Maxie Pays the Piper.

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Maxie loses Spinelli and Lulu due to her selfish actions, Rebecca gets good news and Carly learns that her life would be in danger if she conceived.

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Spinelli can't stand watching Maxie and Johnny make out for one more second. He yells for them to stop and points out that they should be ashamed of themselves. He says how heartbreaking it would be for Lulu to see them, but Johnny explains that he and Lulu broke up because of what's been going on with him and Maxie. Spinelli lands a solid punch on Johnny's jaw and Maxie pulls the guys apart. Johnny tells them to talk it out and leaves. Maxie tries to explain what a bad day she has had and that she and Lulu fought. She adds that the kiss was nothing and that she's only superficially attracted to Johnny. Spinelli blows up at her for always going for the jugular and not anticipating what damage she might do to other people. Maxie promises that it'll never happen again, but Spinelli doesn't believe her. She begs him to understand, but he can't accept how her actions impact others. "Do I now or will I ever inspire the primal desire that the mob prince does?" he asks. When she doesn't reply, Spinelli takes that for her answer. He wishes her luck and leaves her to cry alone.


Lulu is surprised at Ethan's furious reaction to finding her at his front door. He says that no one has his address and her stepmother has hired a private eye to investigate his background. He softens and explains that he runs cons, but doesn't really have anything to hide. He tells Lulu that her father is teaching him a lot and he really likes it here. Lulu tells him that she doesn't buy that he just landed here in her dad's lap. She grows increasingly upset and Ethan asks what's wrong with her tonight. She tells him that she just broke up with her boyfriend and leaves.


At Kelly's, Rebecca thanks the doctor, hangs up the phone and leans into Nikolas for a hug. Tears fall freely as he holds her, assuming that she got bad news. She pulls away and apologizes for the breakdown. She explains that she's cancer free and just dodged a bullet. Nik asks what she would like to do to celebrate. They order a hot fudge sundae and start to eat it but she is interrupted by a private phone call. She walks away and tells the person on the other end not to call her tonight! Nikolas comes back into the kitchen and asks if she's okay? Rebecca apologizes for being so loud and gives a quick explanation about a friend back home who bugs her. They go back to their sundae and she thanks him for his support during this time. They agree to see each other tomorrow at the hospital opening.


Over at Metro Hospital, Claudia sees that Carly is eavesdropping on her conversation with Kelly so she acts as if she is trying not to get pregnant to abide by her husband's wishes. She gets up and leaves Kelly to speak with Carly. Carly reminds Kelly that it's been a year since her miscarriage and she's unclear why she was advised not to get pregnant again. Kelly recalls her last round of tests and says that it isn't a good idea for her to try for another baby because she could be conducive to forming blood clots. Carly says that she might already be pregnant and Kelly tells her that her life and her baby's could be at risk. "If I am pregnant and I have this disorder, would I have to terminate the pregnancy?" Carly asks.


Ric explains to Sonny and Jason that Claudia was so angry when Sonny had Johnny held captive and beaten that she took out a hit on him, but it went horribly wrong when Michael was hit instead. Sonny calmly asks to see proof. Ric hands over Jerry's DVD and explains that Jerry Jacks sent them and has been sending Claudia on a demented treasure hunt even from the grave. Sonny remembers seeing Claudia looking around his house and asks Ric how long he's known. Ric admits to being conflicted and sitting on it for a little while because he likes Claudia. Jason accuses him of lying to cover himself, but Sonny suggests they pop in the DVD and find out. As they get started, Claudia gets home and Sonny tells her that she has great timing. Sonny presses 'play' but the disc is unable to load. Jason tries to throw Ric out for wasting their time, but Ric accuses Claudia of tampering with the disc. She denies it as well as having anything to do with Michael's shooting. As Claudia, Ric and Jason argue over whether it's Claudia or Ric who was involved with Devlin, Sonny interrupts and says that he'll look into it. "If either of them runs away, we'll have our answer," he tells Jason.


Spinelli finds Johnny at Kelly's and Johnny tries to explain and apologize. Spinelli tells him that he knows now that he'll never be more than friends with Maxie. He warns Johnny to appreciate the gift of Maximista and not use her in any way. If he does, Spinelli threatens, "I will not fear you. I will come after you and use every resource at my disposal to grind you into the ground."


Maxie is waiting for Lulu when she gets home. She apologizes, but Lulu won't accept it. She tells her that she has ruined four people's lives with her selfishness and their friendship is done! She orders Maxie to pack up her stuff and leave the apartment tonight.


Carly is sitting by Michael's bedside talking about the possibility of finally making Morgan a big brother. She explains the potential medical problems that she would face and asks him to have some good thoughts for his mom. After she leaves the room, his hand moves.


Sonny and Claudia are alone and he offers her a drink. She thanks him for not believing Ric, but Sonny wants to make something clear. He tells her that if Ric was telling the truth, "…there will be no place you can hide from me."


Jason is holding a gun at Ric's neck as they look out over the water. Ric nervously says that Sonny doesn't want him dead, but Jason says that he will when he learns that he was involved in Michael's shooting. Then he puts the gun down.


It's dark at General Hospital, but the place is ready to open tomorrow. A woman walks through the darkness and looks the place over. When we see her face, she breaks out in joyous laughter. It's Helena.

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