Alexis Reveals Rebecca's Scar.

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Rebecca gets defensive when Nik isn't sure who to believe, Jason tells Carly that she's pregnant and Claudia doesn't exactly tell Sonny her good news.

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"Who let you in?" Jax asks Jerry at Michael's bedside. Jerry tells Jax that it's been far too long, but Jax reminds him that his DVD confession was shallow and that he doesn't deserve to feel any remorse. They walk out to the hallway and Jerry says that he would've never let Devlin do his work if he knew Michael was in the warehouse. He says that he only came to town to get the last DVD so that Carly can never find out. Jax says that he can't base his marriage on a lie and is going home to tell his wife everything. Then he tells Jerry that he needs to leave and never come back or he'll personally kill him.


Nikolas comes across Helena and Rebecca talking together on the waterfront. He ducks behind a tree so they don't see him. Helena is asking if Nikolas calls out Emily's dreadful name while they make love. Rebecca spots Nikolas and acts as if she doesn't want to be talking to Helena. Helena realizes what's happening, so she invites Nikolas to come out from the shadows. Rebecca says that Helena is suggesting that she exploit her resemblance to Emily. After Helena leaves, Nikolas asks Rebecca why she would even give Helena the time of day. Before she can answer, he takes the launch and leaves her standing there alone.

Jason tells Carly that she is indeed pregnant. She says that she and Jax have wanted this so badly and this could be their chance at something wonderful for a change. She says that she's already in love with this baby as Jason urges her to see Dr. Lee before she gets too excited. She says that the boys need her, but this baby could mean everything to them. Jason tells her to have this conversation with Jax! She ignores him and promises to eat broccoli and go on bed rest if she has to, but she is going to have this baby. She tells Jason that she's not going to tell Jax she's pregnant until she knows if she has the blood disorder.

Patrick finds Robin at GH and asks how her session went? He says that he went to Jake's and talking to Coleman made him feel better. He tells her that he wants them to get back on track because they're good together. Robin asks him to be patient with her.


Meanwhile, Matt and Liz are over at the nurses' desk talking about a patient who needs surgery. They note that Patrick and Robin are available but they can barely speak to each other without arguing. Epiphany agrees that they're not the right surgical team at this time. When Robin gets wind that her head trauma patient needs surgery she says that she'll scrub in with Patrick. Matt decides to scrub in to assist Patrick and keep an eye on Robin. Patrick assures him that Robin will be fine, but Matt wants to be sure.


Over at Sonny's house, Claudia is trying to cozy up to Sonny but he's pushing her away. He tells her that he wants to believe she is innocent, but he can't just yet. When he walks out of the room, she reaches for the pregnancy stick that she has tucked into her pocket.

Later Luke runs into Sonny on the docks and asks where his 'beef' is. Sonny says that he left Max and Milo behind so he could do a little mental inventory. Luke says that he knows it was the anniversary of Michael's shooting and he's sorry about that. Sonny thanks him and then asks Luke if he can help him track down Jerry Jacks. Luke thought he was fish food, but Sonny says he's alive and he might have been involved in Michael's shooting. Then he says that he needs to know if his brother or his wife called the shots. Luke empathizes with Sonny's situation and offers to look into it. Sonny says that he'd be sorry if his wife was involved, but he doesn't love her exactly. Luke suggests that Sonny consider letting Claudia live and chalking the whole thing up to a terrible accident. Sonny asks Luke if he could do that?

Johnny has arrived at Sonny's house and Claudia joyfully announces that she's pregnant! Johnny calls the situation a nightmare. He reminds her of what it's like to grow up in a house where no one wants you. She sticks to her position that it'll all work out, but says that she might need some help from him.


Later Sonny comes home and overhears Claudia on the phone trying to make an appointment to have an abortion. It's Johnny on the other end of the phone.


Jax comes home and finds Carly's pregnancy stick on the desk. When she comes downstairs he cautiously asks if they are having a baby?


Rebecca is livid as she bursts into Wyndemere and accuses Nikolas of thinking the worst of her. She demands to know why he'd assume she was working with Helena! He pours her a drink and says that is exactly the kind of mind game that she is known for. She is furious with him for not trusting her and starts to leave, but he pulls her in for a kiss. Alexis walks in and can't believe that Nik is falling for this! She calls Rebecca a clone and Rebecca calls her a witch! Alexis accuses Rebecca of having plastic surgery to look like Emily and reaches over to pull her hair back to reveal a scar.

Next on General Hospital:

Jax finds out about Carly's pregnancy and is over the moon.

Carly decides not to tell her husband about her potential life-threatening condition.

Jax tells Alexis about Jerry's part in Michael's shooting.

Sonny doesn't want Claudia to terminate her pregnancy.

Patrick and Robin team up in an effort to save a patient.

On the home front, Robin isn't able to help her fussy daughter.

Helena tells Luke that after meeting Ethan she thinks he's his son.

Rebecca is angry at Nikolas for having suspicions about her.

Rebecca and Lucky spend time together.

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