Love and Hate is in the Air.

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Spinelli lays out his plans for the future, Michael is understanding, Dominic charms Lulu, Nikolas draws Rebecca further into his web, Olivia can’t break it off with Johnny and Jason and Sam hit the road.

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Spinelli carries Maxie over the threshold into his place so he can practice for when they get married and live there. Maxie questions him wanting to live at Jason’s after they get married. As they eat, they discuss wedding plans and Spinelli explains the courtly details he’d like to include. Maxie wants to go back to talking about their living arrangements and Spinelli tells her she can decorate their room, but Maxie makes it clear she will not live with him at Jason’s place. After they debate that issue, Spinelli tells her of his idea to stop having sex until they get married, which garners a strong reaction from Maxie.


Michael can’t believe Kristina was going to leave without saying goodbye in person. Kristina didn’t want to see his face when she told him the truth and cautiously tells her brother about the night of Claudia’s accident and how she thinks she caused it. Michael consoles his sister saying she can’t be sure it was her, but Kristina starts to fall apart. She explains that Kiefer helped her calm down and fix things, but she beats herself up for not checking to make sure the person who ran off the road was okay. Michael tells her she can go home, but he can’t go with her. He finds a flight for her that leaves tomorrow and says he’ll get the money to pay for it.


Ethan calls Tracy to the Haunted Star and they rehash what’s gone down with Rebecca. Lulu walks up and he tells them he was Rebecca’s partner in crime. Tracy has heard it all before, but Lulu is shocked. Lulu lashes out at her new brother, walks away and runs into Dominic. Tracy and Ethan watch as they talk and agree to stop it from going any further. Ethan walks up to Dominic and Lulu, as Lulu tries to blow off a persistent Dominic. Ethan offers to play cards with Dominic and if he wins, he’ll tell him all about his sister.


As they kiss on the bed, Rebecca throws Nikolas off her because she doesn’t understand how he can forgive her so quickly. She doesn’t want to lose him and will do whatever it takes to prove that to him. Nikolas thinks they can get back to that as long as they trust each other. They kiss, but Nikolas looks less than forgiving.


After awkwardly agreeing not to talk about them having sex, Sam and Jason hit the road. Sam offers to drive, so they switch places. She turns on the radio to break the uncomfortable silence and they find a call-in relationship program where the host says sometimes people are just meant to be together. The radio gets stuck on that station and they listen to a woman detail her relationship with her ex, which mirrors Jason and Sam. Sam pulls over and bangs on the radio until it turns off. As they continues to drive, Jason falls asleep so Sam pulls over and tries to get comfortable so she can sleep herself, but she just keeps twisting and turning.


Olivia calls Ronnie who is avoiding her at the Laundromat. She leaves a message that she wants Dante taken off the case and then Johnny comes to her door. Johnny brings her flowers to apologize for whatever he did that is causing her not to return his calls. Olivia tells him he didn’t do anything wrong, but she can’t see him anymore. Johnny doesn’t understand why she wants to call it off. She says it’s about their age difference, but Johnny thinks that doesn't matter. He’s not talking about being together forever, but he wants every single moment he can have with her and they start to make out.


Nikolas and Rebecca lie in bed after having sex and Nikolas assures her they are far from over.


A poker game ensues between Ethan, Dominic and other random people, as Tracy warns Lulu against Dominic. Lulu says she’s not interested in Dominic but she doesn’t want to see Ethan fleece him. Tracy says Ethan is just trying to protect her. As the other men walk away because Ethan has dominated the game, Lulu walks over and reveals that Ethan is cheating.

Dominic runs after Lulu as she leaves the Haunted Star. He tells her he wants to pay her back for preventing her brother from taking all his money by taking her out for ice cream or by kissing her. She tells him not in this lifetime, but as he continues to try and charm her, Lulu shuts him up with a kiss.

Nikolas and Rebecca have a bite to eat and some wine at a table in their room and Nikolas tells her he wants it to be all about trust.

Jason wakes up to Sam sleeping on his shoulder. As she wakes up, they start to kiss.

After Olivia and Johnny have sex, he tells her if she really wants him to go, he will. She looks at him and passionately kisses him. She says, “There’s your answer,” and they start to go at it again.

As Rebecca sleeps, Nikolas gives Alfred instructions for the morning. Alfred is happy they have gotten back together, but Nikolas tells his faithful butler that Rebecca is a fool who spit on Emily’s grave and she will pay for it.

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