Full Disclosure.

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Holly comes clean, Johnny puts Maxie on the spot and Michael makes his feelings known.

Full Disclosure. image

At Nikolas’, Rebecca remembers that Elizabeth mentioned that the color of her shirt was Emily’s favorite. Nikolas isn't thinking about Emily – he’s thinking about how much he wants to take her clothes off. Rebecca reminds him of their deal with Alexis, who walks in and notices the color she’s wearing. Nikolas calls for the launch to take Alexis back to the mainland, but Alexis wants him to see that Rebecca is manipulating him. Rebecca in turn wants to know what Alexis dug up on her. Alexis informs them she is still investigating, but she thinks she’ll find something. Nikolas is insulted and asks her to start living her own life. Nikolas and Rebecca leave to go sailing and Alexis storms off.


Carly listens as Michael tells Lulu he feels like people are viciously circling him, but his mother is the worst because she is so desperate for attention. Carly walks away as Lulu defends her. Michael thinks Carly is preoccupied with Jax and their new kid and wonders if he should live with the Q’s. Lulu shares her experience living with them and tells him he has parents who want him and would do anything for him.


Carly sees Jason in the hospital lobby and cries that Michael hates her. Jason implores her to give him some space, but Carly doesn’t think now is the time to be absent. Carly agrees to back off, but she wants Jason to talk to her son and tell him what it was like when he was in a coma and how much she loves him. Jason thinks Michael needs to work through this on his own and believes he is lashing out at her because she is the one person who won’t abandon him. He needs her to stay strong because that is the best thing she can do for Michael right now. Jason has to leave, but he will come back and sit with Michael.

At their house, Sonny tells Claudia he has a feeling Johnny is taking advantage of Olivia. Claudia doesn’t think her brother would sleep with her, but Sonny assures her it’s true. They debate over who took advantage of who and Mike comes in. He tells Sonny about Edward wanting Michael to live with him, as Claudia leaves the room looking worried.

An angry Lucky grills Holly about Ethan. They discuss the situation and Lucky wonders if she cares that she is destroying his family.


An uncomfortable Ethan stands by as Tracy asks Luke if he is leaving her for Holly. Luke loves Tracy, but he doesn’t know what he will do next. Tracy tells Ethan both their futures hinge on what happened in Singapore all those years ago. Tracy warns Luke not to come back to her if he goes off with Holly. Ethan adamantly suggests Luke stick with Tracy instead of going off with a woman he can’t trust.


Sonny tells Mike about Olivia and Johnny. Mike doesn’t understand why it’s his business who Olivia is sleeping with. Sonny says they are friends and he’s worried, but Mike thinks he’s jealous.


Olivia is behind the desk in the lobby of the Metro Court and Spinelli and Maxie walk off the elevator. Spinelli starts to fill her in on what he overheard Kate and Olivia talking about, when Claudia walks in demanding Olivia stay away from Johnny! Olivia demands she leave and Maxie is stunned to learn Johnny and Olivia slept together. Claudia and Olivia exchange threats and Claudia leaves.

Spinelli and Maxie go back to the Crimson office and Spinelli is confident Johnny has been exposed as a cad, but Maxie doesn't think this is any of their business and wants to go back to work. Spinelli thinks the ‘mob prince’ has been banished from her life.


Claudia goes to see Johnny and lays into him about Olivia, but he thinks it’s none of her business. Maxie comes to the garage and overhears Johnny and Claudia fighting. Johnny sees Maxie and Claudia tells him to sleep with Maxie instead of Olivia.


After Claudia leaves, Maxie asks why Johnny slept with Olivia. Johnny defends it and wonders why she cares. Maxie thought he liked her and Johnny thinks she just wants everyone’s attention. She admits she is attracted to him, but she needs Spinelli. Johnny is tired of games and if she wants to do this, "Then let's go!"


Sonny comes to the Metro Court and asks Olivia about Johnny. Olivia doesn't feel the need to defend herself, but Sonny is worried about Johnny’s mental stability. Sonny thinks she is paying him back for getting Claudia pregnant. Olivia tells him not to flatter himself. He tells her to be careful because John Zacchara is a bad idea for her.

Sonny and Jason meet up in the hospital lobby and they discuss Michael and how it parallels Jason’s past. Sonny knows things could have been a lot worse and Carly doesn’t understand that. Jason recommends Sonny give Michael some room and to not let him play them against each other.

A soaked Nikolas and Rebecca return to Wyndemere and kiss.


After Tracy leaves, Luke tells Ethan he has to play by Holly’s rules. They argue and Holly enters. She tells them the game isn’t fun anymore so she came to tell them the truth. Luke is suspicious, but Holly says she didn’t mean to hurt anyone and it’s time for full disclosure. She says she is Ethan’s mother, but Luke is not his father. Luke looks disappointed and Holly tells him he will have to settle for the kids he already has. Ethan demands to know who his father is and Holly tells him it’s Robert Scorpio.

Lulu and Michael joke around and Edward comes back to see his great-grandson. He asks Michael if he has given living at the manse some thought and tells him he can have anything he wants. Michael says it’s too bad Lulu doesn’t live there any more. Edward says she can move back. Lulu knowingly smiles at Michael, as Edward fawns all over him. Edward thinks Michael will move in, but Carly comes in and yells at Edward for wanting to take her son away from his home. Carly wants to talk to Michael alone and declares Michael will come home with her, as Sonny walks in.


Lulu runs to Jason for help in Michael’s room, as Sonny, Carly and Edward fight over Michael. Michael declares that he wants to live with Sonny.

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