Spinelli Gets Help from an Unlikely Ally.

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Jason agrees to let Spinelli help him find the cargo before anyone gets hurt, Kate finds the DVD and Sam breaks up with Lucky.

Spinelli Gets Help from an Unlikely Ally. image

Patrick is losing patience as the Federal agent questions him about what happened in the OR. Meanwhile, Winifred continues listing the people who were likely inside GH when the building was exposed.


"2 Hours before Surgery. 5:00 PM"

Lulu is at her apartment frantically trying to leave Maxie a voicemail about what she's done at Crimson. Johnny comes home with a present for her and because she's frustrated, she asks why he'd buy her a gift when he doesn't even have a job? He's surprised that she knows about his lie, so she explains that she called Epiphany after his GH interview. He comes clean with her about how hard it's been for him to get work. Lulu tells him that he's too arrogant to get work and Johnny tells her that his family is a train wreck and nothing to be arrogant about. The argument gets out of hand and Johnny walks out.


Sam and Lucky are in Sam's hot tub. As they make out, he calls her Elizabeth! As they get dressed, Sam tells him that it was just a slip but she's upset. Lucky tells her that she has every right to feel that way. Sam says that it says a lot about how he still feels and thanks him for being so good to her. He asks if she's saying goodbye. She says that they've been growing apart and would rather end it before they make a big mess of things. Lucky says this could be an opportunity for them to work at their relationship and get stronger. Before he leaves, he asks her to please think about it.


Agent Rayner is in Jason's face explaining that he's trying to avert a disaster. "It's some deadly stuff," he tells Jason when asked what the cargo is. He reiterates that Jason is to use his contacts to find out where the stolen Equinox truck is or else Spinelli will go to prison. Once he's alone, he calls Spinelli downstairs. Spinelli admits that he overhead and now knows that Jason sold his soul to save him. He offers to help Jason track the truck and promises to be careful. Jason won't hear of it. Jason slams out the door and Spinelli promptly makes a phone call.


Maxie finds herself in the middle of another argument between Patrick and Robin over at the new house. After Patrick leaves in frustration, Robin orders Maxie to come out and say 'it'. Maxie says that she won't risk having her head bit off, too. Robin calms down and says that Patrick's working her last nerve with all of his theories about post-partum depression.


Claudia pitches a fit and grabs the DVD out of Sonny's hand. To cover, she rants about Kate coming over today and asks if she came running to him yet. Sonny assures her that he's not been seeing Kate. Then Sonny goes ahead and pops the DVD into the player. Claudia nearly explodes with fear but realizes that all that's on the screen is an old Christmas footage of Michael and Morgan. She softens and tells him that she doesn't want to argue. Sonny says that he wanted to give this DVD to Carly at tonight's fundraiser. He says he's going to have a rough night, but nothing compares to what Michael's going through because of him. Claudia gently offers to stay home tonight if it'll make it easier for him. He says that he appreciates her sensitivity and if she wants to come, he doesn't have a problem with it. She tells him that they should go get dressed.


Kate finds Olivia at The Metro Court. She tells her about the DVD she saw Claudia watching of Jerry. She asks Olivia to warn Sonny that something's going on. Olivia hears her out but suggests that Kate go to him herself. She suggests that Kate stop playing games and using this Jerry thing as an excuse to rope Sonny back in. Then she takes a business call and walks away.


Spinelli meets Winifred, who is thrilled for the chance to apologize to him. He says that he called because he needs her help. He explains what Jason faces and she agrees to tell him what she knows. Maxie has come in and seen them together.


Leyla and Liz show up for their second shift and Epiphany thanks them for helping out during the blizzard. Matt makes fun of how paranoid everyone is about the weather and points out that the ER is dead.


Patrick arrives in a foul mood and whisks Liz away to talk about Robin. He tells her that Robin isn't getting any better and is increasingly defensive. Liz thinks that Robin is just overwhelmed at the moment. She does ask, however, if Robin is reluctant to hold Emma. Patrick thinks for a moment and then says that she seems to be. He asks if he has something to worry about.


Meanwhile, Robin is at home trying to ignore the crying coming through the baby monitor. When the sitter calls to say she can't come, she calls Patrick. He offers to come home and Robin says that she doesn't need a sitter! After they hang up, a car crash victim is brought into the ER and needs surgery. Matt tells Patrick that he'll do the surgery so that he can get home to Robin.


Johnny returns home with the money he got from returning Lulu's gift. When he gives it to her to help with rent, she apologizes for overreacting earlier. He admits that he is unemployable, but it's his fault not his family's. Lulu says that she may have gotten herself fired and now they both need jobs. She says that Carly will give them jobs and has already covered their rent for the month. Johnny tells her that's not the solution and tells her to stop trying to change him. They argue about the mob and the toll it takes on people until Johnny explodes and tells her that he's leaving for good.


Sam calls Jason to tell him that she's landing a shipment for the Zacchara's tonight. She tells him to consider it her contribution to keeping Spinelli out of prison, but asks him to come look for her if he's not heard from her by 2:00 AM.


Spinelli goes home and tells Jason that his friend told him that weapon grade toxins are the cargo of the missing truck. Then he says that she told him more, but he won't divulge it unless he's allowed to help. After Jason reluctantly agrees, Bernie calls to report who hijacked the cargo.


Kate slips in Sonny's back door and starts looking around for the DVD that Claudia was watching earlier. Finally, she spots it. She quickly puts it in her pocket and tries to leave, but Sonny comes downstairs and finds her.


Maxie, upset by seeing Spinelli with Winifred, is driving but slips off the road and crashes.

Next on General Hospital:

Kate manages to get out of Sonny's house with a DVD!

Claudia's role in Michael's shooting is exposed.

Kate makes her way to the fundraiser.

Business keeps Jax from attending Carly's fundraiser.

Spinelli and Jason learn about Earl Bragg's deadly cargo.

Matt, Elizabeth, Monica and Leyla are in the OR as Earl's surgery begins.

Patrick checks out Earl's X-rays and then races to stop the surgery.

Nik sits by Emily's grave and admits that he loves her too much to move on with Nadine.

Lulu goes to Carly for advice.

Sam crashes her car and ends up at GH.

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