They're Dropping Like Flies.

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Kate, Trevor and Claudia are down, the hospital is shut down and someone has attempted to steal the toxic spheres.

They're Dropping Like Flies. image

There's a stranger lurking around The Haunted Star. He finds the cash stash and starts to take it, but turns around and finds Luke pointing a gun at him. He assures Luke that he's not armed and was just trying to get out of the storm. He even has the nerve to ask Luke for a job as a bartender. Luke asks him to make a 'naked nymph' and when he produces it, he says it's not bad. The guy's name is Ethan and he's from Australia. Satisfied with Ethan's cocktail-making skills, Luke pokes around in his background and when Ethan starts asking the questions Luke says that he likely already knows all about him. Sorry to disappoint, Ethan has never heard of him. He says that The Haunted Star is just the place where he ran out of money. Now drunk and very tired, Luke tries to converse about life on the road, but he can't stay awake. Only when Luke's head hits the table does Ethan finally smile. He goes back to the money stash and starts to hide it in his shirt when he hears Luke cock his gun. "We're right back were we started," Luke smirks.


Across town, Robin is in the nursery begging Emma to drink her bottle. It's two hours overdue, but the baby has no interest in it. She tells Emma that if she holds her it'll make everything worse. Mac shows up to check in on her, not as a mother but as a new homeowner in a blizzard, he's quick to clarify. When he hears Emma crying, Robin tells him that she just woke up. He changes and feeds her without a problem. After she's quieted down, Mac asks Robin what's wrong. She tells him about Carly's charity event and that she lost her sitter. Mac would love to spend the evening with Emma, but he doesn't want her going out in the storm. She reminds him how much Michael meant to her and he reluctantly agrees. She is almost out the door when Rayner calls Mac and tells him that he needs him down at the PCPD.


Jason is at GH on the phone describing the GH duct system to Agent Rayner. He is told to seal off the boardroom because the OR duct filters directly there. Patrick takes over the conversation so that Jason can go down and talk to Carly and her group. Rayner orders Patrick to cut into Bragg's body and get the remaining spheres of toxins. When Patrick hands the phone over to Spinelli, Rayner tells him to hack into the GH hard drive and seal off all airways. "That would require activity that is outlawed," Spinelli says. Sam takes the phone and tells Rayner that Spinelli doesn't need any more trouble from the feds. He assures her that he won't use any of this against Spinelli.


Lulu and Nikolas come across Sam and Spinelli and learn about the airborne toxin. As Sam explains the whole thing, Nik recognizes the Equinox name and suddenly gets alarmed. They get even more scared when Spinelli informs them that everyone downstairs at Carly's function has been exposed.


"Anything for a little attention," Claudia says as Kate collapses to the boardroom floor and everyone tries to revive her. Trevor moves to the front of the crowd and tells Ric that he still loves Kate. As Carly tries to go get help, she finds the door locked. Through the door, Jason explains they've all been exposed to an airborne toxin and that someone needs to block off the air duct while he gets a temporary door seal in place so they can get out. Claudia springs to action and seals off the vent.


Eventually, men in hazmat suits come in to retrieve Kate. As soon as she's gone, Anthony bursts out in a demented laughter. Everyone stares at him in disbelief until he says, "Well…look around. Did you even think in your wildest dreams that these would be the faces you saw right before you die?"


Trevor starts to panic and pound on the door. Anthony taunts him about what it feels like to slowly get paralyzed. Trevor gets increasingly uncomfortable and finally collapses. Ric and Nadine rush over to him. After Trevor has been taken away, Anthony wants to lay bets about who buckles next. Tracy offers him a million bucks to go suck the air vent. Ric is clearly sullen about Trevor, but goes over to Claudia to chastise her for telling Anthony about their deal. She tells him that she didn't say anything but they'll all be dead in an hour anyway.


Nik has made it to the boardroom hallway and run into Jason. He asks about Nadine and grows agitated when Jason says that they'll have to wait before they can bring anyone out. Nikolas goes after him, but Jason pins him against a wall and asks what's going on with him. Nik calms down and admits that he left Nadine to go chase after a dream and now she's in danger. Jason releases his grip and tells him to keep it together.


Back in the OR, Patrick carefully retrieves the four remaining spheres of toxins. He leaves them in the room and comes back out to call Rayner. He says that they were intact but Bragg's stomach acids have compromised the containers. He reports that Bragg and Dr. Archer have died, the entire OR team is in ICU, Kate and Trevor from the boardroom have collapsed, and two employees from another floor are now down too. Rayner says that he has no choice but to quarantine the entire hospital.


Patrick uses the PA system on the phone and proceeds to make his announcement. People throughout the hospital hear his dire words. Even the guy who has snuck into the OR to nab the spheres.


Down in the boardroom, a weakened Claudia tells Sonny that in case she dies there's something she needs to tell him about the shooting. Sonny assumes that she's talking about Kate's shooting but Claudia hits the floor before we can know for sure.

Next on General Hospital:

From the ICU, Claudia tries to tell Jason about Anthony's part in Kate's shooting.

Once sprung from the boardroom, Anthony finds Claudia asleep and considers making it permanent.

Jax isn't allowed into the building, but he and Carly connect through the glass doors.

Lucky finds Elizabeth and sits with her.

Jason learns that one of the toxic spheres is missing from the OR.

Gas continues to leak in the OR, but no one knows it.

Leyle's condition worses.

Tracy is scrubbed down by Epiphany.

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