Now That's a Life Line!

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Carly calls into the operating room to talk to Michael's surgeon, Jason wants to shut Claudia's big mouth and Sam befriends Jason on the roof.

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Tracy walks onto The Haunted Star and yells for Ethan to stay away from Lulu! When Luke returns they all gang up on Tracy and ask why she's suddenly so against Ethan. Lulu asks Ethan to take her dancing and once they're gone Tracy asks Luke why he's letting this happen! Tracy lists all of the drama that Lulu has had over the last few years, but Luke asks what any of that has to do with Lulu dating Ethan? Tracy stonewalls and he asks what she's hiding.


Once Lulu and Ethan have slurpees and are perched on benches on the waterfront, Ethan asks why they're not out dancing. He says that if they're running a scam he should be in on it. Lulu denies it but he has recognized the looks between her and Luke. Finally she admits that Luke wants her to flirt with him when Tracy's around. She asks Ethan if he has any idea why?


Nikolas storms into his study and asks Rebecca how much Alexis offered her to leave town. He comments that he might just offer more if she'd stay. Alexis leaves in frustration and Nikolas attempts to explain his aunt's obsession to Rebecca. She tells him that Alexis seemed rather upset and he should go after her. She promises to wait for him.

Once Nikolas tracks Alexis down, he apologizes for being rude and offers to buy her a glass of wine at The Metro Court. Alexis accepts his apology but says that he can't throw his life away for a stranger with Emily's face. He tells her that the happier he is, the better father he'll be and he'd like to explore the feelings that are growing between himself and Rebecca.


Spinelli and Maxie are driving along behind the person who has the dummy Crimson file but Spinelli nearly crashes a few times by going off the road. He admits that he only scored a 75 in the PI 'tail' driving test and Maxie is worried that they'll not meet Kate's deadline. Spinelli runs a red light and she says that her career won't matter if she's dead. Then she suggests that she drive while he handles the computer. Once they switch spots, she comments that they make a great team. Spinelli notices that the perpetrator is headed back to The Metro Court, so they head back too.


Once they get back up to the Crimson offices they are surprised to see the folder back on her desk. Spinelli apologizes for letting his animal magnetism get in the way of their stakeout but she is confident that he'll be her hero in the end.


At GH, Carly asks what's going on but Sonny tells her that he and Jax were just arguing over his determination to avenge Michael's shooting. Before she can process that, they hear a code blue being announce for OR one - where Michael's surgery is taking place. Carly turns to Jax and says that her son is dying. Epiphany comes along shortly and informs them that Michael's heart stopped but the team was able to get it started again. Jax would like to stop the surgery and turns to Sonny to make the call, but Sonny won't do it without Carly's consent. Meanwhile, Jason encourages Carly to close her eyes and think about a happier time. She remembers when he took her and young Michael to Florida. She tells Jason that when Michael wakes up they need to take him back to the ocean.


Olivia shows up with some healthy food for Carly to eat. She runs into Sonny in the hallway and soon Claudia shows up and announces that she's hungry. Olivia is upset that she hasn't been sent home yet but continues into the waiting room with the food.


Carly hears Jax out and then asks Sonny what he thinks. Sonny tells her that it's her decision but he's not sure that Michael's heart can take it much longer. Jason reminds Carly that Patrick has a proven record, but Sonny says that Patrick is arrogant! Jason gets angry and tells everyone that Michael's life is tied to a bed and he would risk anything wake up. Claudia gives her two cents worth and everyone reminds her that she's not family. Jason tells Sonny that if he doesn't muzzle his wife, he will.


Jason goes up to the roof to clear his head and Sam finds him there. She admits that she followed him and is curious how Michael is doing. She offers to leave him alone, but he asks her to stay. He explains the situation with Michael and how he tried to influence Carly's decision to go forward today. "Whatever happens, it's on me," he says.


Downstairs, Carly is able to get a call through to the OR and Patrick gets on the phone. When she asks for an update he tells her that Michael's heart stopped but he was able to start it again and they are proceeding. She asks what would happen if they stop the surgery. "Michael would stabilize and spend the rest of his life in a coma," Patrick states.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly tells Patrick to go forward with the surgery.

Jason and Sam agree to be friends again.

Maxie starts to doubt Spinelli's abilities.

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