpster and recalls busting someone for spraying it in Tribeca near a crime scene. He remembers the man was scruffy and detached. He recalls thinking he should have been in a place like Belleview. He wants to figure out who he is, which Lulu can help with.


Lulu and Dante go to the police station and Lulu asks for Lucky. The cop tells her he's unavailable but she can wait as long as she likes. She points Dante in the right direction, but warns him not to get Lucky in trouble. As Dante looks at computer files of his past arrests, Lucky catches him.


Johnny sits at the bar at Jake's and tells Coleman Olivia is in love with Sonny, as well as with him. As he cleans, Coleman says he doesn’t think he should dump her just because she has an 'itch' for someone else. Later, Olivia walks in and Johnny isn't thrilled to learn that Coleman is playing cupid. Coleman suggests he be grateful for what he has and leaves the two of them alone. Johnny wonders how many times he'll let himself be played for a chump before he walks away, but all he cares about is being with her. Olivia wishes she could stop feeling what she does for Sonny, but she can't. He can either take her the way that she is or end it. She hopes he doesn't do the latter, but maybe he should. Johnny gets up and says he should run in the opposite direction, but he's always been a little nuts and kisses her.

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Elizabeth confides in Steve.

Rebecca offers Nikolas a deal.

Spinelli is devastated.

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