Claudia Gets Desperate.

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Mayhem ensues as Claudia is exposed and kidnaps Carly.

Claudia Gets Desperate. image

Sonny tells Claudia in front of everyone that she tried to kill him and shot his son instead. She denies it, but Sonny continues that he also knows other people were involved in covering up the truth but they will be dealt with. Johnny comes to her defense and says he called the hit, not her. As much as Sonny would like to get rid of Johnny, he heard the evidence that she hired Ian and Jerry. Sonny calls Jax out on knowing the truth, as Carly looks devastated. Claudia says she never intentionally hurt Michael and that their marriage and baby were real, but Sonny thanks God their baby died. She turns it on him and says he is the reason Michael was at the warehouse and got shot. Sonny goes off on her and Claudia pulls a gun when Sonny orders his men to take her. Claudia grabs Carly and says she will kill her if they come after her and pulls Carly on the elevator.


On the elevator, Carly goes into labor and Claudia tells her to do what she says if she wants her baby to live.

Panic spreads across the party and Alexis sees Kristina who cries for Michael, should something happen to Carly.

Jason and Johnny race down the stairs as Sonny berates Jax on the elevator for covering up Jerry and Claudia’s involvement in the shooting. Jax in turn threatens Sonny if something should happen to Carly.

Michael blames himself and wants to go after his mother, but Dominic restrains him and talks him down.

Claudia drags Carly out of the hotel and into a car sitting at the valet, as Jason, Johnny, Jax and Sonny run outside in the rain, but just miss them.


Carly tries to reason with Claudia, but she knows Jason won’t stop until there is a bullet in her head. As Carly’s labor pains intensify, Claudia says Jason and Sonny ruined everything and if taking her is the only way to hurt them, then so be it. As Claudia explains her actions, Carly grabs the wheel.

Luke makes a mysterious call for help regarding Carly and Tracy says she wants to leave. Luke wants to stay and Mayor Floyd offers to escort her downstairs, saying it was a mistake to attend a gangster’s party.

Dominic calls for everyone’s attention to say the police are on the way and they should all stay put and try to relax. Luke wonders who made him Chief of Police.

Mac comes to the lobby of the Metro Court and Jax catches him up on the car Claudia stole.

Olivia tells Dante she thinks maybe it’s time to tell everyone he’s a cop and end this whole undercover thing before anyone else gets hurt. Detective Williams then comes to the room and says Claudia has escaped with Carly.


Johnny tells Mac he might know where Claudia has gone. Kelly comes in and tells Jax she and Carly discussed scheduling a c-section a few days ago. Jax wonders if Carly could die if she gave birth naturally. Kelly can’t predict it and tries to reassure him.

Jason calls Spinelli to pull up every security camera from the Metro Court to the airport and to look for the car Claudia is driving.


Dante fills Det. Williams in on what he knows and how Luke has left to check things out for himself. The cop asks Olivia if she was aware of Claudia’s involvement in the shooting when she was arrested earlier.

Sonny comes back upstairs to get Dominic’s help on the ins and outs of the Zaccharas and hears Kristina tell Alexis she finally sees what a monster her father can be. Kristina sees him and cries as she apologizes to him. He wants to explain things but he can’t do it right now.


Johnny tells Jason about his captivity with Joey and that Joey is under orders to knock Claudia off. Jason wonders what he will do if his sister calls for help. Johnny knows the priority is to save Carly.


Mac gets some information on the car Claudia took and Jason tries to run off, but the cops stop him. Jax furiously tells Mac to let him go because Jason knows how to find Carly. Mac tells him to calm down, but Jax will not let his wife and baby die just because Michael got shot, as Michael and Sam walk off the elevator. Jax apologizes to Michael and Mac says he won’t let Jason go after Claudia because the violence will stop right here and now. He has Jason arrested, but Jax insists they need to stop wasting time and find Carly and the baby before Claudia kills them.


Dominic gives Sonny some information on the Zacchara organization, but doesn’t think Claudia will use those resources. Det. Williams then questions Sonny, who will allow the cops to enter his office for the CD incriminating Claudia.

Sonny tells Alexis he didn't know Kristina would be there, but Alexis wonders why Sonny didn’t just go to the police about Claudia.


After Det. Williams tells everyone they are free to go home, Sonny admits to Olivia she was right about Claudia. Olivia tells Sonny what Claudia did was wrong, but he’s better than that because she knows what it is to have the best of him - she has carried it with her her entire life. Dante watches from afar.


Carly and Claudia veer off the road and lie lifeless in the banged up car.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly prepares to deliver her baby.

Sonny goes to Alexis for help.

Dominic helps Lulu search for Carly.

Spinelli unknowingly sends Johnny and Dominic on a collision course.

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