Get The Message?

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Carly keeps Jax from watching the DVD, Ric threatens Claudia, Jason goes along with the FBI and Maxie begs Spinelli to work faster.

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Jax and Carly play around while making love. She grabs a champagne bottle and they wrestle for control of it. Jax wins and kisses her; they make love. After, Jax picks up the package and thinks he recognizes the package but can't place the design. He decides to watch whatever is on the DVD! Carly grabs it, saying she doesn't care what is on it but Jax pushes the issue so Carly drops her sheet to stand naked before him. He drops the DVD! They make love again and then start planning a trip to Australia with their family. Carly thanks him for loving her and goes to the bathroom. Jax looks at the DVD again and becomes curious. He puts it in the player and watches as Jerry comes on the screen!

Agent Rayner orders Jason to wear the wire around Sonny but Jason refuses. Rayner says if he doesn't Spinelli will be arrested and says he can't survive jail – but Sonny can! Jason leaves. Sam walks in and demands to know why Rayner is sandbagging her PI license! Rayner pressures her, saying if she helps solve the Spinelli and Sonny situations she'll get her license! Sam angrily grabs Rayner's badge and says he is as bad as the mobsters he puts in jail and storms out. She takes his badge with her.


At the condo Jason tells Diane about Rayner's 'deal'. He says he can't reach Spinelli or Sonny. Diane asks about the evidence and Jason tells her about Spinelli's virus. Diane gets very worried. Rayner arrives and puts the wire on Jason. He tells Jason that no one will find the wire unless the guards frisk him. He leaves, telling Jason the agents will be around the corner.


At the house Mac questions Patrick and Maxie about Robin but neither knows where she might have gone. Patrick keeps pushing Mac to admit that Robin has psychological problems but Mac refuses. Maxie steps in and defends Patrick. Neither Mac nor Patrick will back down so, frustrated, Maxie storms out. Patrick and Mac argue about who should go after Robin. Patrick begs Mac to help him present a united front for Emma's sake. Mac gets a call from the station and Patrick demands to know where Robin is. Mac sends him after Robin.


At the mansion Claudia asks if she should move out; Sonny says he isn't asking for a divorce and says their marriage is working for him. Sonny gives Max instructions about the night's security while Claudia gives the bartenders their instructions. She brings up John and he asks what she isn't telling him! Claudia says Johnny is only worried about her because he has always been worried about her; she says she feels the same about him. This doesn't make Sonny feel better. He says he wants her loyalty and honesty and offers his loyalty and honesty in return. Claudia points out that he made up with Jason despite Jason's disloyalty but Sonny won't talk about that. She tries to put barriers between Sonny and Jason, saying Jason can't be trusted. She goes to change and at the top of the stairs asks if Sonny will ever trust her. He says he might but watches her closely when she turns her back. Ric arrives and drinks with Sonny. They chat about jobs and Sonny hints that he might give Ric a job in the organization if Ric agrees to follow orders. Diane and Max arrive. Max chases Diane, trying to search her for weapons. She warns Max to be very careful tonight, especially around Jason. "Don't say much to anyone, especially Jason," she warns. Jason arrives and Max tries to frisk him but Sonny stops Max!

Ric goes to Claudia's room. She tells him to get out but he won't go. He shows her the DVD – which is just like the DVD that Jax found!

In the bar Robin accepts a date from the strange man. They decide to see a movie. After the movie they return to the bar, disagreeing about the movie. Robin sides with the woman in the movie who didn't want a husband and a family but the guy sides with the husband and family. They dissect the movie and both wonder what would have made the woman in the movie happy.


Winifred and Spinelli are planning their next move at Maxie's when she returns home and warns them that they both need to stop planning and take action – by upgrading Winifred's credentials now. Winifred agrees with Maxie but Spinelli has doubts; he asks her to leave. Spinelli says he is going to prove his worthiness but this only worries Maxie more. She points out that Jason and Sam are in jeopardy, too; Spinelli won't change his mind. He takes her hand as Winifred returns, saying they have to go. Maxie kisses Spinelli! He and Winifred leave.

Next on General Hospital:

Ric has Claudia under his thumb.

Patrick gets an eyeful when he tracks down Robin.

Sam puts herself on the line to help Spinelli.

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