Holly's Back!

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Luke tries to get the truth out of Holly, Michael has questions and Rebecca makes a deal with Alexis.

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Holly Sutton walks into The Haunted Star with a bottle of bubbly. Luke asks what they are celebrating and she says they should drink to old times. They talk around the issue and then Luke directly asks if Ethan is their son. Holly is surprised by his bluntness and Luke asks why she gave Ethan a photo of him and sent him to Port Charles. Tracy enters and tells Holly to get away from her husband. Holly tells Tracy she and Luke have a past and they have things that she and Luke will never share. Luke again asks Holly if Ethan is his son and Holly says she will tell him for a price. Tracy thinks Holly is conning Luke and Holly leaves.


Jax brings Carly over to the couch after her dizzy spell, but she doesn’t want to go to the hospital knowing Michael is there and he’s lost to her. Carly assures Jax she is fine and he is all she needs right now.


At the hospital, Michael asks Lulu what happened to him. Lulu panics and pages the doctor. Michael wonders where his parents are and Patrick rushes into the room.


At Wyndemere, Rebecca tells Alexis and Nikolas she always wanted to go to Greece, but Alexis is leery and continues to grill her. Alexis has a list of hotels she stayed at and Nikolas looks at the list, but doesn’t think Helena would put her up in two-star hotels. Alexis points out there is a two-week gap in between places she stayed and Rebecca explains she was staying with a friend – a fisherman she met. Nikolas gets upset with Alexis, but she is worried about what Rebecca might take from Nikolas, or that she might try to get pregnant by him. Rebecca makes Alexis a deal: she will refrain from having sex with Nikolas for two weeks while Alexis digs for dirt on her. Rebecca is confident she won’t find anything and then Alexis will have to leave them alone. Alexis believes she will find something and leaves.

Carly wonders how she is supposed to let go of Michael and her phone rings. She sees that it’s Lulu calling, but she doesn’t want to hear about her problems with Johnny so she ignores the call. Lulu leaves a message for Carly to come to the hospital because Michael is awake, as Jax turns off his phone to shut out the rest of the world.


Sonny walks in his house and wonders what’s going on between Jason and Claudia. Claudia tells him Ric was there harassing her, but Jason handled it. Claudia tells Sonny she has finally accepted Jason because he protects all of them. She gives Jason a knowing look and leaves the room. Sonny asks Jason what’s really going on, but then gets a call from Lulu who tells him Michael is awake. Sonny tells Jason and they bolt out of the room.

Claudia comes downstairs and finds Max who informs her Michael woke up. She wants to go see him, but Jason has ordered that she stay there.


Patrick examines Michael and then Sonny and Jason come running in. Sonny cries as Michael says, “Hi, Dad,” and he hugs his son. Michael asks what happened and Sonny starts to explain that it was his fault. Patrick interrupts him wanting to talk in the hall.

Michael asks Jason what’s going on and is weirded out by everyone’s reaction. Jason tells him for now he needs to take it easy and wait. Michael is glad Jason is there.

Patrick tells Sonny he still needs to test Michael and that he doesn’t want to shock him with too much information. Patrick doubts he would go back into a coma, but it is a possibility. Sonny agrees to be quiet and Patrick leaves to get the tests ready.

Sonny returns to the room and Jason leaves to find Carly. Michael tells his father he thinks he remembers something, but it’s all still pretty vague. He asks where Carly is, but Patrick comes in and tells him about the tests he wants to run. After Patrick leaves, Michael thinks Sonny and Carly gave up on him and that’s why they weren't there when he woke up. Sonny assures him that’s not the case and tells him his coming back is a gift he will never take for granted.


Ethan goes to the hospital to get his hand checked out after putting it through a window and runs into Lulu. She tells him about Michael and then Ethan tells her Luke thinks he might be his father. Lulu is thrown for a loop as she learns about the DNA tests and how Luke thinks Tracy fixed them. Lulu wonders if Ethan wants Luke to be his father. They discuss Ethan's past with Holly and how she sent him to see Luke to learn from ‘the master’. Lulu thinks this might be another con, but Ethan says he sticks to money and card games.

Johnny comes to see Claudia who tells him Michael is awake. She neatly summarizes what happened to Michael and then tells her brother she confessed while Michael was in a coma and worries that he will remember it. Johnny thinks if the truth comes out, they’ll get what they deserve. Claudia disagrees, not wanting to die and says there is one thing left to do.


Jax comes downstairs with a gift for Carly and she opens an activity gym for the baby. Carly feels selfish talking about the future while Michael is lying in a hospital bed. Jason urgently knocks on the door and rushes in to tell Carly Michael woke up.

Rebecca and Nikolas make out but she stops it. Nikolas doesn’t think he can last two weeks, but Rebecca thinks they can do it and leaves.

Luke is upset Tracy drove Holly away, but Tracy is sure Holly is waiting for Luke to find her.


Patrick goes home and Holly shows up on his doorstep looking for a place to stay.

Lulu and Ethan muse on the possibility of them being siblings.

Claudia goes to the hospital to see Michael, but Johnny stops her instructing her to leave Michael alone.


Sonny asks Michael how the tests went, but Michael is more interested in knowing what really happened to him. Carly comes running in and cries as she embraces her son. She tells him she loves him but Michael just blankly stares at her.

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Olivia defends Sonny.

Johnny and Olivia meet up at Jake’s.

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