To Your Health.

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Andrea attempts to drug Edward, Elizabeth is on to Nikolas, Edward has a lady friend, Carly realizes Jason and Sam are getting back together, Maxie helps Spinelli face his fears, Lulu accepts Matt’s offer and Anthony plans a surprise for the carnival.

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Sam comes to see Jason at his place to tell him they don’t have to go to the carnival together. As they talk about it, Jason inches closer to her, but then Carly knocks on the door. After Carly thanks Sam for helping bring the kids home, Sam nervously leaves. Carly realizes Jason and Sam are getting back together, but Jason doesn’t confirm anything. Carly knows better and tells him she can help him. She correctly assumes they aren’t talking about it, which will make Sam pull back when they make plans so as not to crowd him. She warns her friend if he’s not careful, they will end up further apart than ever.


Alexis and Kristina discuss her heavy school schedule and getting into Yale. Alexis brings up the carnival and says Sonny will come through and take her, but she doesn’t want her to go anywhere alone with Michael, who comes to the door. He wants his sister to go with him to watch them set up the carnival, but Alexis won’t let Kristina go off with him alone. Kristina understands that she needs to do whatever it takes to get back on the right track.


At Wyndemere, Nikolas puts a photo of Emily away, as Rebecca comes down in a dress just like the one in the photo. Rebecca likes the dress, but notes it’s not her usual style. Nikolas suggests she let her hair go back to its natural color and she wonders if he wants it to look like Emily’s. Nikolas just thinks she shouldn't tamper with nature.

Patrick and Elizabeth discuss the carnival at the hospital and Robin walks up to tell them she found a witness to I.D. Andrea at the Metro Court.


Edward orders a martini at the Metro Court bar and Andrea sits down with him. Edward gets a call and steps away to take it, which gives Andrea the opportunity to put the Digitalis in his drink. Edward returns and they toast to his good health and a long life. Before Edward can take a drink he sees an attractive woman get off the elevator and spills his drink in his rush to go over to her.

Patrick and Robin step off the elevator at the hospital and Robin reveals that Edward is the eyewitness who can place Andrea at the hotel the same time Brianna was there.

Maxie goes to arrange plans with Spinelli for the carnival and after feebly trying to get out of it, Spinelli finally admits he is scared of clowns.


Dominic sees Lulu at Kelly’s and asks her to go to the carnival. Lulu passes, but accepts Matt’s invitation, who has walked in. After Matt leaves, Dominic continues his cocky act and says he knows she's trying to get to him and it’s working.

Elizabeth, Lucky and the kids wait for Nikolas and Rebecca on the pier and Rebecca gets off the launch alone because Nikolas is on a conference call. Liz recognizes the dress Rebecca is wearing as one similar to Emily’s. Lucky acknowledges the dress to Rebecca and Elizabeth looks concerned as she says Nikolas gave it to her. Elizabeth falls back when Lucky and Rebecca head off to the carnival.


Sam comes to the office and after learning Spinelli won’t go to the carnival, offers to handle the case and leaves. Spinelli thinks that was odd, but Maxie wants to talk about his fear of clowns. He explains that his grandmother used to place a gruesome milk pitcher with an evil grin on it on the table every morning and it scared him. Maxie gets an idea of how to conquer his fear of clowns and leads him out the door.

Robin and Patrick talk about the kickoff party and Matt tells them he has a date and leaves. Monica walks up hoping they aren’t trying to get out of the party because they need doctors there. She says Edward will be there because he is always at the Metro Court lately.

Edward and the woman sit at a table and act very familiar with each other.


Lulu meets Carly at the hospital and tells her cousin about a guy who is annoying her, as Olivia joins them. Lulu says he’s not taking no for an answer, but he's cute and fun. However, she tells the women there’s no way she’s going out with Dominic. Olivia reacts when she learns it’s Dominic Lulu has been talking about and then he walks up to them. Lulu and Dominic engage in their usual banter and Lulu runs off. Olivia lashes out at Dominic, telling him he needs to treat girls with respect and he can’t win them over with his charm and dimples. Dominic points out he doesn’t have dimples and walks off. Carly thinks Dominic reminds Olivia of Sonny, because she sees the similarities too.


Patrick and Robin come to the party and note Edward flirting with the woman they don’t recognize. Edward tells his companion they had a wonderful summer and hopes it continues into the fall. The woman suggests they go to a bed and breakfast and Edward says he always has time for her. Patrick and Robin watch as Edward charms the woman and Monica walks over to her father-in-law. Edward introduces his friend Deidre to Monica and Andrea enters the party with the Dialysis in her purse.

At a nearby table, Alexis talks to Jax about Kristina. She says her daughter started acting out when Michael woke up, but Jax thinks they might not be as different as she thinks.


Sam returns to Jason’s to tell him she has to work so he doesn’t have to take her to the carnival, but Jason says he wants to go with her. Spinelli walks in dressed like a clown because he is confronting his fears and is going to the carnival. He notes Shakespeare had clowns in his plays, but then realizes York was represented by a skull, meaning death. Sam wonders what danger could be at a carnival. Spinelli says even if there were danger, he’s dressed like a clown and the buffoon often gets the better of the devil.


Elizabeth goes to see Nikolas, finds the photo of Emily and asks why he gave Rebecca a dress just like the one in the photo. She calls him out on his plan for revenge and thinks it will hurt him more than it will Rebecca.

Kristina and Kiefer meet in front of Kelly’s and he tells her she is the only girl he thinks about and kisses her.


In prison, Anthony talks to someone about the carnival and says he will send over a little surprise of his own.

Next on General Hospital:

The carnival gets underway.

Andrea attempts to poison Edward again.

Jason helps Sam on a case.

Max accuses Diane of using him.

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