Monday, January 12th, 2009

Sonny resists Claudia's insistence that Jason must pay, Jason is told that he's the key to saving Spinelli and Jax listens to his heart.

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"From now on you stay out of my way," Jason tells Sonny as he and Claudia watch their ship burn in the harbor. He tells Sonny that he evacuated the ship but he can't guarantee that no one will get hurt next time. Sonny tells him that this is headed for a war that neither of them wants. Claudia reminds Sonny that Jason took away his children and is now blowing up shipments. Jason asks if his wife speaks for him these days. Deep in thought, Sonny takes her and leaves.


Sam comes across Liz and the boys on the waterfront. They have come out for the Parade of Lights in the harbor, but instead they notice the burning ship. Liz states the obvious - that the area in question is Jason's. Sam promises to go check to see if Jason is okay and will let her know. Liz says that she has to put her family first and doesn't want to know.


Later, Lucky joins Liz and the family watches the Parade of Lights together. She tells him that it feels good to all be together and Lucky agrees.


Meanwhile, Maxie watches as Spinelli is read his Miranda rights. She yells that he is a law-abiding citizen, but he is taken into custody for being a threat to national defense.


She barges into the PCPD and accuses Mac of going after Spinelli. He knew that the FBI was going to use their facilities to process a prisoner, but didn't know who it was going to be. As Agent Rayner and Winifred enter, Maxie goes into attack mode. Spinelli is put into the interrogation room, but looks through the window as Maxie smacks Winifred across the face. Winifred says that this was her first field assignment and she didn't enjoy it. She warns Maxie that Spinelli could go to prison for the rest of his life.


Maxie calls Sam and asks her to find Jason to help Spinelli. Sam already had Jason on her mind and it only took a minute to locate him. She tells him that Spinelli's computer had been hacked into and Jason says that if that's true the FBI has all that they need!


Tracy was not at all happy to find Sonny with Luke on The Haunted Star. She tells Luke that her investment isn't paying off and what's more, the mob activity is heating up and could negatively impact the business. Luke assures her that he knows what's going on and their business isn't in danger. She says that Sonny is on a suicide mission and begs him not to get involved. Luke says that he was merely telling Sonny that he wants to remain neutral. Tracy softens and says that she wants him alive, kicking, stealing her money and heart and that he is the best time she's ever had. Only she can kill him, she clarifies, and Luke says he can live with that.


When Jax returns to The Metro Court, Carly admits that she asked Diane to stretch out their divorce so that he has time to fall in love with her again. Jax tells her that's just not possible because he never fell out of love with her. She says that there's no way she'll screw it up if he gives her one more chance. Jax admits that he asked Alexis to stall, too. They recall some of their happier times and Carly asks Jax if he'll come over for dinner. He agrees, as long as she doesn’t cook.


Sonny and Claudia are arguing as they arrive home. She says that someone has to pay for the shipment, why can't it be Jason? She goes on to say that the only way to redeem himself in her father's eyes is to retaliate. Sonny remains firm that he will deal with this in his way. Claudia tells him that the only way is to take Jason down. Sonny says that Jason didn't even want to run the organization in the first place! Claudia contends that power changed Jason and Sonny knows exactly what he needs to do.


On Capitol Hill, the senators tell Nikolas that he is a foreign national and his motives for taking over Nadine's patent are suspect. After a break, Nikolas says who companies who provide for armed services shouldn't profit off of the endeavor. The senator says that they can't let him take the patent and sell the product on the black market to other countries. Nadine finally speaks up by saying that she wants our soldiers to have the best equipment, but she wants no part in helping big businesses get rich in the process. She says that this is her fight, not Nikolas's, and hopes they let her control her own property. The senators agree that she made her point beautifully and agree to bar Equinox from using her patent. As soon as they leave the chambers, Nikolas gets a call on his cell. It seems that someone in the White House wants to speak with Nadine.


When Jason arrives at the PCPD, he finds Diane talking to Alexis. Alexis wishes them luck and walks off. Diane tells Jason that this could be very bad. Inside the room, Agent Rayner tells Spinelli that hacking into national defense, Interpol and witness protection data is considered high treason. He advises him to keep quiet. Then, Spinelli is brought out and put into a cage while Rayner confers with Jason. Diane wants to be included, but is told that things will go better for Spinelli if Jason speaks with him alone. Maxie clutches Spinelli's hand through the bars and tries to comfort him.

Next on General Hospital:

Jason learns that if he helps bring the Zaccharas down, Spinelli can go free.

Jason knows what he needs to do, and asks Carly to set up a meeting with Sonny.

Carly chooses her dinner with Jax instead.

Sonny informs Anthony that he is in charge and won't be told what to do.

Maxie brings Spinelli back to her place to comfort him.

Robin thinks moving into a bigger house would make her feel better.

Nikolas tells Nadine that Emily's birthday is coming up.

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