Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Jacks. Again.

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Carly and Jax renew their vows, Patrick is losing patience with Robin and Olivia notices something odd about Jax's mail.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Jacks. Again. image

Alexis drops her purse on her way out of Agent Rayner's office. As she bends down to retrieve it, she sees that Winifred is hiding beneath his desk. She assesses the situation and decides to try to get Rayner out of his office for a minute. Once they're in the hallway, she spies Spinelli in disguise hiding amongst the office plants. She loudly tells Rayner that he needs to give her ten minutes in the conference room to straighten this whole thing out. He agrees and Alexis whisks him down the hall.


Spinelli rushes into the office and gets to work on Rayner's computer. When he finds the file with the evidence against him, he finds a lot of faulty information. What's worse, after some swift key strokes he comes upon something even more frightening.


Jax is running around The Metro Court making sure all the plans are in order for his afternoon wedding. Olivia tells him that it's all taken care of all he has to do is take a deep breath and focus on remarrying the woman he loves.


Sonny shows up at Carly's house and is surprised to see her in a wedding dress. When he hears her plans for the day he jokes that all she and Jax really had to do was call off their divorce. Carly teases him for not understanding that it's fun to celebrate love. Sonny says that he gets it and wishes her and Jax happiness. He says that he came by to say he can't see Morgan tonight because Claudia is throwing a party for their business. He explains about the summit and lets on that Claudia won't be sent to her room when business starts to be discussed. "She gets the business," Sonny explains. Carly takes a step back and says that if Claudia is good for him, she wishes him happiness too. Moving along, Sonny tells her that he's asked Robin to keep her eyes open to any advancements in cases like Michael's. He tells Carly that he knows she needs to move on and offers to carry the torch for a while. On his way out he says, "You always did make a lovely bride."


A carpenter shows up to do some repairs on the bar where Robin is misrepresenting herself as Nancy Green, a pharmaceutical rep from San Francisco. They exchange nutshell versions of their respective life stories and Robin explains her diamond ring away as a family heirloom. He asks if she'd be up for a spontaneous road trip, but when she balks, he says a more appropriate first date would be dinner and then invites her.


Patrick has heard from Uncle Mac about Robin's little getaway and is at home trying to get some answers from Liz. She tells him that if Robin does have PPD, she's not thinking logically. All Patrick can think of is that Robin walked out on him and Emma. He grabs his coat and leaves.


Maxie and Johnny roll into Crimson and Maxie quickly checks his collar for lipstick. When she finds some, Lulu appears and asks whose it is? Maxie rattles off a list of celebrity names who did the whole 'air kiss' thing on Johnny and Lulu suddenly realizes that it's very unattractive to be the jealous girlfriend. She says of course Johnny wouldn't cheat on her. Maxie is ruffled as Johnny and Lulu take off for the night.


Patrick bellies up to the bar at Jake's and orders a tequila and a beer without noticing that Coleman is trying to tell him something. After he slams down his drinks, he tells Coleman that he feels like heading south to the tracks in Atlanta and hugging some curves. The man next to him at the bar starts talking about racing and Patrick brags about being semi pro a few years back. After the guy leaves, Coleman informs Patrick that was NASCAR great Jeff Burton. Patrick calls himself an idiot and Coleman doesn't disagree.


Jax finds Carly at Rice Gardens and tells her that he's never seen anything so beautiful. The minister hasn't arrived, but Carly doesn't need him to say what's on her mind. She tells Jax that he taught her that love doesn't have to hurt and that her heart is all his forever.


Patrick goes home and thanks Liz for staying with Emma. She says that his daughter is an angel. Patrick asks if she fusses for her and Liz shakes her head. Patrick can't deny anymore that Robin is the one with the problem after all. He tells Liz that he loves his wife, but she won't listen to reason. Liz helps him arrange for daycare until Robin comes home and Patrick says that he's trying to stay clinical, but it's hard to give Robin the benefit of the doubt when she's not even here.


Sonny goes to The Metro Court and runs into Olivia. When he sees that she's busy working on plans for the honeymoon suite for Jax and Carly he taunts her with always being a bridesmaid and never a bride. She gets mad at first, but then realizes he's just pushing her buttons. As she sorts through the incoming mail, she sees an envelope for Jax that matches the DVD that she burnt in the hospital fire.

Next on General Hospital:

Johnny refuses to come to Claudia's 'summit', but later offers to come if Sonny divorces Claudia.

Jax and Carly renew their honeymoon at The Metro Court.

A DVD arrives for Jax and Olivia gives it to him.

Rayner orders Jason to wear a wire to Sonny's summit.

Spinelli and Winifred find out where the evidence against him is.

Robin seeks Brad out and asks if he still wants a date with her.

Mac blames Patrick for Robin running off.

Patrick asks Maxie to talk to Mac about PPD.

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