Michael Wakes Up!

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Carly agrees to go home, Lulu visits Michael, Luke gets a surprise visitor, Alexis catches Rebecca and Nikolas again and Jason warns Claudia.

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On the jet back to Port Charles, Luke, Tracy and Ethan play cards. In spite of Tracy, Luke is determined to find Holly to determine if Ethan is their child. Tracy suggests they play 21 – the winner asks questions, the loser answers and the winner deals. Ethan wins the first round and asks why Tracy hates him. Tracy doesn’t hate him, she just doesn’t trust him. Luke accuses her of fixing the DNA test, but Tracy continues to deny it. Next round: Tracy asks why Luke picked that dive in Singapore and Luke answers it was sentimental to him.


Jason wonders why Ric is at Sonny’s and he explains he came to drop off some papers. Jason thinks Ric is around so much because he and Claudia are working together. Jason says Sonny should know how much time they spend together and then Claudia gets a cramp. Ric helps her to the couch, as Jason looks at them and rolls his eyes. Jason notes Ric’s concern and wonders if he plans to steal Claudia’s baby like he tried with Carly. Claudia and Jason demand Ric leave and he reluctantly does so.


Claudia tells Jason Ric is becoming a real problem. Jason wonders why and Claudia calls Ric insane thinking maybe Ric is trying to take the baby away from Sonny. Maybe Ric is the one who put the hit on Sonny and maybe even pulled the trigger. Jason spits out that she doesn’t get to talk about Michael – not after what she’s done. Jason knows she is responsible for Michael’s condition and at some point she will pay. Jason throws out accusations and Claudia tells him if he cares about Sonny at all, he will keep his accusations to himself.

At the hospital, Jax confides in Olivia and asks her what she would need to hear if it was her son laying in that bed. Olivia offers some insightful advice and Jax asks her to talk with Carly because she might listen to a woman with kids herself.

Carly insists to Sonny that Michael will wake up. She gets upset and starts to faint. Sonny catches her and tells her she needs to take care of herself. Carly insists it wasn’t serious and it would be worse if she was home freaking out. Jax and Olivia come to the room and Jax says Olivia might be a good person to talk to. Carly doesn’t care what anyone says – she’s not giving up on her son. Olivia urges Carly to go home and get some rest, but she won’t budge. Sonny isn’t giving up, but he doesn’t think Michael will wake up. Sonny gets upset and leaves and Carly tells Olivia and Jax they can leave too. Olivia obliges, but Jax won’t let Carly push him away. He loves her and they are in this together, for better or worse.

Lulu comes to the Haunted Star looking for Luke, but finds Johnny instead. They have some tense words and Johnny leaves, but not before telling her about Michael’s operation.

Edward and Monica discuss Michael and she tells him the odds were against the boy and she doesn’t think Michael will wake up, as Rebecca works nearby and overhears. Monica gets called away and Rebecca asks if she can help Edward. He says it’s just a terrible shock to know that Michael might not wake up and Rebecca hugs him. Edward recounts Michael’s history and how the adults failed him. He bemoans the fact that the Q’s weren’t a positive influence on him and Rebecca understands regret. She tries to reassure him, as Nikolas walks up and overhears their conversation. Rebecca tells Edward if there is anything she can do for him to let her know. He tells her it’s comforting because talking to her is like having Emily there when he needs her the most.


Sonny goes to the chapel and prays for Carly. He doesn’t want her to pay for his mistakes, noting that Michael already has. Olivia walks in and starts talking about when they were kids and how he could always be found in church. She says parents want to give their kids the best life they can and will sacrifice anything for that to happen. She tells him everyone prayed for him when he was a kid and some of them still do. Sonny tells her it’s too late for him, so she should pray for Michael instead. Sonny blames himself for bringing another kid into the world and Olivia blames Claudia for that. Sonny won’t do what he did to Michael to this kid. Olivia tells him to do better.

Jax tells Carly she needs to take care of herself and thinks maybe something will work for Michael down the line. Carly thinks this was his only chance, but Jax says this may be their only chance for a life together. He asks her to accept the truth and that Michael wouldn’t want her to risk her life or the baby’s for him. Carly agrees to come home and kisses Michael and tells him she loves him before she leaves.


Nikolas and Rebecca go back to Wyndemere and while they kiss, Alexis walks in. She lashes out at Nikolas and tells him to just sign everything he owns over to Helena right now. Rebecca wonders what it will take to convince her she’s not working for Helena. Alexis wants her to start by explaining why she was in Greece.


Jax and Carly go home, but everything reminds her of Michael. She really thought he would wake up, but promises Jax she will take care of herself. Carly recalls this was the last place she saw Michael and how she yelled at him. She cries as she says she promised Michael she would be there when he wakes up. Jax goes to make her something to eat and when he comes back, Carly collapses into his arms after crying over a photo of Michael.


Lulu goes to see Michael and notes how much he has grown. She’s sorry she hasn’t seen him until now and grabs his hand. Michael’s hand twitches and when Lulu looks up, she sees his eyes open. Lulu wants to get him a nurse, but Michael asks her not to leave him and asks what happened to him.


Back at the Haunted Star, Luke pours himself a drink and Holly comes in saying they have a lot to celebrate, namely their blessed event.


Sonny walks in as Claudia and Jason argue and asks what’s going on.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly gets the news she’s been praying for.

Ethan drops a bomb on Lulu.

Rebecca makes a deal with Alexis.

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