There's Something in the Air.

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

The toxins from the OR are leaking into the boardroom, Johnny rescues Maxie and Robin can't take much more of Emma's crying.

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Robin can't take any more of Emma's crying. She's fresh out of sitters and late for Carly's charity event. She calls GH and pulls seniority in an attempt to get someone from pediatrics to come stay with Emma. When they tell her that babysitting isn't under their job description, she breaks the phone. All the while, Emma is still crying. Robin steps into the nursery and tells Emma that she deserves better.


Maxie is dazed and confused inside of her car that is now stuck in a snowy ditch. Johnny shows up and pulls her out of it and into an abandoned garage. He explains that he's the guy who nearly ran into her, but says that she was all over the place. He finds the lights and then there's nothing left but to commiserate over their respective relationship problems. Maxie tells him that Lulu's idea of romance is based on her parents and no man will be enough of a hero for her. Johnny tells her to stop playing shrink and that their fight was all his fault. He snoops around and finds some beer and jokes that all they need is a pool table. She realizes that he wants to change the subject, so she simply thanks him for saving her.


Over at GH, Anthony and Ric meet up before entering for Carly's event. Anthony scoffs and says that Claudia suddenly thinks he can walk and is accusing him of shooting Kate at the altar. He asks how she could know such things and Ric tries to clear himself from any wrongdoing. Anthony tells him to cut the crap and save himself by admitting who knows what.


Inside, Kate shows up to find Sonny and Olivia quietly tells her that this isn't the best time to make a scene. Kate tells Olivia to get out of her way because she needs to save Sonny from something. She asks Olivia why she's even still in Port Charles and accuses her of sticking around because of Sonny. Olivia finally speaks up and tells her that Sonny doesn't need protecting because she saw him kill Karpov with her own eyes. Kate tells her to get out of her way because there's something he needs to know and assures her that it's not about Dante!


Sonny's standing near Claudia, who is starting to tell him something about her father that he needs to know. Carly interrupts them and says that Kate's here and she needs to go. After Carly stomps off, Claudia nervously asks why Kate would show up. Sonny has no idea.


When Anthony and Ric appear, the crowd grows quite. Edward and Tracy do not want mobsters anywhere near a function in Michael's honor. Sonny tells Carly that he'll make them leave if she wants, but she has decided to take their money for a worthy cause. Anthony makes his way over to Sonny to inform him about the lovely lunch he had with his little girl and reports that they had some interesting conversation.


Nearby Nikolas is calling Wyndemere to tell Alfred that he'll be staying in town tonight when he thinks he sees Emily across the lobby. He makes a dash to catch her, but she gets away. When he returns to the event, he finds Nadine and tries to pay attention to her, but he can't. Later he finds Lulu and tells her that he thinks he's seeing Emily again. Lulu hugs him.


Up on the tenth floor, things are far more dramatic. Patrick is helpless as he watches a horrifying scene unfold in the OR. As Matt and his team struggle to stay alert, one by one they drop to the floor. Sam rushes upstairs to find Patrick. When she hears what he suspects has happened she starts to go into the OR to help. Patrick tells her that she could die if she goes in there! He calls for operations and they wait.


Jason is driving through the snow while he talks to Rayner on the phone. He explains about a guy named Earl Bragg who has been taken into surgery after crashing his rental car, likely with the toxins inside his body. "If they slice into Bragg and this stuff is exposed in the air, people will die," Rayner warns.


When Jason shows up at the nurses's desk he tells Epiphany to do whatever the FBI calls and tells her to do. Then he heads up to the OR. When he reaches the tenth floor, he puts Patrick on the phone with Rayner. Patrick listens carefully as he explains that if the airborne toxins escape the operating room many people will die.


A hazardous materials team arrives shortly and Patrick is the first to put on a suit. After they secure the air ducts and the doorway, they enter the operating room and bring Elizabeth out first. When Patrick reaches for Matt, he tells them to get the others out first. One by one, the surgical team is brought out. When Jason sees Monica unconscious, he is speechless. Next Andy Archer, the anesthesiologist, is brought out dead.

It doesn't take Patrick long to realize that only one of the toxin tubes was cut into and that Bragg's original X-ray showed five. He informs Jason and they quickly contact Rayner again.

When Rayner takes the call from Patrick and learns that 4 tubes of toxin are still in Bragg's body, he orders Patrick to cut him open and retrieve them. He adds that the people who created the toxin didn’t bother to create anything to neutralize it.


Spinelli has been working his laptop at warped speed. His face grows grim when he tells Jason and Patrick that the ducts leading from the OR go directly to the hospital boardroom.


Downstairs, Kate finally makes her way over to Sonny and tells him that she needs to talk to him. She is having trouble speaking, so he offers to get her some water. She collapses before she can drink it.

Next on General Hospital:

Jason tells everyone in the boardroom about the toxin situation.

Kate is removed after an airlock is secured around the doors.

Claudia does her best to seal off the air duct.

Patrick finds something frightening while examining Earl's body and then quarantines the entire hospital.

Claudia is ready to tell Sonny that her father shot Kate, but she collapses first.

Mac stops by Robin's house and offers to watch Emma but is called away on business.

Luke busts a young guy named Ethan trying to break into The Haunted Star.

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