There's No Way Out!

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Flames burn the stairwells and the winds whip the roof but Jax attempts to land a helicopter anyway, Sonny rescues his women and Liz has a hero of her own, too.

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Robin is on the forth floor with Epiphany talking about evacuating the babies and patients. Jax and Lucky rush up and say that they need to get upstairs to find Carly and Elizabeth. Epiphany tells them that she needs their help down here! They dig in and move all the reachable patients outside. Then, Lucky tells Robin that he's going upstairs to find Liz.

As the flames push across the 9th floor, Sonny wakes up and starts calling for Trevor. Jason finds him and asks what's going on. Sonny explains that he had Trevor trapped in the corner and he was holding on to the poison before a 2nd explosion went off.


Spinelli and Winifred are working on their computers side-by-side. He thanks her for assisting and she says it's the least she can do after what she did. He says that all is forgiven. Patrick rushes up and says that they need to clear a stairwell to the roof for helicopter evacuation. Spinelli reports that they've checked the weather but it's far too windy for a helicopter. They call Mac and learn that the pilots are standing by but the storm is worse. Patrick makes it clear that the fire wells going down are engulfed. Before they can finish their conversation, the connection is cut out.

Meanwhile, Jax reports to Mac outside and overhears. He says that they have to land a helicopter on the roof no matter how high the winds are. Mac says that would be suicide, but Jax says he can do it.


Nikolas is running through the flames when he hears Edward and Monica's cries for help. He takes the wheelchair from Edward and offers to push Monica to the exit area. Edward tells Nik that he thought Emily was far too good for a Cassadine, but he was wrong. Monica tells Nikolas that he made Emily happy and they're grateful for that. Edward leaves Monica with Nikolas and goes to look for Tracy. The conversation returns to Emily and Nikolas says that the kind of love he had with her only comes around once in a lifetime. Nadine has come by, but he doesn't see her. She heard it all.


Lulu has found her way to Tracy. She refuses to leave her behind, but Tracy urges her to go while she still can. Lulu says that she'd never forgive herself if something happened to her and promises to get her out of there. Once Edward finds Tracy, Lulu goes to find Elizabeth.


Liz is sitting with Matt when Lulu comes across them. Liz tells Lulu that Lucky will need her help if anything happens to her. Lulu says that she can't give up because Lucky and her boys need her!


Matt is trying to help the patients but Patrick reminds him that he's a patient, too. He says that he just found out he had a brother and he'd rather not lose him. Matt tells him that he's doing a good job, but Patrick says that he finally knows what a family man feels like because all he can think about is Robin and Emma.


Carly is pushing Claudia around the hospital looking for an evacuation exit. Ahead of them is Olivia pushing Kate, who is telling her that they need to find the DVD first! The four of them end up at the same dead end. Claudia urges Carly to find an escape, but Olivia wants to get a plan first so they don't end up in another smoke-filled dead end. Through clenched teeth, Kate tells Claudia that after all she's done maybe her karma is to die here tonight. She turns to Olivia and tells her to go look for the DVD, but Olivia goes off on her. Carly enjoys the show, but Kate tells her that she will be very interested in what the DVD has on it. Sonny runs up and Olivia, referring to the unique group, says, "I guess this is what you'd call an awkward situation right Sonny?" Suddenly very quiet, Claudia's eyes fall on the DVD on the floor not far from Olivia. Sonny says they all have to get out. Claudia tells Sonny to take Kate out and come back for them. Carly jokes that she and her new BFF will be fine.

Once they're alone, Claudia thanks Carly for getting her out of her bed and tells her to go save herself. Carly asks if she's sure then takes off. Claudia wheels over to the DVD. Before she can reach it, Carly comes back because her conscience got the better of her. Claudia says that she wants Sonny to rescue her, that's all. Carly thinks this is a heck of a time to manipulate her husband, but she tells Claudia where the nearest fire extinguisher is and leaves.


Sonny has pushed Kate to the door and is about to turn around to go back when she tells him that she has to talk to him. Sonny says he has to go get Carly and Claudia and runs off. Olivia has had enough. She demands that Kate tell her what could possibly be more important than this fire they're in the middle of?


Sonny runs into Carly and she tells him that his damsel in distress is waiting for him. Sonny says that Claudia stepped up and he owes her. She asks if Trevor's alive and Sonny says he doesn't know.


Jason has found Rebecca and carried her away from the flames. She thanks him but he's speechless. Finally he tells her that he had a sister who looked just like her. Sam rushes up and stops in the middle of her sentence when she sees Rebecca. Jason asks Sam to help her and leaves.


Carly comes across Spinelli and Winifred. Glad to see their computer, she asks if there's any word from the PCPD. Spinelli explains that the only way out is through the roof, but the winds are too high for a helicopter landing. Just then he's notified that a volunteer has stepped up to make an attempt. Carly connects the dots and realizes that must be Jax.


Liz is alone, worrying about Cam and Jake growing up without their mother. Lucky races in and she throws herself into his arms.


Jason and Nikolas attempt to make it through an engulfed stairwell with fire extinguishers. Jason tells Nik that he saw a girl who looked just like Emily.


Carly rushes up to the roof, with Spinelli tagging along. Jax is just about twenty feet from touching down but the wind is too great for him to land. "I think he's going to crash!" Spinelli says as he pulls Carly toward the door.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly thinks that Jax's helicopter crashed.

Carly makes a valiant attempt to get out of the building on her own.

Sonny goes to find her and they both end up in dire straits.

Jax comes up with his own rescue attempt.

Olivia destroys the DVD because she thinks it's what's best for Kate.

Thinking that Rebecca might be connected to Emily, Monica and Edward send Nikolas to find her.

Jason finally goes back to deal with Anthony, but he's missing.

Sam watches as Lucky and Liz kiss before she, Winifred and Monica are evacuated.

Maxie and Johnny have to decide how to treat Emma's critical condition.

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