A lot To Learn About Family.

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Jason vouches for Dominic, Claudia formulates a new plan, Olivia breaks it off with Johnny, the kids don't like Carly's choice of a name, and Helena tells Luke about another Cassadine.

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Sonny tells a disappointed Claudia he doesn’t want another child because he isn’t doing his kids any good now by exposing them to what he does for a living and distancing himself isn’t helping them either. Claudia thinks it would be different because she grew up in the business and she would teach their child to love and accept them and what they do. Sonny apologizes for leading her on, but he can’t bring another child into the world. Claudia wonders, what if she’s already pregnant? Sonny would never ask her to have an abortion, he just wants to prevent it from happening if she’s not pregnant. A teary Claudia says if she isn’t pregnant she won’t bring it up again.


Johnny doesn’t understand why Olivia is breaking up with him reminding her she told him she loved him yesterday. He wonders what’s really going on, but she throws out every excuse she can think of to end it, leading him to wonder why she is so desperate to get rid of him. She says, while she won’t allow herself to be with Sonny, she loves him and can’t keep sleeping with Johnny, wishing he was someone else. She asks him to let it be over, but Johnny insists it’s not and kisses her. She responds at first, but then breaks it off and asks him to respect her decision. He agrees to leave because he can’t stand to listen to the garbage coming out of her mouth. He knows something else is going on, but if she can’t trust him then they didn’t have what he thought they did. He wishes her luck with Sonny and leaves. Olivia makes a phone call and says, “I need to see you as soon as possible.”


Jason goes to assist Dominic with Tommy Soto to make sure there are no loose ends.


Dante offers Tommy a deal and when he won’t take it, he pulls his gun and tells him if he declines, he is of no use to him anymore. Tommy doesn’t believe he would risk a murder rap, but Dante makes it clear it’s in his best interest if he is dead. Tommy agrees to give him names, dates, and anything else he wants to know. Dante is happy with that answer and hands him the gun instructing Tommy to knock him out.


Spencer shows Lucky his drawing and a panicked Nikolas grabs it saying he is going to put it in a special place. Nikolas tells his son to go upstairs and go to bed. Lucky wonders why he isn’t going to tuck him in and Nikolas explains his son has a schedule and there is a staff member who helps him with that. He says kids need structure, but Lucky thinks he has a lot to learn about family. Nikolas thinks his son is better off with minimal exposure to him because he is messed up, selfish and a Cassadine. Lucky doesn’t think he is anything like his family, but Nikolas wonders what if he took something that was never meant to be his.


Carly comes to the kids and tells them and Jax their baby will be named Jocelyn John Jacks.

Jason finds Dominic, who gets up off the ground and tells him the hit went wrong and apologizes for messing it up.

In Greece, Lulu and Ethan talk to Mischa who tells them Helena is desperately ill and getting weaker by the day. She says she is just a nurse for hire, but thinks she is in over her head. She tells them Luke is definitely being held prisoner, but can’t be sure he is still alive.


Luke wakes up chained to a chair in Helena’s bedroom and accuses her of setting him up. She assures him she is gravely ill and that Mikos had another illegitimate son named Valentin. He was rejected at birth and has been biding his time while seething with resentment, but now he is ready to strike. She urgently tells him Valentin must be stopped before he annihilates everyone they love.


Jason brings Dominic to Sonny to explain that Tommy jumped him and got away. Sonny had high hopes for him, but there is no room for him in his organization and throws him out. Jason stops him reminding Sonny that Dominic saved Morgan’s life. He will always owe him for that and wants Sonny to give him another chance. Sonny will let him stay, but he is on probation. Dominic leaves and Sonny asks why Jason stepped up for Dominic. Jason says he knew Sonny didn’t want to fire him and reminds him it’s difficult to take someone out face to face, especially when you've worked closely with him. Sonny concedes he might have judged him harshly and then changes the topic to Claudia. He asks Jason to have some compassion and treat Claudia with a little bit of respect.

Jax comes to Olivia who tells him Claudia knows everything. She thinks maybe now it’s time to make her pay for what she did to Michael. Jax doesn't want her to overreact and what Claudia did to Michael is his secret to tell, which will be after the baby is born. Olivia doesn’t know if she can wait that long and thinks she would have no problem telling Jason about Claudia so he can kill her.


Claudia takes a pregnancy test, but is disappointed by the results.

Molly tries to come up with more name options for the baby and as they discuss it, Michael has another memory of Claudia. Carly tells the kids to come up with one name each and if she doesn't like it better than Jocelyn John, then they are finished with the discussion. She sends Michael out of the room and questions Kristina about Michael, as he returns, furious they are talking about him.

Dominic goes to Sonny’s house to find Claudia who tries to seduce him. He puts her off wondering what her agenda is. As she kisses him, Johnny flies into the room threatening to crush Claudia’s skull if she doesn’t tell him what she did to Olivia.

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Claudia continues to manipulate.

Jason, Sam and Spinelli set out to prove Claudia’s guilt.

Michael takes his anger out on Kiefer.

Nikolas joins Lulu and Ethan in Greece.

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