And Down She Goes.

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Claudia goes down the reasons why her baby isn't Ric's, Carly goes down when she sees Jason lying unconscious and Robin accidentally pushes Emma in her stroller down the stairs.

And Down She Goes. image

As Patrick and Robin talk at GH, Liz loses her grip on a wheelchair and it comes flying down the stairs toward them. Epiphany tells them all that they'd better get used to the new layout and makes everyone get back to work. Patrick has a surgery to get to but he needs to go pick up Emma for her well-baby visit. Robin insists that she can do it and promises to meet him with her later.


"The test confirms that you have ZBT," Kelly tells Carly over the phone. She lists all of the problems that could result and tells her to come see her right away. After Carly hangs up, Jax asks why she went pale? Carly blames it on hormones and leaves it at that. She tells him that she needs to go to GH to wait for Michael to arrive and he tells her to take all the time that she needs.


Sonny has just arrived home and found Ric cornering Claudia by the bar. Seeing him, Claudia informs Ric that she and Sonny weren't planning a baby but they are committed to it. Ric turns around and Sonny asks him why he has such a smug look on his face. Next he asks Claudia why she's so calmly talking to the guy who is accusing her of something. Not wanting to hear either of their excuses, he challenges Ric to prove that he didn't set Claudia up for something he did. Ric simply congratulates them on the blessed event but warns his brother not to turn his back on Claudia.


Over at Kelly's, Mike pours Nik a cup of coffee and gently reminds him that Rebecca is her own person. Nik doesn't deny it. When she walks in Nik jumps up and apologizes for accusing her of being involved with Helena. Rebecca makes a snide remark and says that she needs to go meet his grandmother so they can put together 'phase 2' of their evil plan. She calms down and thanks him for his support during her cancer scare, but their relationship is more trouble than it's worth. She turns down his invitation to dinner and goes upstairs.


Liz comes in and Nik fills her in on what's been going on regarding Helena and Rebecca. When Lucky comes in and sees the two of them together he assumes that they're trying to keep him from taking Rebecca out tonight. The guys bicker and Liz makes them sit and calm down together. As she tries to get them to keep Rebecca in perspective, she comes down and sits smack in the middle of 'Emily's chair'. She and Liz get into it, but Lucky stands up and says that he's ready to let go of the past!


Alexis rushes to the car garage where she finds an unconscious Jerry and Jason next to the burning car. She calls 911 right away. After the paramedics come, she calls Jax and then Mac and tells them both to meet her at the hospital.


When Jax meets up with Alexis at GH, she fills him in on Jason and Jerry's status and all Jax cares about is keeping Carly calm when she hears about Jason. Alexis advises him to tell her but wait a couple of hours to see if Jason wakes up. He goes in to see Jerry and talks to him although he's still unconscious. He tells Jerry that his wife is pregnant and if she finds out what his big brother did to her son she could lose the baby. "If there was a plug to pull, I'd pull it!" he says before leaving. Jerry opens his eyes after he's gone. A while later when Jax goes to check on him, he's gone.


Elsewhere in the hospital, Kelly is giving Carly a dire warning. "The only way to guarantee your safety is termination," she says. Carly says that is out of the question and asks what else she can do. Kelly says there's a one in two chance that she'll develop a serious clot or an embolism. Carly sees that as a 50% chance that she and the baby will be just fine. It is Kelly's strong opinion that she tell her husband, but Carly says that she'll get a new doctor who will help her if she won't. Kelly promises to help as best she can, but warns Carly to avoid stress. When Carly steps into the hallway, Epiphany tells her about Jason's accident.


Carly rushes to Jason's bedside and Monica tries to get her to leave. Jax hears the noise and comes in just in time to see Carly collapse.


Sonny is meeting with Dr. Hensen regarding the potential surgery for Michael. She tells him that he has 6-10% chance of waking up, but without the procedure there's no chance that his son will ever come around. She says that they'll need about three weeks to prep him before they can do it and that this is his best chance. Sonny tries to absorb it all and then goes to sit with Michael. He takes his boy's hand and asks for a sign of what to do.


Ric pays Claudia yet another visit. He finds her looking at baby magazines and teases her about nesting already. She promises to wear a veil to his funeral so that no one sees her smile and he comes back with, "Is that anyway to talk to the father of your child?" She insists that it's Sonny's, but he says that there's no way he'll let her pass it off as Sonny's.


Robin took Emma to see the pediatrician alone since Patrick had patients to deal with. Kelly runs into them and coos over how cute Emma is. Robin is in a good mood and brags that she is doing it all by herself because she's not taking her meds. Kelly calls that very careless! Robin doesn't appreciate being treated like a child and tries to walk away. Instead she ends up pushing Emma's stroller down the staircase.

Next on General Hospital:

Patrick rescues Emma before she comes crashing down the hospital stairs.

Patrick takes drastic measures after he finds out that Robin isn't taking her meds.

Carly talks to Jason about her health risk and Jax overhears.

Jax tells her that he wants her to terminate, but she won't hear of it.

Dr. Hensen tells Sonny that if Michael is going to have the surgery, it needs to be ASAP.

Olivia tells Claudia her theory on Claudia's convenient pregnancy.

Claudia worries that her hit on Jerry will be traced back to her.

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