Jason's Partner in Crime?

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Sam insists on helping Jason, Anthony tells Sonny how it's going to be and Robin assures Patrick that everything is fine.

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Patrick is spilling his guts in a dark room. He says, "The hospital is always busy in bad weather…so I wanted to go home for a while before everything hit." Another voice in the room tells him to focus on 'the incident'. Patrick laments over why he didn't do more to stop it before it started.


Winifred is behind a desk working. She's on the phone telling the person on the other end that there won't be any autopsies considering what happened. She adds that Sonny Corinthos was in the building at the time of the incident and there's no word on whether he survived or not.


"8 Hours Before Surgery. 11:00 AM"

Jason is over at Sonny's house explaining what he had to do in order to secure Spinelli's freedom. Just to be clear, Sonny asks if Jason offered to give Anthony up. When Jason says that's exactly what he means, Sonny says, "Good." Jason doesn't understand, so Sonny says that he did what he had to do and should find all he can about Anthony. Jason explains that would include him unless he cuts all ties now. Once Sonny finally gets what Jason is telling him he asks, "Is this really worth it to save Spinelli?" Jason tries, again, to get Sonny to walk away from the business before it's too late. Sonny appreciates the warning, but says he is only just beginning his work. He explains that he wants to find out if the Zaccharas had anything to do with Kate's shooting. Then he'll shut Anthony out and run the business the way he wants to, he concludes. He ends the conversation by telling Jason, "You do what you gotta do and I'll do what I gotta do."


Robin comes through her front door and finds her family room completely put together thanks to Liz. She explains to Patrick that she had to go out for a while, and gets defensive when he questions why. After Elizabeth goes home, Robin tells Patrick that she hopes Liz isn't the kind of neighbor who just pops by all the time. Before Patrick can say what he's about to say, Robin cuts him off with, "I do not have post-partum depression!" She tells him that she talked to Jason about when Carly suffered from it and it didn't sound similar at all. Patrick puts the matter aside for a while and tells Robin that he loves her. He wants to take a picture of Robin holding Emma and she resists as hard as she can, but loses her fight. After the photo is printed, Robin gives it to him and tells him that he doesn't have to take off so much time because she and Emma will be fine.

Spinelli finds Matt at Crimson asking Maxie out. He tries to slip back out the door but Maxie insists that Matt leave instead. Matt asks her to clarify what Spinelli is to her and Maxie says he's her very best friend. After Matt is gone, Spinelli asks Maxie if she can ever see him as a man who could rock her world instead of a best friend. She calls him brilliant, sweet, loyal and accepting of her faults and all Matt Hunter could get from her is a 'meaningless round of mattress tag'. Spinelli doesn't find any comfort in that at all, but she tells him that he means much more than that to her. Later she takes a call from Federico and flirts shamelessly with him.


Alexis goes out to Wyndemere to inform Nikolas that his newfound visibility in Washington will not help his problems with the INS. He explains it all away by saying that Nadine needed help. Alexis tells him that Nadine will have a hard time learning that he's not in love with her if he continues to be so helpful. Nik asks Alexis to get off his back because it's Emily's birthday. He says she always will be in his heart, but Nadine is enjoyable to him. Alexis listens as he admits how strong his grief still is and then suggests that he share that with Nadine. Just then, Nadine arrives and tells Nikolas that they're going to have a great afternoon. Once Alexis has left them to their fun, Nikolas asks Nadine if they can just meet up at the hospital benefit because he has somewhere to go today.


Ric swings by Sonny's house to remind Claudia that she just stood him up at Jake's. She's far too busy looking at Jerry's clues to remember such things. He snoops around in an attempt to find out what she's so entrenched in, but Claudia tries to seduce him away from his inquisition. She pulls away, though, when she sees that her father has wheeled into the room. He tells Claudia not to rock the boat and make her husband uncomfortable. Claudia swears that she and Ric are discreet and then Sonny comes home and asks who set up a meeting. Anthony makes it clear that he's not pleased with the lack of response on Sonny's part in taking Jason out. As a result, he says that he has arranged for a shipment to replace the lost one and if Jason interferes, he'll handle the retaliation instead of Sonny. When Sonny doesn't object, Anthony says that he just restored his faith in him. He makes Ric leave with him so that Sonny and Claudia can be alone together.


Liz and Matt show up for work and Epiphany warns them how busy they are going to be tonight. Matt wants to do a consultation with Patrick but learns that he checked out to go home and help out. Matt thinks that his half-brother has made an amazing leap from hound-dog to doting daddy. He and Liz have a playfully argumentative conversation about the family life.


Sam goes to Jason and urgently offers to help him. Jason doesn't want her to get involved, but Sam insists that Spinelli wouldn't want him to get hurt in the process of defending him. Sam correctly comes to the conclusion that Jason has to get the goods on 'the big boys' and asks what he's going to do about Sonny?

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