Carly Gets Good News.

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Jason reaches Michael before he takes a beating, Andrea threatens Robin and Sonny forces Johnny to apologize to Claudia.

Carly Gets Good News. image

Morgan finds Carly poolside and asks if she's stressed out about anything. She isn't. Especially since Jax arrives next to tell her that he's found Michael and Kristina and is going to get them. Molly and Morgan are excited and Carly offers to take them for ice cream to celebrate.

Down in Cancun, Michael has taken one solid punch to the face from the wave runner guy. Jason and Sam show up before he has to take another. The tough guy tries to take Jason on until he finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun. Michael explains that he pawned the guy's watch for airfare home, so Jason pulls out a wad of cash. He pays for the watch and tells the guy to beat it. Jason calls Carly right away to put her mind at ease.


As Lulu and Maxie start their day at Crimson, they see headlines online about Giselle getting arrested. Kate comes in and wonders what's going on with them? They are able to cover the computer screen so that Kate doesn't see the news story. She cheerily goes into her office, leaving the girls puzzled about her good mood.


Across town, Sonny tells Johnny that the only reason he's still breathing is because of his sister. He insists that Johnny thank her for that and then apologize for disrespecting her. Johnny turns and apologizes to Claudia and then spins it to say that she and Sonny are perfect for each other. Sonny gets the call about Michael and leaves in a hurry, making sure that Claudia is coming along shortly, too.


Patrick busts Andrea listening at Alexis's door and insists that she go inside and listen openly. Robin turns and says that she's simply going where the evidence takes her. Andrea reminds her that she has a lot to lose and then leaves. Patrick is furious at Robin for getting involved in such a mess, but Robin reminds him that Alexis shouldn't have to pay for someone else's crime.


Andrea has gone straight to the internet to look up ways to make poison.


Maxie and Lulu are meeting with Kate, who talks about how they thought she would sabotage her own company. Kate is impressed that they kept quiet and proved their loyalty! As Lulu taunts Maxie about her being right, Kate throws out orders for them to get the mock-ups ready then rushes out.


Robin beats herself up about not being able to prove who the real murderer was and assures Patrick that Andrea is too busy covering her tracks to come after her. Regardless, Patrick asks her to leave the investigating to the professionals.

After they leave, Andrea appears from the shadows, having heard their conversation!


Keifer pleads his case to Jax and Carly, claiming that though he and Michael may have had a few fights, he holds nothing against him. Morgan, however, appears to know better! Later, Carly and Jax excitedly prepared for Michael's return, hoping he'll want to live with them, as Keifer leaves Kristina a message saying he can't wait until she comes home, so they can pick up where they left off.


Sonny tries to convince Alexis that Kristina made a mistake and needs to own up to it - for her own mental sake - but Alexis insists they stay quiet. "The truth always has a way of leaking out," Sonny warns. Neither realizes that Claudia is listening from the doorway!


As Kristina blames herself for Jason getting shot, Sam tries to reassure her that it's not her fault but asks her sister why she left with Michael in the first place. The doctor comes out to talk to Sam, and Jason appears - and questions Kristina about Michael now being gone! Later, Sam informs Kristina that the charges against Michael have been dropped - and that their mother was the one who hit Claudia!

Jason finds Michael, who claims he is keeping his job and not returning to Port Charles!

Next on General Hospital:

Jason and Sam have luck with their search.

Dominic gets information against Sonny.

Patrick warns Robin not to antagonize Andrea.

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