Nik tells Lucky to Back Off!

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Rebecca won't be told who she can date, Alexis fights on Sam's behalf and Spinelli is honored to be considered 'armed and dangerous'.

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Rayner shows up at Jason's door with a search warrant for Spinelli. After his men are done, Sam says that they have no idea where Spinelli went. Rayner informs her that he can hold up her PI license application for years. Sam remains cool and claims that she has somewhere to be. Jason listens as Rayner puts out an APB on Spinelli and refers to him as 'armed and dangerous'. When Jason complains, Rayner offers to call off the APB if he nails Sonny.


Spinelli is stowed away over at Maxie and Lulu's place. He calls Crimson as Maxie is getting ready for her red carpet appearance with Johnny. She warns him not to slip up and mention anything to Lulu about their 'game of chicken' during the blizzard. After they hang up, Lulu comes into the room and Spinelli blurts out that Maxie might not be able to help herself if Kate keeps sending her out with Johnny. Lulu demands to know what he means by that? She says that Johnny would rather have a root canal than go to a fashion show with Maxie. Winifred comes over and starts talking to Spinelli in code, but Lulu tells her that she knows all about their cover. She leaves so that they can scheme in peace.


Just as Winifred is about to explain to Spinelli why she would go so far as to protect him, she gets a dire text. She tells him about the APB and that her missive is to shoot him! All Spinelli can focus on is that he has finally earned such high praise as to be considered 'armed and dangerous'! Winifred takes off to destroy the evidence against him.


Nik meets Alexis at Kelly's so they can talk about fighting Jax over Spoon Island. He denies that his choice of restaurants has anything to do with Rebecca working there, but Alexis doesn't look convinced. When Lucky comes in, Nik can overhear him and Rebecca talking about the big night they had last night. Nik almost chokes on his five- alarm chili.


Carly runs into Kate on the waterfront and can't wait to inform her that she and Jax are renewing their vows. Kate tells her that she doesn't thrive on turmoil and drama like she and Claudia do and she doesn't care at all about her plans to marry Jax again. Carly cuts to the point and asks what dirt she has on Claudia. Kate brushes it off and reaffirms that she's done with all of it and wishes Carly a good life. She can't resist, however, insinuating that Carly won't be able to drag herself from her past with Sonny.


Sam finds Alexis and asks her to talk to Rayner not only about her PI license but about the APB on Spinelli. "Nobody messes with my daughter," is Alexis's response.


Carly goes to see Jason to assure him that she's okay - even after hearing Michael's test results. Jason apologizes for not being there. They sit down as she explains exactly how the day went. She says that she has to figure out a way to deal with the fact that her son isn't coming home.


Winifred has slipped into Agent Rayner's office undetected, but can't scale his firewalls. She calls Spinelli and he starts working on it from his end. Winifred hears Rayner coming, so she ducks under the desk, letting Spinelli hear his conversation with Alexis about shooting him if necessary.


Nikolas meets up with Sam to ask about the chances of her reconciling with Lucky. Sam says that he's a great guy, but things didn't work out for them. She asks why and Nikolas explains that Lucky and Liz decided not to fall into old habits (and each other), so now he seems to be pursuing Rebecca.


Johnny and Maxie are a little drunk as they ride back to Port Charles after the fashion show. Maxie is determined to get him to admit something that he actually liked about the celebrities in attendance. He concedes to having enjoyed Gwyneth's legs, Scarlet's lips and Siena's cleavage. Maxie pushes to find out what he likes about her, but Johnny doesn't answer. So, she goes first. She tells him that he has a great butt. Finally Johnny concedes and says, "Okay, you're beautiful Maxie but that's not why I want to kiss you." They kiss, pull apart and he reaches for the phone. Maxie says to tell Lulu she says 'hi'.


Sam goes to Kelly's to talk to Rebecca. She asks her to be a little sensitive about how hard it must be for Nikolas to see her date his brother. Rebecca says that Nikolas's issues aren't her problem!


Meanwhile, Lucky is happy to run into Nik on the waterfront. Nik, however, is full of attitude. Lucky tells him to finally face the fact that Rebecca isn't Emily. Nik reverses the roles and asks Lucky how he'd like watching him hit on Liz's double? Then he tells Lucky to back off of Rebecca.

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