Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Spinelli cracks the case, Nikolas and Rebecca have a rendezvous, Jax worries about Carly and Ethan and Luke take off to find Holly.

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Nikolas runs into Rebecca at the hospital and they flirt a bit, but Rebecca needs to get back to work. Nikolas thinks because he is a principle benefactor at GH she won’t get in trouble, but Epiphany walks up demanding this end now! She tells them it is inappropriate and that they should deal with their personal issues on their own time. Nikolas tells Rebecca to meet him at the Metro Court after her shift and Rebecca gets on the elevator.

Lulu and Maxie anxiously wait for Kate to come to work, fearing they will be fired because Spinelli couldn’t find the culprit. Lulu thinks they need to show Kate they are more valuable than the shoe collection. Kate gets off the elevator and the girls enthusiastically offer their assistance. Kate only wants to know who the leak is and fires them when they can’t come up with a name. Maxie and Lulu try to save each other’s job, but Kate says it’s too late they are fired. Spinelli then runs in declaring he cracked the case! He gets on his laptop and shows them the footage of surveillance cameras, while Kate panics. Warren calls and Kate goes to her office to take it. Spinelli shows Maxie and Lulu the videotape and the girls are stunned at who they see.


Ethan yells at someone on the phone to find out what has happened to Holly. Luke comes in and notes that his concern for Holly suggests he thinks she is his mother. Ethan tries to deny this, but then begrudgingly concedes it’s in the back of his mind that Luke and Holly could be his parents. Luke is confident Tracy switched the DNA results, but Ethan wonders why Tracy is so set against them being family. Luke explains she wouldn’t like it because she’s possessive of him. Tracy comes in and Luke gets a call from Holly. Luke gets another bad connection, but hears a gunshot and hangs up the phone. The men are worried, but Tracy thinks it’s a setup. Luke and Ethan make plans to go to Singapore, but Tracy objects because she thinks it’s a con. Luke asks Tracy if they can use the ELQ jet and she laughs at him. Luke gives Tracy another chance to fess up to switching the DNA tests, but she won’t budge. Luke and Ethan leave and Tracy calls to fuel the jet so she can go to Singapore.


As Carly sits by Michael’s bedside, Jax comes in with some healthy food for her. Carly wrinkles her nose at it, but Jax insists she eat it. Patrick comes in to examine Michael and tells them their main focus is to monitor Michael and guard against infection. He leaves and Jax asks Carly to pace herself. Carly knows Michael will wake up and Jax wishes there was something he could do. Carly thinks there is something.


Olivia meets Jax in the hospital lobby and asks after Michael. He updates her and Olivia remains positive, telling him she can handle everything at the hotel. Jax says he called her because Carly wants her to get Michael’s room ready for when he comes home. Jax ponders how Michael will be when he wakes up and worries that Carly is getting her hopes up. Olivia tells him Carly is taking a leap and she needs to know that he has faith too.

Carly talks to Michael and Patrick returns to check on his vitals. Carly is grateful he performed the surgery, but Patrick tells her to save it for when Michael wakes up.


Diane and Alexis meet up at the Metro Court and discuss shoes and a legal case. Max encounters them and Alexis is eager for them to get to a sale, but Max has other ideas. Diane is intrigued and follows Max, leaving Alexis a bit miffed.

Rebecca is on the phone at the hospital and says things are taking longer than planned, but they are going well. She runs into Edward. He asks her where he can find Michael’s room and tells her no adult, including himself, kept him safe. Rebecca thinks maybe it’s not too late and offers to cancel a meeting and walk him to Michael’s room. Edward tells her not to let any moment pass because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever and leaves by himself.

Bobbie comes to Michael's room and looks at his chart. She tells Carly there is no change, but he is stable. Carly thinks Michael will love having a baby sister, but Bobbie tells her it was a complicated surgery so she should take baby steps. Carly just can’t wait for him to wake up because she misses him so much.


After Max and Diane enjoy themselves in a hotel room, Diane wants to get to her shoes. She then realizes her blouse was ripped which means she can’t wear it. She calls Alexis, who has come back from shopping, and asks her to buy her something to wear in the boutique because she's stranded in the room. Alexis gloats that she missed the shoe show and Diane begs her to buy her something to wear.

Monica runs into Bobbie in Michael’s room and they discuss Carly getting her hopes up. Carly comes back and asks Michael to wake up and say hello to both of his grandmothers.

Spinelli shows Kate the video of Clarice who seems to have stolen the layout. Kate makes plans to fire her and then orders Maxie and Lulu around. After Kate goes in her office, Lulu and Maxie fawn all over Spinelli because he saved their jobs.

Nikolas and Rebecca meet in the Metro Court lobby and he tells her he got them a table at the restaurant and a room. She can choose one, both or neither and Rebecca tells him he has until the fourth floor to convince her.


Kate tells the girls to book her a massage at her apartment tonight and leaves. After Kate gets on the elevator Spinelli discovers that Clarice is innocent. He then sees the video of Kate carrying the layout and Maxie and Lulu are outraged!

Nikolas and Rebecca make out in the hallway in front of the hotel room and then they go in, but don’t notice they’ve left the door open.

Jax comes back to Michael’s room and tells Carly Olivia is taking care of Michael’s room. They discuss how quickly kids change and Carly thinks Michael will be different when he comes back to them. Mike comes in and wonders when Michael will wake up. Carly responds, ‘Soon.”


After Mike leaves, Patrick comes back and tells Carly and Jax Michael is stable. They press him some more and Patrick admits he expected him to be awake by now and if he doesn’t regain consciousness in the next few hours, he worries he never will.


Alexis hears two people having fun in one of the rooms and barges in assuming it's Max and Diane, but finds Nikolas and Rebecca instead.

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