Back Together?

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Sonny makes Jason an offer, Nadine faces the music and Maxie rocks the red carpet.

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Winifred pays Jason a visit and beseeches him to help the Jackal remain a free man. She says that her job is to keep Spinelli under surveillance because if Anthony Zacchara isn't turned in he'll have to go to prison. She asks if he'd consider turning Sonny in if it comes to that. Jason says that he'll make sure that Spinelli remains free but declines her help in gathering evidence against Sonny.


"You have no idea who you are married to," Kate tells Sonny when he comes home in the middle of her argument with Claudia. Sonny says that he asked Claudia to respect her and he would appreciate it if she showed some respect to his wife in return. Kate says that she doesn't know how to even defend him anymore and then leaves. Sonny demands that Claudia tell him what's going on. Claudia says that Kate is snooping around to see how close they've become. He pours her some water and asks her to help him find Anthony. She says that without Trevor it's going to be hard, but she's willing to make some calls.


Over at Crimson, Maxie offers Spinelli a bottle of V-8 Fusion. Lulu suggests Federico as Maxie's escort, so she quickly calls him. From her one-sided conversation, it's clear that he is recovering from a face lift, but offers a tux in size 41 regular for her escort. Lulu immediately realizes that Maxie is eyeballing Johnny and insists that her boyfriend stay with her. Maxie says that their dress needs to hit the press before the Oscars because the red carpet fashions will blow everything else out of the water. Lulu agrees to let Johnny escort the dress, but she'll be in it! Maxie suggests that Spinelli decide who rocks the dress better. Rather than do that, he flips a coin and Maxie wins.


Alexis meets Nikolas at The Metro Court and tells him that he's never allowed to be in dangerous situation again. He tells her that he loves her too. She can see that his eyes are scouring the lobby so he tells her about Rebecca Shaw. He tells Alexis that Emily's dad died when she was little and her mother probably wouldn't have kept a sibling a secret from her. Without realizing that Nadine is within earshot, he tells Alexis that since he'll never love again like he loved Emily, this is important to him. After Alexis leaves, Nadine approaches him and says that not much has changed since he was chasing ghosts. Nik can't really disagree, and when Rebecca walks by Nadine makes an excuse to go to Mercy to pick up a shift.


Nik rushes over to Rebecca and she tells him to get lost. She says that the hospital she was about to work in burnt down and she has a lot on her mind. Nik asks her to give him one hour.


Carly and Jax are lounging around in bed at The Metro Court. As they start to make love again, Max uses a master key that he kept from when he worked there and lets himself in. He's in search of Diane and is oblivious to the fact that they are otherwise engaged. He sits on their bed and the three start talking about Diane's stress level and his suggestion that she go on a heart-healthy diet. Carly says that suggesting a diet is no way to get through to his woman. Jax tells him to trust that Diane got the message and then back the heck off. After he leaves, Jax asks Carly what he can do to relieve her stress.


Later when they are in full afterglow mode, Carly starts talking about cheesy snacks and pizza. Jax suggests more healthy fare, but she covers his mouth. He says that he's already arranged for room service. A few minutes later, Morgan's voice comes through the door posing as a waiter. Carly rushes to let him in and together they tell him that Jax is coming home for good.


Sam and Lucky cross paths in the park. She asks how Liz is doing and expresses her relief when she learns that she is recovering nicely. She tells him that she realizes that they are over and wishes him well. Lucky asks if that's really what she wants, and Sam says that she really wants to get her private investigator's license so that she can feel good about herself. Lucky agrees that for both their sakes, it's time to let go.


Diane shows up at Jason's place and starts shooting pool while she grumbles about Max. She says that it wouldn't kill her to get an EKG, but she doesn't appreciate her boyfriend nosing around in her health. Jason cuts her off and asks what will happen to Spinelli if he can't find Anthony Zacchara to satisfy the Feds. Diane says that since the boy is guilty as sin, he needs to step up his efforts or feed the Feds someone else.


Max brings groceries over to Claudia so that she can make dinner for Sonny. (It's all Campbell's heart healthy fare, of course.) Kate appears and asks Claudia what she is celebrating? Max gets lost. Claudia informs Kate that she's the one who took Michael to the warehouse, and Kate says that all she needs to do is plant a tiny seed of doubt in Sonny's mind.


Maxie and Johnny look fabulous together in the back of a limo, and Lulu sits in between them. She shows a little attitude but insists that she's being supportive. She reminds Maxie that B.J. was her cousin and it's her job to keep that precious heart healthy until she's an old lady. Once Maxie and Johnny waltz down the red carpet, Spinelli calls Lulu and asks how it went.


Sonny shows up at Jason's penthouse and tells Spinelli that since Jason put a lot on the line to keep him out of prison he needs to learn when to leave a room. After Spinelli scurries up the stairs to his regrettably pink room, Sonny asks Jason if they should work together again. He says that he's got some calls out on Anthony and they both want the same thing here.

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