Rebecca Stands Up To Helena.

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Nikolas listens as Alexis, Helena and Rebecca spew venom, Carly gives Robin a taste of her own medicine and Jerry cuts Claudia a break.

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Claudia tells Johnny that she'll go from tramp to Madonna with two little words, "I'm pregnant." Johnny begs to differ and continues to urge her to get away from Sonny before he finds out. Sonny enters the room and asks what he's supposed to find out? Claudia explains that she's just telling her brother about Ric's threats. Johnny speaks up and tells Sonny that he's ready to join his organization now. He suggests that they use his garage for secret meetings and Sonny says that he'll talk to Jason and maybe he can start with something low level. After Johnny leaves, Sonny asks Claudia what angle she's working. He asks why she didn't tell her brother what Ric's accusing her of and she says that Johnny would worry even more about her life.


Jason is over at Carly's house listening to her worry about being pregnant. He assumes that she has slept with Sonny again and the paternity is what's bothering her. She explains that if she's pregnant she could have a condition that causes her to throw a blood clot and stroke out. She asks him to stay with her until she can get a pregnancy test, but he's called away on business. She promises that she's a big girl and will tell him what Dr. Lee says.


Ric cautiously steps in to his house as Jerry explains his own role in Michael's shooting. He explains that Jax, and Carly by association, is the only person who matters to him and he can't have his brother lose his wife because of his misdeeds. As such, he's come to town to remove all evidence. He tells Ric that the DVD's were only intended on making Claudia squirm, but now he's come in and ruined everything. Ric asks if that means Claudia didn't have anything to do with Michael's shooting, but Jerry leaves without answering.


"Your friend couldn't look more like Emily if she had been designed that way," Helena tells Nikolas as she circles Rebecca like a hungry shark. She insults Rebecca for not having Emily's good breeding, and Rebecca refuses to cow tow to her. With Alexis walking into the room behind her, Helena tells Rebecca that the only way she should be allowed in her grandson's house would be if she were the kitchen help. Alexis speaks up and agrees. She tells Rebecca that she doesn't buy her act and Helena has something to do with it. Helena cuts to the chase and tells Nikolas that he has a painting that she wants. She glowingly describes the painting of a patron saint that she wants returned to her and threatens to sink all of Nik's ships if she doesn’t get what she wants. Alexis warns Nikolas not to cave, but Nikolas agrees to give her the painting. Rebecca speaks up and tells Helena that she just threatened Nikolas' business! Helena tells Rebecca that she'd love to cut out her tongue. Then she tells Alexis to try collagen for aging and tosses a comment to Nikolas about his mother's clinic in Paris on her way out the door.


Robin follows Patrick through the halls of GH telling him how inappropriate he was to accuse her of cheating on him in front of the whole hospital. He explains that he saw Brad kissing Nancy Green back in Rochester and Robin smacks him in the face for spying on her. She denies having slept with Brad but admits that he was attractive to her since he had no pre-conceived notions of who she was supposed to be.


Robin rushes away, with Patrick following her, and runs into Carly in the hallway. She gets in Carly's face for probably loving the fact that she has PPD now. Carly tells her that she doesn't care at all about her, but since she usually loves to be better than everyone else she needs to be better than this for her little girl. After Carly walks away, Robin tells Patrick that Carly is right.


Jason goes home to find Spinelli waiting for him. He tells Jason that not only is Jerry alive, he's been taking money out of Ian Devlin's bank account so he must've been involved with the shooting. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Sam and she has good news. She's found an office space for McCall & Jackal and Spinelli says that the timing couldn't be better since he is currently broken hearted. He packs a box with some office supplies, but Jason asks him to leave his laptop behind for a little while. Before long, he calls Sonny and tells him that he knows who was working with Devlin. Sonny agrees to come right over.


When he gets there, they brainstorm about why Ric would blame Claudia. Jason would love to have proof against Ric but he just can't find any. They agree that Jerry's the only person with answers and Sonny wants him found.


Johnny shows up at Ric's door and tells him to stop telling lies about his sister. Ric contends that nothing he is saying is a lie and Johnny threatens to kill him if Sonny hurts his sister. Ric vividly recalls that Johnny and Claudia were very upset at the hospital the night that Michael was shot. Johnny confesses nothing and Ric says that it's all out of their hands now that the DVDs are missing anyway.


Claudia is walking along the waterfront en route to Sonny's favorite pastry shop when she runs into Jerry. She is so frightened by the sight of him that she freezes. She asks why he's come and he says that he destroyed the DVDs, except there's one left and he has a tracking device on it. He promises to play the future by ear with regards to whether he'll use his leverage or not.


Carly is back at home, having settled for an appointment with Dr. Lee next week. As she walks up her stairs, she gets dizzy and falls backwards.

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