Swimming in Antarctica.

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Jax and Carly get the go ahead from Kelly, Carly overhears Michael and Claudia bond, Sam and Jason confront Fredo and Holly confesses.

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Robin informs Holly she told Ethan there is no way Robert is his father. Holly knows she’s made a mess of things and Robin wonders if she is even Ethan’s mother. Holly declares Ethan is her son, but doesn’t expect her to understand. She thought her and Luke deserved a bit more fun and hoped they might have fabulous adventures with Ethan. Robin wonders why Holly didn’t just leave Ethan alone and Holly says she wanted to make sure he was okay. Robin tells her all of the confidence he once possessed is gone because she won’t give him a straight answer. Holly says she is leaving, but has one more stop to make.


At GH, Patrick fills Sonny in on Michael’s poor impulse control and suggests people stop pressuring Michael and not fight around him. Sonny appreciates what he’s done for Michael and asks after Emma and Robin. Sonny tells Patrick Robin just needs him to love her and Patrick responds that’s what Michael needs too.


Michael and Claudia bond over zombie movies as Jason secretly listens in. Jason then makes his presence known and Michael tells Jason he can’t believe Sonny married someone so cool. A nurse comes in to take Michael’s vitals and asks Jason and Claudia to leave.

In the hallway, Jason grabs Claudia’s arm and tells her he won’t let her hide behind Michael when she’s the reason he was shot. Claudia doesn’t see what he can do about it. She reminds him she is pregnant with Sonny’s child and Jason wonders if she is sure about that. Sonny walks up and tells them to stop fighting. The nurse comes out and says Michael is fine, but there is no arguing in front of the patient.

Sonny, Claudia and Jason come back into Michael’s room and he excitedly talks to Sonny about his new stepmom and Jason leaves.


Jax and Carly get passionate in his office, but Jax stops things because he doesn’t want to hurt her and the baby. Carly wonders how he will be able to abstain until after the baby comes and Jax says he will go swimming in Antarctica.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan and Luke discuss Holly and the possibility that they might be related. They assume Holly is long gone and Ethan asks if Tracy will give Luke the boot. Luke doesn’t know and laments his wife fixing the DNA test. He suggests they do another one by mail so they know for sure. Ethan thinks they should just leave it alone, but Luke says he doesn't have time to squander so if he is his father, he’d like to know it and enjoy it.

Lucky comes to the casino and asks Luke if he got the answer he was looking for from Holly. Lucky learns Robert can’t be Ethan’s father and gets upset that Luke could be Ethan's dad after all because that negates all the good years they shared as a family. Luke says he can either forgive him or he can hate him for the rest of his life and tries to tell Lucky he loves him, but Lucky gets mad and leaves.


Maxie comes to see Spinelli with orange soda and BBQ chips and tells him about her trip to NYC. Spinelli wonders who she went to the parties with and he is assured she wasn’t with Johnny. Maxie asks him to look at Kate’s PDA for clues as to why she is sabotaging her magazine. Spinelli is excited and they head out to look at it.


Carly meets with Kelly and tells her Jax won’t have sex with her. Kelly sympathizes and says having sex would be good for her within reason and Carly asks her to write her a note saying it’s okay.

Jason complains to Sam about Claudia and wants proof that she’s involved in Michael’s shooting. Sam gets a call and both of them bolt out the door.


Michael and Sonny talk about Claudia and then Carly. Sonny tells his son to take his anger out on him or Jason, not Carly. Michael wonders why his mother would have a baby while he was in a coma. Sonny assures him she’s not trying to replace him and Claudia pipes up that she and Sonny are having a baby too. Michael is okay with it and Carly overhears as Michael says he can’t wait to be a big brother to their baby. Sonny remains indifferent as Michael asks questions about the baby and Sonny tries to talk up Carly, but Michael just keeps talking about Claudia’s baby.

Patrick comes home and he and Robin discuss Michael’s surgery. They banter over who is the better doctor and agree that they are both amazing. They kiss, but are interrupted by Emma.

Spinelli and Maxie return to the office, but didn’t find anything on Kate’s PDA, but Spinelli isn’t discouraged.


Carly goes back to Jax’s office and cries about Michael. Jax tells her to give Michael some time because things will get better, maybe sooner than they think. Jax tells her Michael is still her little boy and he’s just trying to find his way home. They start to kiss and Carly gives him Kelly’s doctor’s note giving them permission to have sex, which they start to engage in.

Sam and Jason hold a gun on Fredo and ask him who hired him to blow up Jerry’s car. After a little probing, Fredo confesses that Claudia hired him to kill Jerry and he has proof.


Sonny and Claudia go home and discuses Michael. Sonny notes Michael likes her because they don’t have history and Patrick says that's a good thing. He can't believe she of all people is exactly what his son needs.


Luke and Ethan continue to discuss a DNA test, but Ethan says it’s time for him to move on. Luke encourages him to grab himself some adventure because there is a lot of world out there waiting patiently. Holly interrupts them and apologizes that things got out of hand. Luke says Ethan deserves the truth and asks if he is their child. Holly finally confesses that Ethan is Luke’s son.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly is upset by Michael’s new living arrangements.

Spinelli gives Jason the news he’s been waiting for.

Lucky has a change of heart.

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