Robin's Busted.

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Robin finally pulls away from Brad, Sonny is happy with the results of his party and Rayner isn't.

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Jax's face turns cold as he listens to Jerry's DVD explain his involvement in Michael's shooting. From the bathroom, Carly asks who he's talking to? Jax quickly turns the DVD player off and says that he broke the rules and made a business call that's all. He promises not to be distracted anymore. She changes the subject and thanks him for teaching her about complete trust and loyalty to their family.


Spinelli and Winfred are frantically trying to get into Rayner's computer to eliminate Spinelli's criminal record. Someone is coming, so they slip under the desk. They are relieved to see that Sam has joined them in their efforts.


Lulu brings home some Thai takeout and finds Johnny dressed up and ready to leave. She is confused because she didn't think there was a Crimson function tonight. He explains that Claudia wants him to attend a family meeting and Lulu asked when he decided to go back to the mob? As they start to argue, Maxie arrives and Johnny leaves.


Maxie and Lulu sit down together and eat the Thai food. Lulu explains her frustrations with Johnny and Maxie tries to shed some light on Johnny's mentality. Lulu asks when she understood more about her boyfriend than she does? Maxie says that they have nothing but time to kill while traveling to all of their parties and has learned that Johnny is a cool guy. Lulu suggests that she spend the time texting from now on.


"What do you want Ric?" Claudia asks after Ric has barged into her dressing room and made it perfectly clear that he knows all about her involvement in Michael's shooting. Ric toys with her a little about being Michael's mourning uncle or letting Sonny know so she can be killed. Claudia tells him to cut to the chase and blackmail her already. He doesn't want money, but access to power. In addition, he doesn't like how coldly she's treating him. She says that blackmail isn't a turn on! He kisses her and tells her to get dressed for the party.


Downstairs, the party is getting underway. Jason asks Sonny about changing distributors and shipping lanes and Sonny becomes suspicious about his line of questioning. He tells Jason to relax and enjoy the party, but Jason's all business.


From outside, Rayner and his agents are listening through Jason's wire. Rayner starts to get excited about what he's hearing, and then they lose their connection.


Liz is helping out over at Patrick's house. He tells Liz that Mac found Robin in Rochester. She asks why he hasn't left to get her yet, but Patrick says that Mac thinks he should be the one to go. Besides, he's not even sure what to say to Robin or if she'll come home with him. Liz encourages him to go to Rochester and talk to his wife. He says that he loves her and wants their family to be back on track, then he reaches for his car keys.


"To getting to know you better," Robin (aka Nancy Green) and Brad clink wine cups while sitting on her hotel bed. She says that she didn't know what to expect from this trip and talks about wanting to be more spontaneous. Brad moves in for a kiss and offers to help. As she moves in too, she tells him that maybe he can. She lets the kiss go from standing upright to lying on her bed before she pulls away and apologizes. She tells him that he shouldn't have to deal with her garbage and walks him to the door.


Patrick approaches Robin's hotel room just in time to see one last kiss between Robin and Brad.


Carly and Jax return to their suite after a romantic dinner. He tells her that he has a shiny black box for her and rushes to get it. While she waits, she comes across Jerry's DVD. Before she has the chance to pop it into the machine, Morgan calls to say goodnight.


The Corinthos party has wound down and Sonny feels satisfied that it was a success. When he credits his wife for knowing what she's doing, Ric smugly suggests that he's putting his trust in the wrong place.


Rayner calls Jason to his office and tells him that he finally listened to all the taped conversation. He's furious because it turns out that the complete conversation was about the coffee business.

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Robin goes home and tells Patrick almost!everything.

Robin faces reality.

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