No Pink Tie.

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Spinelli asks Jason to be his best man, plans for the carnival are made, Claudia confronts Kristina, Matt sees Andrea spying, Nikolas gives Rebecca a gift and Andrea has plans for Edward.

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After interrupting Jason and Sam kissing, Spinelli basks in the wonderful moment of his treasured friends reuniting. Spinelli gushes and Sam leaves when it’s clear Spinelli won’t stop. Maxie chastises Jason for not going after Sam, but he tells her it’s none of her business. Maxie leaves to find Sam after telling Jason not to even think about saying no to Spinelli and mentions a pink tie.


Jason wants to know what Maxie was talking about, but Spinelli wants to talk about him and Sam. Jason says Sam helped him find the kids and that's all he needs to know. Spinelli tells Jason he and Maxie are engaged and Jason is happy for him. Spinelli asks Jason to be his best man and Jason asks where the pink tie comes in.


Patrick tells Edward he has a clean bill of cardiac health and Edward says he plans to have a good time at the carnival benefiting Michael’s foundation. Andrea watches them as she holds the bottle of Digitalis she swiped. Matt approaches her assuming she’s looking for Robin. After some words, Andrea rushes off. Matt walks up to Patrick and Edward and Mr. Q leaves. Matt tells Patrick he and Robin might be right because he just caught Andrea spying on him. Patrick says all Robin has to do now is find someone who can verify that Andrea was at the hotel.


Michael tells Jax and Carly he remembers Jax apologizing to him. Jax thinks he was probably apologizing for not handling things better and Michael forgives him. Carly is thrilled he’s remembering things and Jax nervously agrees.


Sonny tells Kristina he is to blame for the accident because he wasn’t there for her. She doesn’t get why he isn't mad at her and he tells her he doesn’t want it to ruin the amazing life she's created for herself. She tells him she’s not perfect and if he really knew her….just then Max interrupts with urgent business. Before Sonny sends Kristina off, he asks his daughter if she’d like to go to the carnival with him and her brothers. He gives her some money to buy a new dress and hugs her. Kristina leaves and Max tells Sonny the cops busted their latest shipment and two of their lieutenants are in custody. Sonny wonders if there is a leak in the organization.


Nikolas and Elizabeth meet up on the docks and she invites him and Spencer to go to the carnival with her and Lucky. Rebecca comes upon them and Elizabeth is surprised to see them kiss. Nikolas asks Rebecca if she’d like to join them at the carnival and a surprised Elizabeth says, “The more the merrier.” Elizabeth leaves for work and Rebecca can’t believe she was so welcoming to her. Nikolas says Elizabeth just wants him to be happy.

After having sex, Johnny asks Olivia to go to the carnival with him. Olivia has to help organize it and thinks he might have a better time if he doesn't have to wait around for her. Johnny suggests she also wants to avoid having Sonny see them together. They get dressed and Olivia says it’s not about Sonny because she doesn’t care what he sees. Sonny knocks on the door to tell Olivia he wants his kids to have special treatment at the carnival. Olivia thinks it’s a bad idea, but Sonny hopes she’ll do the right thing and leaves. Furious, Olivia almost blurts out to Johnny she’s glad she kept Dante away from him.


Dominic comes to the Jacks house with Morgan and tells Michael Sonny wants him to be their bodyguard. Morgan is thrilled, but Michael balks. Dominic asks for a moment alone with Michael and Carly and Jax reluctantly leave with Morgan. Dominic tells Michael they need protection, but Morgan needs Michael’s approval. Michael eventually relents and tells his eavesdropping family he agrees to it.

Maxie catches up with Sam and asks about her and Jason. Sam only shares that they are friends who occasionally work together. Maxie tells Sam about her engagement and Sam notes she’s not really enthusiastic about it. Maxie thinks she should be focusing on her career right now and doesn’t think that marriage is for her. She fears she will regret it, but she can’t tell Spinelli because he’s so happy.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas gets a package that Alfred says is a tad inappropriate. Nikolas informs him he will encourage Rebecca to act and dress like Emily so as to convince her she can have a place in his life and then he will expose her. Alfred has concerns about his plan, but Nikolas instructs him not to question his motives.

Monica runs into Edward at the Metro Court and tells him she needs him to schmooze at the carnival kickoff party. She says she will have a car drive him to the carnival after the party, but he insists he can drive himself. Monica will be out of town because the big events in Port Charles often end in disaster.

Andrea talks to a lawyer about attorney client confidentiality and witnesses. She muses about a witness with a heart condition who tragically meets his demise. She later looks up the effects Digitalis can have.

Spinelli tells Jason he is in dire need of his support and can't think of anyone he’d rather have by his side during his wedding. Jason agrees, but says no pink tie. Maxie bursts in and tells Jason he should take Sam to the carnival because he needs to support Michael’s foundation in person and it would make Sam happy if he took her on a date. Maxie pulls out her phone for him, but Jason has his own. He calls Sam and she agrees to go to the carnival.

Lucky sees Elizabeth at the hospital and she fills him in on Nikolas and Rebecca. They wonder why Nikolas would be acting like everything is back to normal.

Rebecca comes to Wyndemere and she and Nikolas talk about the carnival. He then gives her an outfit to wear to the event.

Dante stops by Olivia’s and they talk about his job. He tells her he will be at the carnival with Michael and Morgan.


Sonny goes to see Michael and tells his son if he had caused the accident he would have forgiven him. Morgan, Carly and Jax come in and Sonny invites his sons to the carnival.


Kristina talks on the phone and tells her friend she isn't being punished. Claudia finds her on the pier and welcomes her stepdaughter back. Kristina apologizes for what she did and Claudia concedes it was an accident and wants to put everything behind them. Kristina says it’s incredibly generous and Claudia says they should ‘live for today’.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly gives Jason advice.

Elizabeth confronts Nikolas.

Robin wants to question Edward.

Spinelli faces his fears.

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