Beer Goggles or True Love?

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Nik sees Elizabeth in a new, albeit foggy, light, Jax asks Jason for a favor and Ethan submits to a DNA test.

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Jax goes to Patrick with the news of Carly's diagnosis and then asks if he'll consult with Dr. Hansen on Michael's case. Patrick reminds Jax that Carly fired him already and she is supposed to avoid stress. Jax begs to differ and says that it'll help Carly if someone familiar is on Michael's team. When Dr. Hansen joins them, she welcomes Patrick aboard but they quickly butt heads.


Maxie is over at Jason's penthouse asking for his help to get Spinelli back. Jason says that this stuff takes time and reminds her that she hurt Spinelli. He says that Spinelli is determined to prove that he is as manly as Johnny is and could end up getting hurt as a result. She gets an idea and tells Jason not to worry.


Lulu pays the McCall and Jackal office a visit and Spinelli quickly shuts down his Maxie screensaver before she catches a glimpse of it. She has come to set the record straight about her breakup with Johnny. Spinelli blames Johnny's feelings for Maxie, but Lulu says that her relationship was on its way out anyway and Maxie isn't really to blame. She pleads Maxie's case, but Spinelli says that it's too late.


Luke reaches out to Ethan as he tries to board his plane, but Ethan recoils. Luke tells him to be mad at Holly, not him. Ethan says that he'd rather that his biological parents remain a mystery because he's not in any hurry to be a bastard child. Luke confesses to never being a dream husband, but if Holly had been pregnant he certainly would've helped in some way. Ethan wonders if Holly even knew who the father was and says that he's not interested in being someone's kid now that someone else did the 'dirty work' of raising him. Luke says that for some crazy, demented reason he likes the idea of being his dad. He promises not to start acting like a dad and Ethan says that they should just go back to the way things were. Tracy shows up and challenges Ethan to just get on the plane and leave. Luke calls Ethan a coward if he goes. He promises to buy Ethan's ticket after one quick trip to the hospital, regardless of the outcome.


Back at GH, Lucky objects to Nikolas kissing Liz at the nurses' hub. Nik says that Liz is a beautiful woman who deserves to be appreciated and he wants to be the man to do it. Lucky doesn't buy it and asks Rebecca if she's ready to get out of here. She is.


Jax shows up at Jason's door and isn't surprised that Carly has already called him from South Carolina. They talk about her pregnancy risk and the fact that Sonny wants her to abort. Jax asks him to let Carly make up her own mind because the stress of arguing could literally kill her. Jason promises to do whatever's best for Carly. "That's why you shouldn't go after Jerry," Jax says. He suggests that Jason wait before he avenges Michael's shooting, that's all. "After Carly and the baby are safe you can track Jerry down and do whatever you do, I don’t want to hear about it," he says.

While Rebecca waits on the dock for Lucky to get his friend's boat keys, she makes a quick call. She says that it's not going as planned but she's not sure they can pull back now. When Lucky is ready to give her a tour of the harbor, she cockily asks if maybe they should just wait for Nik so they can stick it to him. Lucky admits that he would like for his brother to see them together, but that's not why he asked her out. He says that he likes her and then guides her to the borrowed boat. They have a ball together racing around the harbor.


When Spinelli returns to his office, he finds Maxie waiting for him. She tells him that she thinks she's being stalked and lists the late-night phone calls and footsteps that she hears behind her lots of times. She tells him that she didn't know who else to turn to and he takes her hand and tells her to 'fear not'. After she leaves he gets busy. When Winifred shows up she can't believe that Spinelli didn't see through Maxie's ploy.


Meanwhile, Maxie's on the waterfront trying to bribe a photographer friend of hers to pose as her stalker. She promises the next Crimson spread to him if he'll pretend to attack her tonight and let Spinelli rescue her.


Luke, Ethan and Tracy show up at GH. When Luke tells Epiphany that he and his young friend need a DNA test she busts out laughing.


Liz and Nik go to Jake's and order two shots of tequila. Coleman marvels at their paring and Nik says that he never realized what was right in front of his face. Liz just smiles. Nik wonders why they've never gone out for drinks before. After another shot and a couple beers, Nik tries to convince Liz that he wasn't attracted to Rebecca because she looks like Emily. In fact, he tells Liz that if he were simply trying to fill the void that Emily left he'd be with her because she reminds him of her. Liz says that doesn't bother her at all, in fact she kind of likes it. She playfully teases him about all of the things that Emily told her over the years and says that she was right about what a good kisser he is. As they talk, they get closer and closer and talk about how close they've always been. Nik points out that all they'd have to do is take one small shift and then they could see each other through different eyes. They move in for a kiss just as Rebecca and Lucky show up.

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Elizabeth tells Nikolas that her feelings for Lucky have her confused.

Lucky and Rebecca almost make love.

Maxie's scheme backfires and she ends up in danger.

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