Reckless Behavior.

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Dominic continues to try and find an in with Sonny, Olivia panics, Jason and Sam look for information on Dominic, Ethan makes demands on Rebecca and Spinelli finally gets the girl.

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As they kiss, Olivia pushes Sonny away who assumes she’s mad because she couldn’t help herself. Olivia tells him that’s the last time he will ever kiss her and asks why he’s doing this to her. Olivia wants him to find someone else to drive crazy, but Sonny says she’s perfect because she’s sexy, unpredictable and a pain in his butt. There isn’t one thing he doesn’t like about her or want. She reminds him he almost married her cousin last year, but he says Kate’s better off without him. He says Olivia is different though because she likes messing with trouble. She tells him to leave and he does so, but not before saying it’s not over.


Dominic proposes a partnership with professional benefits to Claudia, but she balks. He tells her they both switched sides and now they have to survive, but Claudia says she doesn’t have to do anything for him. He tells her Sonny wants him to find out who is disloyal and asks her to help him so they both benefit. Claudia tells him to forget it and that he’s on his own.


Jason watches as Sam walks around in her skimpy outfit and then catches her as she trips on her heels while running up the stairs. He sits her down and goes to get her a drink and some ice. She thanks him for catching her and says once again she owes him her life. Jason gets Spinelli’s laptop for Sam and she runs a search she learned from Spinelli on Dominic.


On stage, Spinelli freaks out, but Coleman convinces him to select a song. Spinelli chooses “I Want to Know What Love Is” and sounds a little flat, but presses on as Maxie gets up to offer him encouragement. He looks at her and starts to feel more confident. The crowd is won over, as he sings directly to Maxie. Everyone claps as the song ends and he and Maxie kiss.

After his performance, Spinelli tells Maxie she inspired him, but Maxie tells him he is a man of many talents and his singing to her was very romantic. He confesses his plan to use the special microphone and Maxie calls courtly love hot and drags him out of Jake’s.

Diane gushes to Max about Spinelli singing for Maxie and calls it gallant. Diane says she’s tough and independent and has had to sacrifice chivalry in her life. She tells Max a song can be the ultimate tribute from a man to the woman he loves and Max excuses himself.

On the docks, Rebecca and Nikolas discuss their evening and kiss as Ethan lurks in the shadows. Rebecca sees him and jumps. The launch comes and they go off to Wyndemere.


At home, Patrick thinks they should have won the contest at Jake’s and he and Robin playfully discuss how competitive they are before kissing. Robin thinks he’s upset because if he was still single, he would be the king of the karaoke bar. He assures her this is the life he wants and she offers to play a game of rock star and groupie. She offers to put on her special boots, but he wants to just jump to the part where she idolizes him.


Dominic meets a guy on the docks and tells him Sonny might hire him. The guy tells him going to Sonny’s house was a stupid risk to take, but Dominic says it’s what he does best and what the guy does best is dig him out. He explains he needs a name of the rat in the Zacchara organization, but the guy is nervous. He thinks the chances of him pulling this off and getting out alive is slim to none, but he eventually tells Dominic he heard something today.

Sonny comes home to an argument with Claudia who smells Olivia's perfume on him and their fight escalates.


As Coleman closes up Jake’s, Max sings a song to Diane, but it’s revealed he’s lip-syncing. Diane loves the attempt and they dance.

In bed at Wyndemere, Nikolas sleeps while Rebecca sneaks out.


Olivia summons Dante to her place to ask how long he’s staying in town. She wonders if he can do his job elsewhere because Port Charles is a bad idea right now and she doesn't want him sticking around. He jokes around with her, but she gets serious and asks him to once in his life do what she tells him to.

Rebecca meets Ethan on the docks to ask why he followed her from Jake’s. She thinks he will ruin everything, but Ethan thinks she is becoming too soft on Nikolas. They debate the situation again and Ethan tells her he needs ten grand by noon tomorrow or else he will tell Nikolas everything.

Spinelli and Maxie go home and fall into the door kissing. They find Jason and Sam on the couch and run upstairs. Sam says it looks like Spinelli did something right.

Rebecca returns telling Nikolas she lost an earring on the dock and had to go get it. Nikolas says he doesn’t like it when she leaves him.

Dominic comes to Sonny’s house and gives him some information about a Zacchara shipment. Sonny says if the tip proves false he will put a bullet in between his eyes, but if it proves true the bullet will miss.

As Jason and Sam look for info on Dominic, they hear things crashing in Spinelli’s room and Sam laughs as the sounds distract her. Sam thinks it’s sweet because they've waited so long to be together.


Upstairs, Maxie and Spinelli get intimate and he carries her to his bed where they continue to kiss and undress and ultimately have sex. Afterwards, they tell each other they love each other.

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