Another One Bites the Dust.

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Sam, Trevor and the sphere go over the edge, Patrick is forced to leave people behind and Johnny goes in looking for Maxie.

Another One Bites the Dust. image

Sam is on the roof begging Trevor to hand over the toxin. He laughs at the notion of giving up his insurance policy. He says that this sphere guarantees that he and John walk away from the Zaccharas free and clear. When he tries to walk away, she pulls her gun on him. He says that everyone who underestimates him is usually sorry. They can hear the chopper take off and Trevor gets agitated. He takes the sphere out of the prescription jar and tosses it in the air as Sam begs him to turn it over. He tosses it over the edge and Sam lunges for it, going over the edge and taking him with her.


Jason leaves Claudia with Kate and takes off after Trevor. Kate tells Claudia that Jason would've surely left her to die if he knew that she was responsible for Michael's coma. Claudia tells her that the toxin has gone to her brain and she's become delusional. Kate says that Jerry explained the whole thing in the DVD and she intends to let Sonny know. Claudia continues to deny any connection to Ian Devlin but adds that Jerry Jacks was a psychopath. Patrick rushes up and tells them that they're on the next chopper.


Maxie is ruining her shoes as she climbs many staircases in search of Spinelli. She talks about how smoky her hair is going to smell and how much Spinelli's going to owe her.


"How are we going to get out of here?" Carly says when she opens her eyes and sees that she and Sonny are cut off from their escape route by the burning building. There's no time to waste, so they start off in another direction. On their way down the stairs they run into Johnny. He's come in looking for Maxie, but they haven't seen her. They tell him that he can't go up, but he does anyway.


Nikolas is able to lift a burning beam off of Rebecca, but gets knocked out himself. Rebecca, thankful that he saved her, vows not to leave him behind. She does her best to drag him across the floor and somehow manages. She waits until he comes around and then they make their way to the roof.


Jax is ready for the next load of people to lift off of the roof. Claudia, Kate, Nikolas and Rebecca get onboard and Patrick promises Jax that he's still looking for Carly. When Jax returns, Patrick wants to do one more sweep of the building but Jax says the wind is picking up and this is his last chance out. Patrick reluctantly goes with him.


Sonny and Carly walk out of the burning building and look back at it. She thanks him for getting her out, but he says that she would've made it on her own. He compliments her for being a survivor. After they go their separate ways, Jax rushes up to Carly and takes her in his arms.


Kate and Claudia are tucked inside the FBI trailer awaiting an ambulance. Rayner asks what they can tell him about the missing toxin and Kate says that Trevor Lansing has it. Rayner informs them that they just found Trevor's body on the ground.


Nadine is in an ambulance tending to Matt. He won't go to Mercy until he sees that Patrick made it out. Finally, Patrick shows up and sits with him for a while. They all look at the hospital and wonder if it will ever be rebuilt. Patrick says this is where their father practiced, where he fell in love with Robin and where so many lives were saved. Then he agrees to ride to Mercy with Matt, but Rayner shows up and wants to debrief him. As Nadine and Matt wait, Nikolas brings Rebecca and asks if they have room for two more.


Alexis is in her office working the phones with the FBI. Diane arrives and asks if she's okay, but Alexis tells her she shouldn't discuss any of this case with her. Diane grumbles about losing her big retainer if this ends badly but then realizes that Alexis has personal ties to the people inside GH. Jax, Sam and both her daugthers' fathers are unaccounted for. Then they talk about Kate and worry that she might not make it out. Diane pulls her flask out and they both take a shot. Alexis goes back to the subject of Sam and says that she has blown her shot at being a good mother to her.


Liz wakes up at Mercy with Lucky sitting on her bed. When they learn that there's no news of Nikolas yet, Liz tells Lucky about Rebecca Shaw. She worries that Nik went after her and might have gotten himself in more danger. Lucky decides to go look into it.


Down the hall, Lulu is waiting for Tracy to wake up. When she does, she's grateful that Lulu made it out okay. Tracy can't believe that Lulu refused to leave her and tells her how proud she is to be her step-monster. Lulu says that she's worried about Nikolas, Carly and Spinelli though. Tracy is grateful that Edward and Monica are okay and asks her to figure out why Luke hasn't tried to rescue them yet. Lulu leaves him a voicemail and then fields questions about where her doting boyfriend is.


There are still a few people inside GH. Spinelli is locked in a closet, Maxie is looking for him and Johnny is looking for her. Jason goes up to the roof looking for Sam. He finds her gun and is about to leave when he hears a faint whimper. He looks over the edge and finds her hanging on by her fingertips. He reaches down and puts a firm grasp on her wrists. After he pulls her over the ledge, he reaches down and nabs the toxic sphere before it falls to the ground.

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Robin feels as if her post-partum depression is finally behind her.

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