Consider it Handled.

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Michael has a request of Max and Milo, Carly kicks Jax out, Elizabeth’s guilt is overwhelming, and Jason feels guilty about Michael.

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Nikolas and Elizabeth meet up in a hospital supply closet and start making out and taking their clothes off.

Mayor Floyd stops Lucky by the supply closet to ask about Sonny’s guilt in Claudia’s disappearance. Lucky says there is no evidence and he’ll have to be patient, but Floyd makes it clear he will be monitoring the investigation closely.

Nikolas and Elizabeth stop their passionate interlude when they hear Lucky arguing with the mayor. Rebecca also walks up and sees Lucky and Floyd.


Carly and Jax argue about him keeping the secret about Jerry and Claudia. Carly thinks Jax loves Morgan and Josslyn more than Michael because he let him live with Sonny and Claudia, but Jax denies it. Jax thinks she is taking her anger and frustration over Michael killing someone out on him. Carly wants him to leave and Jax reluctantly does so.

Johnny wants answers about Claudia and asks Sonny if he killed her. Sonny says whatever he’s thinking right now, that’s what happened.


Michael tells Jason he had to do what he had to do in regards to Claudia and doesn’t feel guilty. Michael thinks Jason would have done the same thing, but Jason says he is better than he is. Michael remains apathetic and leaves.


Lulu runs into Dante at Kelly’s and makes jokes about him being a cop. He tells her she needs to stop doing that, but she’s in a tough spot because Sonny is a family friend. They discuss his job, Sonny and Lulu dating Johnny. She says the latter issue was complicated and leaves when she gets her coffee from Mike. Mike tells Dominic when a woman rushes out that fast, it means she can't stand him or she’s crazy about him. Johnny walks in and Mike urges him to keep a cool head about Claudia. After Mike walks away, Johnny tells Dominic Sonny alluded to the fact that he killed Claudia. Dominic wonders if he wants Sonny to pay for it.

Olivia comes to see Sonny and asks what happened to Claudia and he says he doesn’t care. She believes she already knows, but hopes it doesn’t land him in prison. She tells him no matter how much time goes by, she still wants the best for him.


Jason remembers holding Michael as a baby and telling him he’ll love him as long as he needs him to. Sam knocks on the door and tells him Lucky wants her to make a statement about Carly. She will stick to the story, but says Lucky knows her well and might be able to tell that she’s lying. Jason thinks maybe she should tell him the truth. Sam questions this and Jason says he wants to protect Michael, but covering this up is hurting him because he is so unemotional about it. Jason wonders if Michael is different because of the violence and the world he put him in. He’s pretty sure if he left Michael with the Q’s, he wouldn't have killed someone.

Kristina and Kiefer walk in Kelly’s and see Michael. Michael and Kiefer go at it and Mike breaks it up. Michael leaves and Kristina yells at Kiefer, but he says Michael started it and he’s a head case anyway. Kristina retorts it’s not his fault, but Sonny’s.

After the mayor leaves, Rebecca and Lucky talk about Nikolas and Elizabeth respectively, as the cheating duo listens from the closet.


Jax meets with Alexis in his office and tells her that Carly kicked him out of the house. Alexis begrudgingly sees Carly’s point and tells him any mother would have a problem with what he did. She wonders if there is more to the story and Jax says there are big secrets and if they ever come out Carly will never forgive him.


Outside at Kelly’s, Kristina tells Kiefer about how Sonny went off on Claudia at the party and how scary it was. He asks if she thinks Sonny killed Claudia and she tearfully nods her head.


Michael goes to Max and Milo and tells them Kiefer has gotten rough with Kristina and wants them to ‘encourage’ him to end things with his sister. The Giambetti boys say, “Consider it handled.”

Michael walks in to see Sonny and tells him he sent Max and Milo to straighten Kiefer out. Sonny tells him it’s not his call to make and wants him to keep his hands clean. Michael says it’s too late for that because he already killed Claudia, as Dante walks in.


Nikolas and Elizabeth exit the supply closet and Elizabeth thinks they have to end things before Lucky finds out about them. She tells him not to call her and that she needs to think about things. After Nikolas leaves, Lucky finds Elizabeth and asks if she’s okay. She can’t take it anymore and tells him she’s been sleeping with Nikolas. Lucky is furious and when Nikolas returns, Lucky shoots him.


Carly sits with Josslyn and tells her she needs Jax to love her and her brothers the same. Lady Jane comes in and meets her granddaughter and then asks where Jax is.


The C077X person has a chalk outline in the shape of Claudia’s dead body drawn on the floor of the loft.

Next on General Hospital:

Jax turns to Jason for help.

Luke confronts Nikolas.

Anthony wants Sonny dead.

Max and Milo carry out Michael’s request.

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