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Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Carly waits by Michael's side, Robin forgets about Emma and team Spinelli gets busy in Los Angeles.

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Out in LA, Maxie is relieved when Sam shows up at the coffee shop. Before long Jason shows up too. Maxie and Winifred quickly fill them in on the woman named Cassandra who lured Spinelli into helping her with his computer skills. Maxie badgers her for details and Winifred slowly recalls the details of Cassandra's coat. Maxie recognizes it and has an idea. She calls a boutique on Beverly Boulevard to see who recently bought their new spring jacket. Before long she has the names and credit card numbers of three women. Winifred quickly discovers that not only did Cassandra buy her coat there, she's wanted for art theft in three states. They do more research and Winifred is surprised that she's getting pop-ups in spite of her spam filter. Maxie recognizes that it must be a clue from Spinelli. Winifred finally figures out where Cassandra has taken him.


Meanwhile, Spinelli has been able to get the art information that Cassandra has asked for. She tells him that he'll have ten minutes once they get to the office and if he can't get what she needs, he will die. When Spinelli informs her of his mob ties, she says that his connections will help her out and maybe he won't have to die after all.


Back in New York, Patrick has finished Michael's procedure. Before he goes to Carly he calls home to see how Robin and Emma are doing. Robin curtly promises bonding time with their daughter and asks if that makes him happy. After she hangs up, she tells Emma that she loves her and that they will get through this together. Matt shows up at the door to see his niece. She asks if Patrick asked him to check on her, but then apologizes for overreacting. Matt tells her that it's okay because that is a typical symptom of women with PPD. Although Robin's upset with him, he persists in trying to get through to her. She finally throws him out and he gives Emma a long look on his way out the door.


Carly has fallen asleep in Michael's hospital bed. She wakes up when Jax brings her coffee and asks if he heard anything. He tells her not yet. Soon Patrick comes in and tells her that Michael's brain didn't respond. He offers Jax a copy of the test and says that he would love to be proven wrong. Jax says that he'll do his best to do so, but Carly speaks up and says that they are done. She thanks Patrick and then tells Jax that she shouldn't have gotten her hopes up. Jax offers to talk to other experts, but Carly wants to leave Michael alone. She says that she needs to do what Sonny's done by facing the facts and moving on with his life. She tells Jax that she'd like to wait until Michael is brought back to his room to ensure that he's comfortable. Jax tells her to take all the time that she needs.


Ethan and Luke are behind the bar at The Haunted Star. Ethan asks Luke for a stake, but Luke says that payday isn't until Saturday. As they start to talk about some offshore horseracing, Lucky shows up. He's quick to point out that what they're talking about is illegal and then asks who the new bartender is. Luke introduces Ethan and spells out his plans to get bartending services for free if he plays his cards right. When Tracy shows up, Lucky asks her if she's okay with all of this. Tracy gushes that she's fine, and Lucky turns to leave in disgust. Luke tells Ethan to return his son's wallet, and after a feeble denial, he does. Lucky threatens to arrest him, but Luke and Tracy say that there are no eyewitnesses. Lucky is disgusted with his dad's bad attitude toward anyone with an honest job. Tracy defends Luke and says that if he weren't always frowning down his nose at his father, maybe he'd enjoy his company. Lucky tells Luke that Ethan would be a better son for him and then leaves.


Matt finds Patrick at Mercy to admit that he may have made things worse with Robin. When he explains that he actually used the term 'PPD', Patrick goes nuts. He says that he doesn't know what's up with Robin, but now it's likely to be worse. Matt tells him to stop sweeping the problem under the rug!


Robin pushes Emma's stroller into Kelly's for some coffee. Mike adores Emma and then Liz comes in for her takeout lunch order. She lifts Emma out of the stroller and says that she could just eat her up. Robin asks Liz if Patrick ever asked her to check in on her, but Liz promises that she's her friend not a spy. Robin softens, but vents her frustrations.


After Robin helps Liz to her car with her order, her phone rings the second she comes back inside. There's been an accident and several children are being taken to Mercy. Robin grabs her coat and leaves Emma's stroller behind - with her in it!


Michael has been tucked back into his bed with his mother by his side. She tells him that he is in her heart and soul and will always be a part of her. She turns her head to look at Jax and completely misses the wave on the EKG.

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