It's Sophie's Choice, but Jason is Meryl Streep.

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Jason has to choose between Sonny and Spinelli, Anthony orders Sonny to kill Jason, and Carly chooses Jax over all else.

It's Sophie's Choice, but Jason is Meryl Streep. image

"Who'd have thunk it?" Nadine marvels over her triumph over the US government while en route back to Port Charles with Nikolas. For his part, Nik can't get over the fact that the White House transition team heard about the girl who couldn't be bought by big business. Nadine remembers the fundraiser that Carly is throwing at General Hospital and asks if he'll be her date. Nik says that he'd love to, but since it falls on Emily's birthday he was planning to stay home. Nadine understands, but Nik says that Emily would want him to go, so he accepts her invitation.


Claudia is with Sonny, trying to convince him that Jason needs to be taught a lesson when Anthony is announced. He is spitting mad about Sonny's interference with Johnny's case as well as his shipment that just blew up. Sonny reminds him that it was his shipment, but Anthony says that he can take it all back at any time. He orders Sonny to cut off Jason's head and leave it on a post to rot! Claudia defends Sonny, but is promptly told to shut up. Sonny clarifies that he thinks things through and will act when he thinks it's best. Anthony says that Sonny's recent mistakes are making him think that there's a sabotage going on. Sonny tells him to go home and talk to his roses.


Claudia tells Sonny that Anthony needs an ally and the confrontation thing with Jason is just a test. Sonny listens as she tells him if he passes, he can write his own ticket. Sonny asks why this matters so much to her? He points out that in spite of their marital status, they aren't exactly close. Claudia says that what she has here is a heck of a lot better than what she had at home.


The scene at the PCPD is tense. Agent Rayner tells Jason that unless he cooperates in putting Sonny and Anthony away, Spinelli goes away for life. But it goes further than that - the FBI wants Jason to work for them on an ongoing basis. Jason offers to go to prison in Spinelli's place, but Rayner won't hear of it. Jason then offers to put Anthony away, but Rayner says that whatever Anthony's crimes are, they're Sonny's now too.

Outside, Maxie tries to apologize to Spinelli for the mean things she said to him before he was arrested. Spinelli says that she spoke the truth and that he has always been nothing but a geek. He is removed from the cage and about to be shackled at the feet when Jason and Rayner come out of the interrogation room. Rayner says that Spinelli is free to go. Later, Diane goes to Rayner and asks what deal Jason cut to get Spinelli released. Rayner tells her not to get in his way and that her job is to remind Jason what's at stake here.


Patrick comes home and finds Robin sitting on the couch while Emma is crying. Frustrated, he goes to Emma but warns that this can't continue. After Emma is fed and has fallen back to sleep, Patrick suggests that Robin and he go talk to Kelly or Lainey about what's going on with her. She says that she was overwhelmed at first, but now she just has to find her rhythm. She adds that the apartment is too small and she's finally ready to admit that they need a house. She says that she could breathe again if they had more space. Patrick looks skeptical, but listens as she promises not to be so nuts if only he'd listen to her more. They look at houses on the internet and find one that makes Robin happy.


Maxie brings Spinelli back to her place because Jason took off in a hurry. Spinelli says that she doesn't need to take pity on him, he's a villain. He says that he was blinded with Winifred's flattery and now his crimes have been exposed. Maxie attempts to comfort him, but he laments that he was so caught up in his arrogance that he almost ended up in Federal prison! Maxie admits that she was jealous of Winifred. She says that she overreacted and had sex with him to get attention. She apologizes again, and Spinelli says that there's no reason to dwell on it. Maxie says, "You are a wonderful man Spinelli and I couldn't bear to start my day without you to spend it with me."


Sam shows up at Maxie's and is surprised to see that Spinelli has been released. Spinelli says that unfortunately, Stone Cold had to rescue him again. He starts to worry about what Jason agreed to do in exchange for his freedom. Sam looks worried, too.


Carly's table is set and all of Jax's favorite appetizers are ready for Jax. But it's Jason beating on her front door. She lets him in and he tells her that he needs her help! He says that he blew up one of Sonny's shipments tonight. He explains that Sonny will come over here for a meeting to broker peace if she asks him to, but it has to be tonight. Carly says that she'd jump in front of a train to save him, but this is her last chance to save her marriage and she can't risk that. Jason apologizes and says that she deserves her own life. As he leaves, Carly tells him that he can fix this.


When Jax arrives, he passes Jason on his way out. He asks Carly what just happened. She said, "I just chose you." She pours two glasses of Pinot Grigio, but Jax puts them down. He says that they need to be able to talk about Jason and Sonny, so Carly tells him what Jason asked of her. She explains that her life used to be about them and their problems but now she'd like it to be about them. Jax seems pleased.


Jason shows up at Sonny's. Sonny yells at him about the shipment, but Jason says that he left him no choice. Then he tells Sonny to step down from the Zacchara organization now or he won't be able to save him. Sonny can't believe that Jason is talking this way. He says that he has to treat Jason like the enemy now! Giving it one last shot, Jason says, "As long as this is your choice, I don't owe it to you to protect you anymore."

Next on General Hospital:

Jason takes the role as FBI informant, but is torn up over it.

Bernie is told to get as much dirt on Anthony as possible.

Agent Rayner involves Jason in a domestic terrorist cell that works in bio-toxins.

Kate busts Claudia searching Sonny's bedroom.

Claudia finds what she's looking for, but doesn't realize that Kate is still watching her.

Lulu goes to Carly for a loan to pay the rent.

Johnny lies to Lulu by saying that he got a job as a GH orderly.

Spinelli doesn't know why he was set free.

Robin and Patrick plan to move into a new house.

Alexis supports Sam's decision to be a private eye, but Lucky doesn't.

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