The Aftermath.

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Jake, Dominic, Max and Edward are taken to the ER, Kristina remains missing, a life is claimed and Johnny is wounded.

The Aftermath. image

Chaos ensues at the carnival as Edward’s car barrels towards the crowd. Dominic pushes Morgan out of the way, but gets hit in the process. The car then stops as it runs Andrea into a barricade of the ride Molly, Kristina and Claudia are on.

Patrick tends to Andrea, as Ethan runs to the car to take care of Edward. Lucky, Liz and Jason run after Jake and look for him under a tent that has collapsed. Claudia and Molly get off the ride and frantically look for Kristina, as Sonny and Olivia, Jax and Carly run to Morgan who is okay. Olivia sees her son lying nearby unconscious and runs to him.

Lulu bursts into the hospital to tell Epiphany and Matt what’s going on outside and Matt runs off with her.


At the warehouse, Johnny pushes Spinelli out of the way of the gunfire and the two of them make a break for it under a hail of gunfire. They hide behind some cargo boxes and Spinelli realizes Johnny has been shot. After the mobsters have gone, Spinelli helps Johnny walk out of the warehouse.


Olivia is by Dominic’s side as he wakes up while receiving medical attention. Sonny wonders why Olivia is so worried about him and she just acts like she’s upset about what’s going on. Jax pulls her away and tells her to rein it in or else Sonny will see right through her.


A relieved Elizabeth, Jason and Lucky find Jake, who is taken away on a stretcher to be looked at. Lucky and Liz go with him, as Jason stays behind shaken.

Lulu finds Claudia and Molly who are worried about Kristina because they think she is trapped under the wreckage of the ride. Lulu takes Molly to the ER and Claudia promises to stay and wait to find out if Kristina is okay.

Nikolas and Ethan help carry Edward to the hospital through the crowd on a stretcher, as Rebecca follows.

Lulu brings Molly into the hospital and Robin checks her out. Robin gets called away and instructs Lulu to keep an eye out for signs of shock in Molly. Lulu tries to keep Molly calm, who appreciates her staying with her. Lulu suggests they go to the cafeteria to get food.

Alexis finds Mac in the hospital and tells him she can’t find her kids and asks him for help. Mac says there’s a lot going on and he can’t ask for special favors. He tells her to check the ER and he’ll get a list of survivors for her.

Milo runs off the elevator and sees Louise who was with Max when he was hit by the car. She tells him he’s getting treatment but isn’t conscious yet and may have spinal damage.


Edward is brought into the ER as Rebecca, Ethan and Nikolas discuss with Epiphany that they can’t get a hold of Tracy or Monica. Epiphany doesn’t know how to contact Jason either and decisions need to be made by a family member. Nikolas looks at Rebecca and says, “Sounds like it’s you.”


Jason lurks in the hallway, as Elizabeth and Lucky learn Jake might have a skull fracture and they have to run some tests. Liz tells Lucky to go be with Jake and she’ll call her grandmother. Lucky leaves and Jason finds Elizabeth alone. She fills him in and Jason holds her as she cries. They discuss how scared they are for their son and the doctor comes in to tell Liz Lucky is waiting for them in the office to find out the test results. Elizabeth tells Jason she will let him know what happens and leaves with the doctor.

Nikolas, Rebecca and Ethan wait outside Edward’s room and Robin comes to tell them Edward had a heart attack and has suffered other injuries that require surgery. She needs family to sign off on the surgery and Rebecca says the family would want whatever needed to be done to save him. Robin can’t figure out why a healthy Edward had a heart attack.

Mac sees Andrea’s body in the morgue and contemplates the odds of Mayor Floyd’s mistress being killed and his wife being run down.

A weak Johnny tells Spinelli to leave and make an anonymous 911 call, but Spinelli won’t hear of it. Spinelli eventually gets through to a busy 911 and calls for an ambulance. As they talk, Johnny passes out and falls to the ground.

Morgan, Michael, Sonny, Olivia, Jax and Carly wait for word on Dominic in the lobby, as Patrick tends to him. Patrick tells Dominic he’s not doing well, but Dominic doesn’t want everyone hanging around and getting upset so he asks him to tell them he’s okay. Patrick says he’ll see what he can do and tells the group Dominic is losing blood and they will run more tests.


Morgan goes to see Dominic and thanks him for saving his life. Dominic knows he would do the same for him and Morgan gives him his Yankees hat he won. Dominic tells him to keep it for good luck. Dominic, who is having trouble breathing, starts to cough and Morgan looks scared.


Lucky and Elizabeth sit with Jake in a hospital room after learning the results were inconclusive. Jason looks on through the window and Sam asks if he needs anything. Jason is fine and Sam starts to leave, but Jason grabs her arm.


Rebecca sits with an unconscious Edward and tells him calling him grandfather right now sounds natural and begs him to get through the surgery, as Nikolas listens in.

Jax and Carly want to take Michael and Morgan home, but Morgan doesn't want to leave Dominic. As they talk, they hear over the radio they are still looking for Kristina. Michael takes off to find his sister.

Molly and Alexis reunite and Alexis learns Kristina is missing.

Claudia remains by the carnival ride calling out for Kristina, as the camera pans to someone’s foot trapped under the wreckage.


Olivia prays for Dominic and Sonny wonders why she cares about him so much. Olivia says he seems like a nice guy, but Sonny thinks he reminds her of her son Dante.

Patrick tells Dominic his internal bleeding is getting worse and wonders if there's anyone he can call, but Dominic doesn't want his ‘Ma’ to worry. Patrick goes to Sonny and Olivia wondering how he can get in contact with Dominic’s mother.

Next on General Hospital:

Liz and Lucky get word about Jake.

Nikolas reaches out to Elizabeth.

Olivia learns Dominic needs an organ transplant.

Diane gets news about Max.

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