The Danger is Real.

Friday, September 4th, 2009

The carnival gets underway, as Andrea succeeds in drugging Edward, Sam and Jason stake out Edward’s lady friend and Anthony makes dire predictions.

The Danger is Real. image

At the kickoff party at the Metro Court, Andrea insists on buying Edward a drink. Andrea spikes it, but Edward walks away before drinking it. He goes to talk to Deidre who has secured a room for them, but she has to talk to some people first. Andrea brings him his drink, but Monica intercepts it.

Nikolas appreciates Elizabeth’s concern, but he knows what he’s doing. Elizabeth thinks he is playing a dangerous game and that it could backfire on Spencer.

As Sonny and Claudia prepare to go to the carnival, Claudia says she doesn’t blame Kristina for their baby’s death. Sonny thought seeing his daughter would bring up some pain for her, but Claudia thinks spending time with her will help Kristina move on with her life.

Dominic brings a reserved Michael, but excited Morgan and Molly to the carnival.

Still dressed like a clown, Spinelli tells Sam and Jason he must become what he fears to get over it. He will do his best to spread the light at the carnival, but screams as he sees himself in the mirror. Spinelli leaves and Jason offers to help Sam with her case. She accepts and tells him about her client who hired her to do surveillance on his business partner, Deidre, who may be being blackmailed. Jason sits close and as she talks, he pushes her hair behind her shoulder. Sam nervously prattles on and then gets a text saying Deidre just booked a room at the Metro Court.

Rebecca and Lucky walk around the carnival and come to a booth Ethan is working. The brothers exchange words and Ethan tells Rebecca it looks like she is trying to wear someone else’s clothes.


In bed, Diane revels over a win in court and Max says she never asks about him. Diane brushes it off and then realizes she’s supposed to be at the kickoff party. She tells Max to stay there and they will continue when she gets back. Max accuses her of not thinking he’s good enough to go with her. They get dressed as Max says he feels like her boy toy and sexual object. Diane gets defensive and Max storms out to go to the carnival by himself.


Dominic, Michael, Morgan and Molly run into Sonny and Claudia and tell them Kristina is with Kiefer. Sonny tells Dominic to take off, but to stay close. In full clown regalia, Spinelli hands Sonny some balloons and Sonny says, “Why am I not surprised?”


Patrick sits in the dunk tank and taunts Robin who can’t hit the target. Matt and Lulu approach and Matt misses as well. Lulu steps up and hits the mark, but thinks it’s rigged when Patrick doesn’t fall into the water. Robin tries again, but fails and then a woman walks up to try and dunk Patrick. She hits the target, but it doesn’t work. Max walks up, flirts with the woman and gives it a try. After Max has no luck, Sonny and his brood walk up and Molly says she can do it based on mathematics. She grabs a ball and dunks Patrick on the first try. Molly then proceeds to dunk Ethan, Johnny and Dominic as everyone cheers her on.


Sam and Jason go to stake things out at the Metro Court and they see Deidre walk into her hotel room. Sam gets a text and learns Deidre just picked up a negligee in the boutique and is upset thinking it’s going to turn out to be another cheating spouse case. As they lurk in the shadows, a woman accuses them of sizing up the rooms to break into. Sam pretends she and Jason are engaged and are looking for a place to hold their wedding. The woman buys it and walks away and Jason tells Sam she’s pretty good at her job. She appreciates that and likes her job, but doesn’t understand why everything has to be about sex, as they see Deidre accept her room service in a racy red negligee.

Andrea runs into Alexis and Mac at the party and they exchange heated words.

In prison, Anthony makes an ominous prediction about Sonny and Jason at the carnival.


Monica tells Edward she has to leave for the airport and wants to give him a ride to the carnival. Edward says he can drive himself and she leaves. Andrea invites Edward for another drink at the bar and she keeps him there by asking for his advice regarding her situation. Deidre calls Edward and Andrea spikes his drink as he tells his lady he’ll be right up. After he hangs up, Andrea pushes the drink on Edward, who eventually takes a sip.

Patrick dries off in the locker room, as Robin says she wants to question Edward about Andrea. Patrick reluctantly agrees, but wants to smooch first.

Dominic flirts with Lulu in the hospital lobby and Matt walks over saying he has to work. He asks for a rain check and walks away. Dominic smiles and asks, "Where should we go first?”


Sonny and Kristina go to see a fortuneteller, who senses Kristina feels alone and misunderstood. The woman says the danger that constantly surrounds Kristina’s life is real and here today. It will come when she least expects it.


Men gather in a darkly lit room prepping their guns.


Nikolas and Rebecca come to Ethan’s booth and Nikolas throws a ball at him. Ethan throws back and Rebecca breaks it up.


Alexis joins Sonny and the kids, except for Kristina who has gone to see a friend, which turns out to be Kiefer. Kristina tells her boyfriend what the fortuneteller told her and he says she is in danger…of falling for him. He kisses her and Claudia walks up saying Sonny wouldn’t be real happy about this. She sends Kiefer on his way and Kristina asks Claudia not to tell Sonny. Claudia offers to help and suggests they go on the Ferris wheel so they can talk in private.

Next on General Hospital:

A repeat of the July 21 episode will air.

Carly pulls Claudia from the wreckage.

Jason helps Michael cover his tracks.

Maxie asks Spinelli for more time.

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